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Volvo Trucks Çekici Pazarında Yüzde 7,3 Pazar Payına Ulaştı
Volvo Trucks Çekici Pazarında Yüzde 7,3 Pazar Payına Ulaştı
Krone, 4’üncü Kez İlk 1000 İhracatçı Firma Listesinde Yer Aldı
Krone, 4’üncü Kez İlk 1000 İhracatçı Firma Listesinde Yer Aldı
Mercedes-Benz Turk Delivered 300 Actros to Hüner Group

Mercedes-Benz Turk Delivered 300 Actros to Hüner Group

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25 Eylül 2020 Cuma - 12:57

Grandtur Tourism Expanded Its Fleet With 15 Mercedes-Benz Sprinters

Grandtur Tourism, based in İstanbul, operating in the field of tourism transportation all around Turkey, has preferred  Mercedes-Benz for its new vehicle purchases. Rejuvenating its fleet with 15 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter delivered, Grandtur Tourism has benefited from the advantageous loan opportunities provided by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.

Grandtur Tourism Expanded Its Fleet With 15 Mercedes-Benz Sprinters

During the ceremony held in the Istanbul location of Mercedes-Benz Gelecek Automotive, the vehicles were handed over to Grandtur Tourism Board Chairman Ali Rıza Çelebi by Mercedes Benz Automotive Light Commercial Vehicles Sales Manager Serdar Yaprak and Gelecek Automotive General Manager Bekir Koman, Light Commercial Vehicles Sales Manager Gökhan Mede and Bus Sales Manager Cüneyt Ergün.

Mercedes Benz Automotive Trade and Services Inc. Light Commercial Vehicles Sales Manager Serdar Yaprak said that; “Sprinter, the most preferred vehicle of its segment in 2019, stands out with its comfort and safety features. We continue to be the choice of our customers with our favorable financing conditions and superior after-sales services. It is our honor to add prominent brands such as Grandtur Tourism to our customer portfolio. I wish the new vehicles of Grandtur Tourism, which has expanded its fleet with Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, to be beneficial to the companies, and I would like to thank all the employees of Gelecek Automotive, especially Ali Rıza Çelebi, Chairman of Grandtur Tourism.

Grandtur Tourism Chairman of the Board Ali Rıza Çelebi said that; “Despite the difficult period in tourism, as in all sectors, with the pandemic effect, we are expanding our fleet with the confidence we have in Mercedes-Benz and the favorable financing conditions they offer. With 15 new Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, we will continue to offer our customers the best, quality and comfortable service. I would like to extend my gratitude to the managers of Gelecek Automotive, especially Mercedes-Benz officials, and Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, who provided appropriate credit opportunities for us to make this purchase, and I wish our vehicles to be beneficial to both our company and the Mercedes-Benz family. "

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

From 1996 to the present day it is offered for sale in Turkey, creating a difference in class light commercial vehicles; Mercedes-Benz Sprinter was renewed and put on the market with the slogan "Sprinter Befits You" as of May 2019. The new Sprinter, which offers more than 1,700 different options in 3 main options: Minibus, Panelvan and Light Truck, was designed to meet the demands and expectations of customers. The basis of the vehicle is a modular construction concept at the maximum level. With this modular construction concept, new solutions are offered for companies that carry out urban and intercity passenger transportation, school and personnel service, and transport and courier services.

Options from 13 + 1 to 22 + 1 Person in the New Generation Sprinter Minibus

After more than 20 years of Sprinter experience in Turkey, the new Sprinter van creates a safe environment in all conditions with the widest range of products in its class and the renewed seats with adjustable 3-point seat belts offered as standard, whether as a staff or school vehicle, from 13 + 1 to 22 + 1 people. In the new Sprinter, the comfortable travel experience increases with separate air conditioning system for both the front and passenger compartments, new interior side trims, rear speakers, USB ports for each seat row, and phone holders.

The new Sprinter has a thick wheel option for vehicles with a maximum load of 5 tons. Thanks to this feature, vehicles provide a lower fuel consumption even at high passenger and carrying capacities.

The new Sprinter Minibus increases driving comfort with its electrically assisted leather steering wheel, suspension driver seat and cruise control option; it also adds fun to the driving with the Mercedes-Benz multimedia system with USB and Bluetooth interface, high resolution, large touch screen and smartphone integration. Thanks to the multifunctional steering wheel offered as standard in the new Sprinter Minibus models, access is provided to the functions of both the 5-inch color instrument panel and the 10-inch high-resolution touchscreen multimedia system.

A Comfortable Experience In Its Segment With Its Technological Features

The new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter offers rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive options. Compared to front-wheel drive vehicles, rear-wheel drive vehicles, the load carrying capacity of the vehicle increases by 50 kg. In addition, the loading threshold of the front-wheel drive vehicles, which is 80 mm lower, significantly facilitates loading in commercial use and increases the comfort of use.

With the 9-stage torque converter automatic transmission offered in the front-wheel drive, Sprinter models draws attention as an important innovation in the commercial vehicle market, while the proven 6-speed manual transmission is among the prominent features of the New Sprinter. The gear ratios of the automatic transmission provide the best possible balance between fuel economy and agile driving characteristics. Another important advantage of the new gearbox is the increased road comfort due to the lower noise level. The improved 6-speed manual gearbox supports the comfort of use with its structure that prevents disturbing vibrations in the gear lever.

Ergonomically designed comfortable seats, keyless operation and optimized air conditioning system are among the prominent innovations in the new generation Sprinter. In addition, the storage areas that can be shaped according to the purpose of use make it easier for the users to maintain order in the cabin.

High Standard in Security Equipment with New Generation Sprinter

Setting the standards in the field of safety in all generations, the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter sets the bar in its field. Electronic assistants such as the distance tracking system DISTRONIC, "Active Brake Assist", "Active Lane Keeping Assist" and fatigue warning "ATTENTION ASSIST" support the driver in driving safety. In addition to these equipment, the “Rear View Camera”, which can self-clean and transmits the image to the interior rearview mirror, the modern parking aid with 360 degrees of view, or the integrated “Rain Wiper System” that offers maximum visibility during the wiping process, are offered as new driving support systems with the new generation Sprinter.

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