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Schmitz Cargobull presents its latest product and service highlights for the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024

Schmitz Cargobull presents its latest product and service highlights for the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024

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21 Mayıs 2024 Salı - 14:01

New Tourismo and Travego Invite Passengers and Drivers to Safer and Comfortable Travel

Mercedes-Benz Turk continues to raise standards in the sector with the 2024 model year equipment and safety changes in Mercedes-Benz Travego and Mercedes-Benz Tourismo buses: the stars of comfortable and safe travel.

New Tourismo and Travego Invite Passengers and Drivers to Safer and Comfortable Travel

Raising standards with its innovation-oriented approach, Mercedes-Benz Turk continues to shape the travel experience of the future with its new 2024 model Travego and Tourismo buses. Mercedes-Benz Türk introduced the innovations in the Mercedes-Benz Travego and Tourismo model buses, which are equipped with the highest level driving and safety technologies, at a press conference.

In his speech at the press conference, Mercedes-Benz Turk Bus Product Management Group Manager Cem Demirel stated that they are constantly improving their vehicles in line with developing and changing customer needs and demands, and said that; “As Mercedes-Benz Turk, we provide the highest level of safety, comfort and economic performance with the improvements and innovations we make in our buses. and we offer a unique travel experience. While determining our renewal strategy, our biggest help is the feedback we receive from our passengers, captains and customers. We attach great importance to every feedback and evaluate it meticulously. We are implementing these changes with the high competencies and support of our Hoşdere Factory and R&D Center. As you know, the EU General Safety Regulation (GSR-B) will come into effect to increase driving and pedestrian safety. This regulation requires a number of auxiliary safety systems in buses to be registered in Turkey as of January 2025. We aim to provide maximum security to our captains and passengers by integrating our technologies that fully meet the requirements of this regulation into our vehicles as of April 2024 and by improving our existing security systems, and we continue to be a leading manufacturer and brand in the sector. Our buses, equipped with innovative safety systems and assistive technologies, play an important role in preventing accidents by increasing environmental perception while minimizing driver errors.”

2024 Model Year Hardware Changes:

Highlights of the 2024 model year changes offered by Mercedes-Benz Turk in Travego and Tourismo travel buses:

New Rims Providing Aesthetics and Durability: In addition to adding front and rear frame lug nut protection, the wheel designs were renewed by adding axle covers with the Mercedes logo to the rear axle.

Corridor and Floor Lightings: The travel experience was made more comfortable with floor lighting added to the corridor.

Additional Eye in the Cockpit: An additional compartment was added above the radio in Tourismo model buses, allowing captains to keep their belongings more orderly.

Phone and Tablet Holder on Seat Back Tables: With this addition, it was aimed to increase passenger satisfaction and provide an ergonomic travel experience.

New Equipment for Kaptan Recreation Facilities: USB units in captain rest facilities have been changed to A+C instead of A+A. With one of the dual outputs turning into C type, charging opportunity was also offered for new generation electronic devices. The comfort of the captains was increased by adding a net partition and extra hangers to the rest area.

Stewardess Air Nozzle: The hostess air nozzle, located in the front glove compartment of Travego model buses, was added to the package shelf in Tourismo model buses, increasing the travel comfort of the host/hostess.

Premium Separation Wall: Separation walls in Travego model buses have been updated to premium; In this way, the travel experience was made more comfortable.

Rear Axle Area Lightings: LED lighting has been added to the right and left parts of the rear axles of Travego and Tourismo model buses, which are activated by reverse gear and help the captain especially during night driving.

New Driver's Seat in Travego: 3 basic innovations were added with the transition to the new driver's seat in Travego.

  • Cooling Function
  • Seat Belt Vertical Adjustability Feature
  • Seat belt designed in red to draw attention to safety

This driver's seat is also offered as an option in Tourismo model buses.

Tourism Features

These features have been added only to Travego 15 model buses.

  • 2 Foldable 19-inch Monitors: Two foldable 19-inch monitors have been added to meet the entertainment and information needs of passengers.
  • Wired Guide Microphone: A wired guide microphone has been added to facilitate tour guides' communication and improve the tour experience.



New and Improved Security Scopes Added According to the EU General Security Regulation (GSR-B):

Reversing Camera: The reversing camera offered in Tourismo and Conecto model buses was supported with a monitor in line with GSR requirements. In Travego model buses, this feature is offered with the existing 360 camera system.

