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Schmitz Cargobull presents its latest product and service highlights for the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024

Schmitz Cargobull presents its latest product and service highlights for the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024

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21 Mayıs 2024 Salı - 13:55

Mercedes Gives the Highest Value to the Driver

Mercedes-Benz Turk's truck, which provides health and care services to truck drivers all over Turkey, hit the road with its brand-new route in its third year. Health Care Truck, which has provided service to approximately 7000 truck drivers to date, will welcome its new guests with its doctors, psychologist and care team. Sarp, Habur and Kapıkule Border Gate will also be included on the route this year.

Mercedes Gives the Highest Value to the Driver

The Health Care Truck Project, which was initiated by Mercedes-Benz Turk to provide health and care services to truck drivers all over Turkey, continues with its new route in its third year. The truck, which has served 7000 truck drivers to date, will serve at 13 locations this year, including Düzce, Mersin, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya. Adding border gates to its route, the Health Care Truck will also meet the drivers at Sarp, Habur and Kapıkule Border Gate. The trailer of the Health Care Truck will be pulled by Mercedes-Benz Actros L Edition 3, of which only 400 units have been produced in the world and only 15 units will be available in Turkey, with the motto "No more". 1 internal medicine specialist, 1 physiotherapist, 2 barbers and 1 psychologist will provide services in the Health Care Truck.

Speaking at the event, Mercedes-Benz Turk Truck Marketing and Sales Director Alper Kurt said that; “As Mercedes-Benz Turk, we are leading the Turkish heavy commercial vehicle industry. Behind this success lies our innovative, visionary approach, high-level quality, comfort and security understanding. However, in addition to all these, there is another element that is a priority, and that is that we are a company that puts people at its center and carries out all its activities in a people-oriented manner. As Mercedes-Benz Turk, meeting the expectations and needs of all parts of our ecosystem, including our customers, truck drivers and all our business partners, is among our top priorities. Within the framework of all this, we implemented our Health Care Truck project, which has never been seen before in Turkey. Our drivers, doctors and maintenance team have an important role in the positive reception of this project by our industry and our driver friends. In this sense, I would like to thank all of them. Congratulations on the 3rd season of our truck.”

Speaking at the truck's departure event, Mercedes-Benz Turk Truck & Bus Marketing Communication and Customer Management Group Manager Serra Yeşilyurt said that; “Today, we are together to start the new tour of our Health Care Truck, one of our projects that we have implemented on the axis of creating benefits for our industry. We are happy to start the third year of our project this year, that is, its third campaign. In addition to providing our truck drivers with vehicles with high levels of safety and comfort, we also care about their health and general well-being. With our 'Mercedes-Benz Turk Health Care Truck' project, which we implemented in 2022, we travelled to 7 regions of Turkey and delivered health and care services to them. The very positive feedback we have received from our drivers for 2 seasons and being deemed worthy of a total of 13 awards in the Crystal Apple and Felis awards during this period have been a source of motivation for our entire team and the Mercedes-Benz Turk family. Congratulations on the new season of our truck, which we believe will attract great interest again this year.”






At the event where we, as My Truck Magazine, were present, My Truck Magazine Editor-in-Chief Nuray Pekcan directed her microphone to Mercedes-Benz Turk Truck & Bus Marketing Communication and Customer Management Group Manager Serra Yeşilyurt, Mercedes-Benz Turk Truck Marketing Communication Coordinator Hazel Selanik and internal medicine specialist Necati Çalışkan. Yeşilyurt said that the Health Care Truck, which has entered its third season and continues to touch the lives of drivers, aims to increase its impact by going to three border gates this year, and emphasized that drivers of all brands of vehicles are invited to the event.

