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We Will Be Active In All Ports In Turkey And Have A Share In The European Line

We Will Be Active In All Ports In Turkey And Have A Share In The European Line

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20 Mart 2024 Çarşamba - 10:02

Alp Özler Academy Is Opened!

Aiming to train well-equipped truck drivers for Alp Özler Group, "Alp Özler Academy", which operates in the logistics and transportation sector, was opened. Alp Özler Group Board Members, senior officials and driver candidates residing in Ankara and coming from different professional groups attended the organization held at Ankara Esenboğa Alp Özler Logistics garage.

Alp Özler Academy Is Opened!

Dursun Gece, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alp Özler Group Companies, made the following statement in his opening speech; “Today is a very important day for us. This structure, of which we have now taken the first step, will be an organization that provides services throughout the country, starting from Ankara, in a few years.”

Providing training to drivers and driver candidates at Alp Özler Academy, Advanced Driving Techniques and Road Safety Expert and Road and Traffic Safety Management System Chief Auditor Fatih Levent Alpay stated that with this academy, the company has taken it as a duty to train trained, equipped truck captains for Turkey. Underlining that this is an important responsibility, Alpay stated that Alp Özler Academy will constantly meet the company's need for truck drivers, like a truck captain factory.

At the ceremony, where we, as My Truck Magazine, were present;we handed our microphone to the Academy's teacher Fatih Levent Alpay and the first students of the Academy. Alpay said that; “We wanted to create a mosaic of Turkey. Students mentioned the disadvantages of being inexperienced in the job search.”

“We Wanted To Create A Turkish Mosaic”

“For now, we can only work with our friends residing in Ankara”

Starting his speech by indicating that “Today, we opened our Academy, which we worked on step by step”, Alpay saying that; "We wanted to create a mosaic of Turkey by bringing our friends from all professions and all age groups. We met very quality people. I'm very happy to work with them. We are getting very good feedback. Our Board of Directors and our students are very satisfied. We have now filled the quota for our first class. A quota will be opened for those with C and CE certificates after this training group is completed. This place will never stop. I should point out that, based on the high demand, we can currently only work with our friends residing in Ankara. But this will only be the case at first. We will grow a lot. Our instructor staff, our building, everything will grow over time. Then we hope that we will start providing training to our friends living outside Ankara. Currently, after graduation, jobs will be in the form of leaving and returning to Ankara. Because we don't want our friends to just drive. Their psychological state, morale and motivation are also very important to us. Our aim is to keep people's morale and motivation high, to value them, and to make them feel valuable. Therefore, since we are an Ankara-based company, we can currently only work with our Ankara-based friends. Because otherwise it could be tiring for everyone.”

Stating that the easiest application for future periods is from the websites, Alpay said that; “Our candidates can send their CVs from the Human Resources section on our website. If they apply through this channel, they can be sure that their CVs will be read. We come back to the positive ones, but there are also things that are positive and spread over time. Unfortunately, we cannot exceed a certain capacity at the moment.”

“I Had All My Documents, But I Had No Experience”

“Companies Generally Want to Hire Experienced People”

Nami Yılmaz, whose former profession was a pharmaceutical representative, later changed his career plan to a completely different route when he learned that Alp Özler Academy was established and provided training and support to inexperienced people. Mentioning that “I had all my documents, but I had no experience”, Yılmaz evaluated the opportunity presented to them as follows; “It was good for us to have such a company in Ankara and to provide us with training. Companies generally want to hire experienced people. Since I was inexperienced, I also had difficulties in terms of work. I have had full documentation since about the 9th month. My expectations from Alp Özler Academy are to see the challenges we will encounter in this sector, especially with the knowledge and experience of Levent teacher, to master the equipment related to vehicles, to gain the necessary driving training and to graduate ready for the profession. I hope that we will graduate as good truck captains.” Stating that he chose the profession of driver because it has the opportunity to work abroad and earned good income, Yılmaz also stated that he wanted to progress in this profession.

“Alp Özler Academy Provides a Good Experience”

“We Will Be Exactly What A Truck Driver Should Be”

Tolga Gürbüz is a former accountant who graduated from the department of history. 32-year-old Gürbüz stated that he felt a desire for the profession even while he was studying and continued as follows; “After I learned from you that Alp Özler had established an academy to train inexperienced drivers, I also applied. I received my documents and was looking for a company. But there is no company in the industry that hires novice drivers. Even if they do, they employ them in their own warehouses and warehouses. Alp Özler provides a nice experience. Of course, in order to become a truck driver, you need to ride a truck, but as a preliminary preparation, I think there will be many things they can teach us, especially safe driving training. Then, by completing our training on the truck, we will become exactly what a truck driver should be. Being a truck driver is currently one of the best professions that can be done in Turkey. On this occasion, the door to Europe is opened to us.”

“Truck Driving is Providing a Big Change”

“We Will Start Working as Good Drivers by Receiving and Completing All Training from A to Z”

Yasin Bektaş, 33 years old, married and father of one child, worked in a law office for 13 years. Bektaş, who decided to change the sector because of his low income, found himself at Alp Özler Academy at the end of the road. Bektaş explained the process he experienced as follows; “Being a driver is my father's profession. I completed my documents while working at the law office. Then I started looking for a job in the industry. This process took approximately 6-7 months. I couldn't find a job because I had no experience. I applied, they responded, but I was eliminated because I had no experience. I met Levent teacher through a friend. Actually, I came for a driver meeting. Levent teacher provided me with an opportunity by taking me to the academy because I was inexperienced. All our managers here are very caring and relevant. We, like everyone else, attach great importance to this project. We hope it will end well and be auspicious. Truck driving is going through a big change right now. The biggest advantage of the academy is that we will gain experience with all our inexperienced friends here. Also, we will not be black order drivers. By completing all the training from A to Z, we will start working as good drivers.”