New Generation Sensor Set: A total of 6 sensors, including new technology radars and Multi-Purpose Camera (MPC), work in a fully integrated manner and scan a 270° field of view, feeding the security systems of Mercedes-Benz buses.

Front Protection Assistant and Side Protection Assistants: The sensors, which only scanned the right area of ??the bus in the previous generation, can detect pedestrians and cyclists near the vehicle in a wide area by scanning both the front and left areas in current models. In addition to visually and audibly warning the driver on the screen to prevent blind spots and accidents, it also physically warns the driver with vibration on the seat, providing support to the driver during turns and lane changes.

Protection System Against Cyber ??Attacks: A new system has been added to protect the control units and systems in Tourismo and Travego model buses against cyber-attacks.

Emergency Braking Signal – ESS: Emergency Braking Signal was added to Tourismo and Travego model buses by updating the rear lights to be fully LED. Emergency Braking Signal transmits the warning more clearly and at a longer range in case of emergency braking, depending on the vehicle traffic coming from behind.

Traffic Sign Assist – ISA (TSA):  Traffic Sign Assistant, newly added to Tourismo and Travego model buses, identifies traffic signs and speed limit signs on the road and informs and warns the driver visually and audibly.

Active Brake Assist 6 (ABA6): Instead of ABA 4 in the Travego and Tourismo model travel buses produced by Mercedes Benz Turk, ABA 6, the 6th generation system with increased sensitivity, supported by sensors and multi-functional cameras, was switched. In Conecto model buses, Pre-Collision Brake Assist 2 (PGA2) with increased sensitivity has been introduced.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System: The tire pressure monitoring system, which will be mandatory with GSR, has been offered as standard on our Travego model buses since 2016 and on our Tourismo model buses since 2021.

Alcolock Preparation: The necessary preparation infrastructure has been added to install an alcohol testing system in our Travego and Tourismo model buses.

Driver Fatigue and Attention Warning: Driver Fatigue and Attention Warning, which will be mandatory with GSR, has been offered as standard in our Travego and Tourismo vehicles since 2021.




Mercedes-Benz Turk Bus Product Management Group Manager Cem Demirel detailed the changes made in Travego and Tourismo in 2024 for our readers. Demirel said that; “We listen to all our stakeholders in this journey and build our strategy accordingly.”

Starting his words by saying that “May it be beneficial to our industry, our customers, our captains and our passengers. I hope we will provide safer journeys for all our stakeholders.”, Demirel continued his words by detailing the innovations they have implemented within the scope of security. Demirel said that; “GSR regulation comes into effect in Europe in July. In Turkey, it will come into effect in January 2025. Despite this, as Mercedes-Benz Turk Inc., we have introduced GSR security coverage in all our buses produced in Hoşdere as of April and started to offer more. The MPC camera on the front, which we call the multi-purpose camera, has been completely renewed. It now also works for active brake assist and traffic sign assist. We have long range radar at the front. While we used to have only two radars in total, now the vehicle has six sensors in total, including the camera. We have one short-range radar in the front of the vehicle, and another short-range radar on the right and left sides of the vehicle. Therefore, with these new generation radars and the increased number of sensors, our vehicle performs surveillance with a much wider viewing angle. Accordingly, it feeds traffic and security assistants. Apart from this, we have been offering ABA 4 for active brake assist until now. Moving on to its new generation, we started offering ABA 6. While previously the brake assist worked on a single radar, it now works with three radars and cameras. Therefore, it creates a much more accurate and secure warning mechanism. We already met the requirement in the GSR regulation for blind spot assistant or side protection assistant, the blind spot assistant scanned the area on the right side. We have updated our system to scan both sides in the current situation.”

Stating that the changes they made were not only within the scope of security, Demirel said that; “Apart from that, when it comes to more cosmetic or functional changes, we switched to a new driver's seat in our Travego vehicle. We added vehicle texts. Outside, we added rear axle lighting, rear axle hub cover, and wheel bolt protection covers. We added a protection cover for the stewardess microphone in our Tourismo vehicle. We added a new ventilation nozzle for hosts and stewardesses.”  Stating that they work not only for drivers and hostesses but also for passengers, Demirel exemplified this as follows: “For example, we now have phone and tablet holders on the coffee tables between the seats.”

Concluding his words, Demirel said that; “We listen to all our stakeholders in this journey and establish our strategy accordingly. We hope that our innovations will be beneficial to everyone.”

Mercedes Gives the Highest Value to the Driver
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