“We Wanted to Touch Our Drivers' Lives More”

“We Started From The Deficiencies And Needs Of Our Drivers”

Serra Yeşilyurt, Mercedes-Benz Turk Truck & Bus Marketing Communication and Customer Management Group Manager, said that; “We have been carrying out various activities with our drivers in the field for many years. As the years went by, we wanted to touch their lives more and contribute to their well-being. First of all, we started from the shortcomings and needs of our drivers. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest technology in terms of comfort and safety, but apart from that, we thought about what our drivers might need. Here, health came first, followed by personal care and education. Our project started and continued to improve itself in the field. In the first year, we included our internal medicine specialist, a physiotherapist and our barbers. We had a good season, we received very positive feedback and we continued to ask our driver friends what more we could do on the field. In the second year, we expanded our staff by adding our psychologist and training team. We have reached full capacity in our trailer. This year we are in our third year. We continue to touch the lives of many of our driver friends. We know that they spend their time on long journeys and cannot go to these health services by making an appointment whenever they want. Therefore, we go to them. Sometimes we catch them, sometimes they catch us. This is how we meet and contribute."

“We Will Go To Kapıkule, Sarp And Habur Border Gates”

“We Think We Will Reach More Than 4 Thousand People This Year”

 Giving the good news that the Health Care Truck will meet the drivers at the border gates in its third year, Yeşilyurt continued her words; “We touched the lives of more than 7 thousand of our driver friends in two years and we did this in 24 locations. We want to go to seven regions and be in every corner of our country. This year, we will go to three border gates, namely Kapıkule, Sarp and Habur border gates, in order to increase the number even more. While normally we contact 3500 driver friends in a year, we think that this year we will exceed 4 thousand, including the border gates.”


“We Are Aware of the Value of Our Drivers”

“We Welcome Every Brand User to Our Events”

Stating that the event program can be accessed on social media accounts, Yeşilyurt said that; Our drivers should follow us on Mercedes-Benz truck social media accounts. We are trying to reach maximum awareness there by counting down the week before, the day before, placing advertisements in front of everyone locally, and posters we hang in the facilities. However, for our mobile driver friends, the way they can easily follow us is our social media accounts. We are aware of the value of our drivers in this sector, the whole sector turns around thanks to them. Therefore, they are very valuable to us. We welcome every brand user here, whether they are Mercedes-Benz users or not.”


“We Are Waiting For Those Who Want To Get To Know Our Edition 3 Vehicle Closely To Our Events”

Mercedes-Benz Turk Truck Marketing Communication Coordinator Hazel Selanik said that; “In this project, we put ourselves in the shoes of our driver friends on the roads. For example, we brought in a physiotherapist to show our drivers who always sit in a sitting position the movements they can do, or a psychologist to provide all kinds of support to our drivers who need to talk because they drive alone for long hours. We have come to our third season by expanding our staff. We also receive very good feedback from the field. Our driver friends say that they follow our pages and even adjust their routes according to our event date, if they can. We are also experiencing very beautiful snapshots. This year, our health care truck will be pulled by Actros L Edition 3. We also invite those who want to get to know our Edition 3 vehicle closely to our events.”


“We Create Happiness While Providing Opportunity to Our Drivers”

Health Care Truck internal medicine specialist Necati Çalışkan stated that he has been involved in the event from the beginning of the project for about three years and continued his words; “When the offer was made to me about three years ago, there were some question marks in my mind. However, after joining, I saw the happiness of our drivers. It is very difficult for a driver to reach a doctor in Turkey. Sometimes an appointment is made 10-15 days later and the driver does not have the opportunity to attend that appointment. For this reason, finding a doctor in their own facility, in their own recreation area, provides them with both opportunities and happiness. We can also see very serious diseases here. We are here as a team, I try to help mostly on the organic diseases side. First of all, after diagnosing the person, I refer him to our physiotherapist if necessary. After the diagnosis is made, and after receiving movement recommendations from our physiotherapist, we strengthen our patient with medications if necessary. In places where we are not sufficient, we recommend that he apply to the hospital. However, what we do here puts our driver at ease. We will continue to be everywhere in our country. Let our drivers follow us.”

''We Produce Approximately 1000 Units Annually in an Area of 35 Thousand Square Meters''
New Tourismo and Travego Invite Passengers and Drivers to Safer and Comfortable Travel
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