“I Decided to Become a Truck Driver and Travel the World”

“Everyone Should Learn Advanced Driving Techniques”

Working in the finance-accounting sector since 1994 and joined the academy from Istanbul, Erdem Kapısız explained this radical change in his life with the following statements; “I had been doing my own business for a long time. Logistics played a big role in my own business. I have been abroad to various countries such as China, Russia, India and Bulgaria and I have always been in touch with logistics. When my child intended to go to school in England, I turned my attention entirely to blue collar work. Turkish and foreign influencers on social media also had a great influence on my decision to become a driver. When my wife supported me, I decided to become a truck driver and travel the world. I already had a goal to travel the world, and this was the occasion. We learn advanced driving techniques at the Academy. I think everyone should learn advanced driving techniques. In this way, we are trained on how to drive safely while protecting ourselves and without endangering our own lives or the lives of others. I would like to thank my teacher Levent and our managers. As someone who is in the business, I can say that whether you are a driver or not, whether you are involved in this business or not, you definitely need to learn advanced driving techniques. I think that these studies will be very good for our country.”

“It Is Quite Expensive To Receive These Trainings Abroad”

“We Want To Support Transforming Truck Driving”

22-year-old Berat Şimşek turned his way to driving after graduating from the mechanical technician department. Indicating that “I was interested in everything that went on the road”; Şimşek continued his words by saying that; “When Alp Özler Academy offered us such an opportunity, I wanted to try it. Working at a desk in a white-collar job is not for me anyway, my soul gets depressed. I like it because the drivers are always on the road. As I said, I am also very interested in vehicles. We receive serious training at this academy. It is quite expensive to take these trainings abroad. The company provides us with such training without charging any fee. This is so important for us. In addition, truck driving has started to change shape. We also want to support this change.”

“I Hope I Will Be More Helpful to People in the Driving Profession”

“I Continued with the Belief That a Door Will Always Open”

Zülfikar Özdemir, an Imam Hatip graduate, stated that he has been eager to do this job for a long time. Özdemir, who worked as an imam and worked in the security and mining sectors until he reached his dream job of being a driver, said that; “My last duty in the mining sector was in Ağrı-Doğubayazıt. After traveling a long way, I decided to open up even more. I am currently excited to start my career in such a clean company that offers overseas opportunities. I hope that I will be even more useful to people in the driving profession. I took my last exam on January 31st and completed all my missing documents. I was idle for 6-7 months. I continued with the belief that a door would always open, and thank God, I started here.”

“We Will Be the New Faces of This Profession”

“We Are Also On The Roads Now!”

Previously carried out vegetable transportation, Alihan Ürün told the story of his long journey as follows; “I was working as a vegetable jetter before. After a certain period of time in the truck business, people want to expand their business and get into a different sector. I conditioned myself to drive a truck and now I'm here. Of course, financial situations led me to trucks, but when I loved the profession, I fell in love with this job. Our teacher Levent gave us such an opportunity and started teaching us the profession in detail. Alp Özler also opened a nice source of income for us. It is necessary to love this profession, to be devoted to it and to learn the job thoroughly and in detail. We will be the new faces of this profession. Now the profession has changed shape. There are no old-style trucks, there are new luxury vehicles. In addition, the profession became more valuable. From here, I would like to thank our teacher again on behalf of all the students. We are also on the roads now!”

“I Think The Profession Has Become Even More Important Now”

“Thanks To This Academy, We Have The Opportunity To Become A Truck Driver By Learning Everything From A To Z.”

24-year-old Mehmet Emre Akdoğan found himself at Alp Özler Academy a week after graduating from the business administration department., Applying to Alp Özler Academy three days after graduation, Akdoğan said that; “While I was studying business administration, I actually thought of switching to this sector in the second semester of my third year, but since I was studying so much, I did not want to quit school. That's why I chose to come after finishing school. So I embarked on this adventure. Being a driver has many advantages both at home and abroad. I also think that the profession has become even more important. All of these influenced my choice of profession. I only rode a truck while getting my driver's license, and I had no other experience. Thanks to this Academy, we have the opportunity to become a truck driver by learning everything from A to Z.”

“I Chose This Profession Due to Economic Reasons and Overseas Opportunities”

“Having the Opportunity to Work in a Company Like Alp Özler Made Us Honor and Pride”

22-year-old Ahmet Can Göktaş, who has been working as a security guard for two years, said the that; “I had no previous experience, but I was interested in the profession. My friend encouraged me into this profession. While I had no opportunity to learn all these, now I have the chance to study with our teacher Levent in such a quality institution. I chose this profession due to both economic reasons and overseas opportunities. It made us honored and proud to have the opportunity to work in a company like Alp Özler.”

“My Expectation from the Profession is to Have a Better Quality of Life”

“We Are On The Path Of Becoming A Better Quality Driver”

Halil İbrahim Toprak worked in the mining industry in Africa in 2013 and then worked as armed security in Ankara. Stating that he has always been interested in trucks, Toprak said that; “Thanks to Alp Özler, I attended the Academy. My expectation from the profession is to have a better quality of life. I think the financial return is good. While the profession used to progress in a different way, now it has turned into academia. We receive training here. We are on the path of becoming a better quality driver in line with the information given by our teacher Levent. We think of this place like a school. There is no difference. I believe that it will be better for us and the industry as we receive detailed training both theoretically and practically.”

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