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Krone, 4’üncü Kez İlk 1000 İhracatçı Firma Listesinde Yer Aldı
Krone, 4’üncü Kez İlk 1000 İhracatçı Firma Listesinde Yer Aldı
Ticaret Bakanı Ruhsar Pekcan, 'Lojistik Merkezlerini Afrika, Amerika, Avrupa, Rusya ve Uzak Doğu’daki Stratejik Bölgelerde Kurmayı Planlıyoruz'
Ticaret Bakanı Ruhsar Pekcan, "Lojistik Merkezlerini Afrika, Amerika, Avrupa, Rusya ve Uzak Doğu’daki Stratejik Bölgelerde Kurmayı Planlıyoruz"
Mercedes-Benz Turk Delivered 300 Actros to Hüner Group

Mercedes-Benz Turk Delivered 300 Actros to Hüner Group

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21 Eylül 2020 Pazartesi - 16:01

İbrahim Kaya, Chairman Of Alibey Logistics Board: ''The Ones Working With A Foreign Plate Have Different Rights From Us''

As My Truck Magazine, we are visiting Alibey Logistics in Düzce. We listen to the problems related to the logistics sector from İbrahim Kaya, Chairman of Alibey Logistics, a member of the International Transporters Association (UND).

İbrahim Kaya, Chairman Of Alibey Logistics Board:   The Ones Working With A Foreign Plate Have Different Rights From Us


Giving assessments about the sector, Kaya said that; “If we were talking 5 years ago, I'd say that the foreigners carry 38% of Turkey's load. In 2020, 70 percent of Turkey's load is carried by foreigners. You can be sure that in 2025 foreigners will carry 98 percent.”

Stating that their structure as an international shipping company started with the Kaynasli Carriers Cooperative, İbrahim Kaya said that; “We have established certain companies with our own power. We started our work, including Turkey and abroad. We established our company at the end of 2005. Our main establishment is 1997, but we received our certificate in 2005 and we have been serving the sector since this date. We work on the European line and serve with 33 vehicles. There are certain companies we work with; we do all kinds of transports.

"We Fight in Every Manner But We Can't Reach Anywhere"

Emphasizing that the transportation sector has been in trouble since 2013, Kaya said about the problems of the sector that; “We do not have a time when there is no difficulty in the transportation sector. All of our friends in the transport industry have been in great trouble since 2013. Visa in Bulgaria, passes, Kapıkule… One of our vehicles passes in 24 or 30 hours. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the platforms are for show. Money is paid at the gate, in the parks, at the weighbridge. Money is given to parks built by UND. Maybe 3 platforms are working now. According to the information we received from our friends, 3 of them work, 2 of them do work or 5 of them work, 3 of them do not work. There is also a mistake in our system. There is no such system as in our customs anywhere in the world. We have expressed this many times but we could not find a solution. Our customs officers start work at 2 o'clock. This is the order. Your vehicle will not leave before 2 o'clock. Here is the system in Europe: the vehicle comes to customs, conducts the procedure for customs; take out in an hour or half an hour. In Turkey; the vehicles come and they are taken collectively; One thousand vehicles are sent within an hour and a half. Ankara does not support the transporters in Turkey. We fight in every manner but we can’t reach anywhere. What we said is not understood or comprehended. There is no national media organization listening or telling about us. Our drivers also serve this country.”

"The Ones Working With A Foreign Plate Have Different Rights From Us"

Pointing out that vehicles with foreign license plates do not have the problems of passage or visa unlike vehicles with Turkish license plates, Kaya said that; “The ones working with foreign license plates have different rights than us. For example, what we call third country; If people working in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Russia regions have foreign license plates, there is no pass document and visa problem. There are compulsory things pursuant to the agreement of Kazakhstan to Turkey. For example, the agreement states that "it has to pass through Azerbaijan by ship". At that time, they collaborate with the Azerbaijani seafarer. A vehicle from Kazakhstan company comes very comfortably to us; we do not put a quota. Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan are our friends; but we are paying them. "


"Both Those Who Have A Vehicle And A Company Are Trying To Stand With Their Own System"

Stating that, “Both those who have a vehicle or a company in the transportation sector are trying to stand with their own system”, Kaya said about the subject that; “Nobody says this: You are the power that brings the most foreign currency after tourism. When there is a lot of criticism, it is said that we give incentives or give diesel. That is our right, given also to the ships. Incentives are given, it is called 'VAT refund'. I come across these very often in meetings. We said "Let's remove the VAT", it is not removed. We take the VAT refund of all of the work we do in Turkey, that makes us tired. We take this from the bank. For example, it costs 20 thousand euros; we pay the interest on it; the state pays us 3 months later. We don't want incentives, we want it to be supported.”

