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Volvo Trucks Çekici Pazarında Yüzde 7,3 Pazar Payına Ulaştı
Volvo Trucks Çekici Pazarında Yüzde 7,3 Pazar Payına Ulaştı
Krone, 4’üncü Kez İlk 1000 İhracatçı Firma Listesinde Yer Aldı
Krone, 4’üncü Kez İlk 1000 İhracatçı Firma Listesinde Yer Aldı
Mercedes-Benz Turk Delivered 300 Actros to Hüner Group

Mercedes-Benz Turk Delivered 300 Actros to Hüner Group

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21 Eylül 2020 Pazartesi - 10:54

S.S. Bilecik Motor Carriers Cooperative Chairman Şükrü Demirci: '' The Trucker Has More Difficulties As The Prices Increase''

As My Truck Magazine, this time our way was to Bilecik and we had the opportunity to have a negotiation with Şükrü Demirci, Chairman of S.S. Bilecik Motor Carriers Cooperative. Making evaluations about the sector, Chairman Demirci expresses the problems and what they expect for a solution through My Truck Magazine.

S.S. Bilecik Motor Carriers Cooperative Chairman Şükrü Demirci:    The Trucker Has More Difficulties As The Prices Increase


Chairman Demirci said that; “Mr. Binali Yıldırım said that when we receive our K Certificate, there will be the license plate limitation. I demand this from our President of Republic. When we retire, at least the price our certificate may be the compensation for us. If a certificate is received, this must be our future.

Chairman Demirci informs us about the cooperative as follows: “Our cooperative was established in 1971. I have been chairing the cooperative since 2014. Our cooperative has 40 members and 53 vehicles. We mainly carry marble and tiles. We work with Tekmar, Granitas, Gürmer, Matel Raw Materials and Hartaş factories.”

Referring to the difficulties they faced as a cooperative, Demirci said that; “Works on the Bursa Yenişehir road is still continuing. Exports are sent to the port from here, when this road is completed, our works depending on the port will be better. Because our road is narrow now, so accidents occur especially in rainy weather.”

"Apply The Ton / Kilometer, Everyone Get What They Deserve"

Expressing his thoughts on ton / kilometer, Demirci said that; “I am one of those who are against ton/ kilometer. Apply ton/kilometer and everyone get what they deserve. Today we are faced with a lot of unfair competition. I am against it. I think that this unfair competition will disappear if one ton kilometer is applied. For example, a person goes and buys 100 vehicles and founds logistics firm. He gets the diesel fuel cheap as logistic firm. Therefore, it is difficult for us to compete with these logistics, we cannot be in the same track. They get a discount while I buy at the pump price.

"You Can't Stay Where You Want, The Way You Want"

Emphasizing that the tachograph of everybody in the cooperative has been renewed, Demirci stated that they do not have places to take a break for the tachograph and said that; “For example, the vehicle sets off from Yenişehir, there is not even a gas station halfway. These need to be increased and some issues should be taken into account. A driver taking the road in the east wants to take a break somewhere in the evening. As you know, you cannot stay where you want, the way you want. Even if his tachograph is full, the driver continues on the road until he finds a safe place. He necessarily exceeds the time and is punished. These kinds of things need to be considered, we are all hesitant. For example, I set out from Diyarbakır and when my time is up, I cannot sleep at any gas station that I see on my way. It takes at least 1 and a half hours between Diyarbakır and Urfa. I cannot go to bed in 1 and a half hours if my tachograph becomes full. These things should not be ignored.

"A Good Application for the Truckers Community"

Chairman Demirci, who made statements on U-ETDS and license plate restrictions, said that; “Data reporting should be made by business places, not cooperatives. We already give the plates when they want. I am not against this practice, it is a good application for the truckers community. But it would be better if factories can do this. For example, my friend also has a K1 certificate; he gets the job, I bill him. With this application, those who have a K1 document will not be able to issue an invoice. Therefore, it is a good application for us.

"There Is No Notice That You Have Penalty"

Referring to the FPS (Fast Pass System) penalties, Demirci said that; “I also paid the penalty. There is no notification saying “You have a penalty”. We learn when the penalty receipt is received. The driver works, he doesn't tell us. Therefore, the crime is charged to the owner. Highways at least notify these penalties; we are already paying enough taxes. At least they shouldn't make us a victim on this issue

"Turkey's Load Is On Truckers’ Back, But No Value Is Gıven"

Stating that the truck driver was having difficulties with the increase in prices, Demirci said that; "I did not do it myself, but my friend has prepared a list," the truck driver pays 78 kinds of taxes." We pay taxes so much; Turkey's load is on truckers’ back but no value is given. Since there is no one who takes care of us, there is no imrovement. It would be better for us if the truckers were taken care of, the work was supported and, for example, diesel was given to us cheaply. Discounts can be made on tire and diesel. I believe our business will be better if the discount is applied. I have been in this community since 1979 and have been chairing here for 6 years; the more prices increase, the more difficulties the truckers get. Because when you are going to the factory, they say “the price has increased this much, I can pay this much”.  They doesn't know how much my tire, my oil, is worth. Today, the oil change of a vehicle is 2 thousand liras. They don't take this into account at all. The tire prices are between one thousand lira and two thousand liras, but nobody sees it. We are experiencing difficulties because we cannot reflect these in the prices.

There are automobile insurance, banderol and traffic insurance costs. It was said that these would not be ignored, but as the prices go up, they go up. Today you have traffic insurance, you pay insurance, but we cannot earn an income from nowhere, we are always oppressed. "

"We Want To Protect The Truckers"

Stating that they have some expectations from the authorities for the sector, Demirci said the following regarding the issue: “Our expectations from the state are as follows: license plate limitation, availability of K certificates and discount on diesel. The employer calculates and gives 18 percent VAT while giving the load. I say 'don't count VAT'. He says I'm paying this money”. We want the truckers to be protected. Our situation is not clearly explained to our President of Republic; it is said through logistics, not through cooperatives. For this reason, the situation of the truck driver in the cooperatives is not explained. Our problems are not insurmountable if they are conveyed to our President. Mr. Binali Yıldırım said that when we receive our K Certificate, there will be the license plate limitation. I demand this from our President. When we retire, at least the price of our certificate may be the compensation for us. If a certificate is received, this must be our future. In case of giving license plates, for example, "T" for taxi, "M" for minibus; “T” should be applied for trucks. When I quit this job, my certificate becomes void. I need to be able to sell this. We also pay taxes. I have been working for 25 years and upon retiring or quitting the job, we do not have the right to compensation, let's sell our license plate. "

"The Pandemic Period Was Difficult and We Could Not Pay Our Debts"

Referring to the problems they faced in the sector during the pandemic period, Demirci said that; “During the pandemic period, the works stopped because some factories interrupted or closed their work. When factories were affected, we were also affected. The pandemic period was difficult because we could not pay our debts, but in the last month our business has been on track. There is a big difference between the current situation and the pandemic period. When grain and vegetables were grown, our business is improved.”

S.S. Bilecik Motorlu Taşıyıcılar Kooperatifi Başkanı Şükrü Demirci: Fiyatlar Arttıkça Kamyoncu Daha Çok Zora Giriyor
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