“When We Take The Road, We Drive The Vehicle Illegally, Because We Do Not Have The Permit Certificate”

Noting that they do not have a chance to compete, Kaya explains why by saying that; “We cannot compete. One of the reasons for this is; The vehicle coming from abroad moves with 700 Euros less than us. We have both the driver's subsistence and salary. The second is vehicle costs: One of our vehicles is around 120 thousand Euros at the moment. Now, when we take the road, we drive the vehicle illegally because we do not have a permit certificate. If our vehicle is caught, we will be fined 600 euros. The Republic of Turkey is putting this quota. In other words, we set a quota for ourselves to be distributed on certain days. Turkey has the newest fleet in the world. I have the newest fleet in Turkey, but I do not pass my car Slovenia. Because I do not have a document, my state does not issue documents to us. 20 years ago, I was saying that nobody can stop me because I was carrying the load of Germany. I am a carrier, we have a Customs Union agreement in freight transport. In other words, the load should be able to move easily in all European countries.”

"The Ministry Should Go To The Companies And Listen To Their Troubles"

Defending that the authorities should listen to the problems of the sector one-on-one from the people in the sector, Kaya said that; “Meetings were held until the pandemic period. The speech of the private sector and the speech of the state in the meetings will not be the same. Only friends from UND go to the meetings. This is our biggest problem. The Ministry should go to the companies without informing them and listen to the problems of the companies. In the pandemic period alone, our loss with 33 vehicles in the company is 3 and a half trillion. The driver is in the cabin, let this person come. Why do you put him in quarantine? This application was changed at the last minute, but we also had drivers whose visas expired. Germany, France and Czech Republic did not issue visas. Visa is over; we have a visa problem. While struggling to give green passports to drivers; while we hope to go without a visa, our drivers are not given a visa. At that time, I had 21 vehicles and 23 drivers; we increased the number of drivers to 33, we employed drivers who have visas. Because we have to serve the customer, we are in the service sector."

"Our Biggest Problem in Croatia is The Refugees Getting on the Vehicle"

Expressing that their biggest problem is the refugees getting into cars in Croatia, Kaya said that; “We can say that our state has solved the problem to some extent by sending the police there. We told our employees: “We do not accept responsibility. This load is entrusted to you.” This is a service institution. We fulfill the task given to us. My driver and I will receive a salary from here. Our aim is not to harm the institution.



"In the year 2020, 70 percent of Turkey's Cargo Is Carried by Foreigners"

Claiming that the 70 percent of transport in the transport sector is carried by foreigners, Kaya said that; “If we were talking 5 years ago, I'd say that the foreigners carry 38% of Turkey's load. In 2020, 70 percent of Turkey's load is carried by foreigners. You can be sure that in 2025 foreigners will carry 98 percent. If the rich people of Dubai become partners with Ekol, there is something wrong in this business. Looking at the statistics in this country, if the sector that brings the most foreign currency after tourism is the logistics sector, people need to think a little bit. In this sector, I do not distinguish between sea and train. As the service sector, we are a whole.”

"The Debt of the Shipping Secretary Does Not End"

Stating that "The debt of the transportation sector is never ending", Kaya said that; "Oil is needed, the tire is always worn. I use the vehicle for 6 years, the time passes. The European says "Your vehicle has to be Euro 6." We made all of our vehicles to be Euro 6, but I cannot pass even though my vehicle is Euro 6. We are the mirror of Turkey against the world. We have to know it this way. We are in competition with foreigners. They do not pay toll for expressway, we do not have an authorized authority to question the toll. Foreigners are coming, caught on the radar, they do not pay. There is no penalty. I asked about this for a while in Ankara. It was said 'that is the responsibility of the police'. Bulgarians do not enter the truck checkpoint. When our vehicles do not enter, a fine of 500 TL is issued. I had a company in Germany, they were checking me one by one every time I entered. "

Lastly, Kaya stated that they will not get the TIO document and said that; “We are tired of getting documents. It was told us that “The ones with C2 Documents will not be able to issue invoices.” Today, 90 percent does the same way in Turkey."

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