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CEVA Logistics continues strategic transformation, grows core products by integrating Bollor Logistics

CEVA Logistics continues strategic transformation, grows core products by integrating Bollor Logistics

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24 Haziran 2024 Pazartesi - 15:18


Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicles Executive Board Member Tufan Akdeniz stated that Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicles reached the largest sales in the company's history in 2023, and that the first quarter of 2024 will be the best sales quarter in history.


Stating in his speech that they will introduce new models of the light commercial vehicle family and the fully electric eSprinter and EQV to the Turkish market in the second half of the year, Akdeniz also said that they will introduce the modular and scalable Van Electric Architecture (VAN.EA) starting from 2026. Akdeniz also shared his views and predictions on the electric vehicle market for our readers.

“We Adapt Our Vehicles to Meet Our Customers' Needs and Offer Different Customizable In-Vehicle Arrangements and Equipment”


“I Think Autonomous Driving Will Become Even More Important, Especially for Light Commercial Vehicles, in The Coming Period.”


Explaining the new technologies for light commercial vehicles, the demands of the market and the expected features and functions of the vehicles, Akdeniz started his speech as follows; “When we look at the light commercial vehicle sector, both vehicle owners and drivers expect the vehicles to be both economical and functional. Therefore, they prefer durable vehicles with low operating costs, high fuel efficiency and long service life. In addition, functional designs that will meet the various business needs of users with large interior volume and flexible loading solutions are also the points of emphasis when purchasing a light commercial vehicle. As Mercedes-Benz, we adapt our vehicles to the sectors in which they will be used to meet the needs of our customers and offer different customizable interior arrangements and equipment. Advanced security systems, electrification, connected services, autonomous driving, ergonomic and flexible interior design, as well as efficiency and economy in light commercial vehicles have recently been particularly demanded by vehicle owners, drivers and customers. I think that autonomous driving will become even more important, especially for light commercial vehicles, in the coming period. Commercial vehicles also work as shuttles while delivering goods by following a certain route in transportation. When autonomous driving occurs, space is saved and efficiency increases. Such developments are also important in ensuring driving safety.”



“When VAN.EA Vehicle Architecture is Introduced, All Newly Developed Medium and Large Light Commercial Vehicles Aim to Be Electric Only”


“Thanks to this Project, Vehicles Promise Up to 30 Percent Higher Range”


“We Must Evaluate in Terms of Total Cost of Ownership”


Continuing his speech by touching on the advantages they offer, Akdeniz said that; “As Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicles, we want to further strengthen our position as a premium light commercial vehicle manufacturer. In this regard, we are gaining an even better competitive advantage by offering fully electric and conventionally powered vehicles in the medium and large light commercial vehicle segments with the customized diversity of our portfolio for commercial and private use. Starting from 2026, we will gradually transition to a focused premium strategy for commercial vehicles by introducing the modular and scalable Van Electric Architecture (VAN.EA). When the modular and scalable VAN.EA vehicle architecture is introduced, all newly developed medium and large light commercial vehicles are intended to be exclusively electric. VAN.EA basically aims to produce electric light commercial vehicles from a single band and naturally electric. Thus, models of different scales can be produced from a single tape by making modular additions or subtractions on the same base. Thanks to this project, since the vehicles are naturally electric, they promise up to 30 percent higher range than existing electric commercial vehicles, thanks to the battery locations and the architectural layout of the electronic components created from scratch. Since each industry has its own specific requirements, which in some cases go beyond basic vehicles, approximately 50 percent of light commercial vehicles sold are converted into specialized product solutions. When we look at the light commercial vehicle sector, we see that Mercedes-Benz is more expensive than other vehicles. Here we must evaluate in terms of total cost of ownership. Generally, loans are used for vehicle purchases, so there is an interest cost. As Mercedes-Benz, we can set loan rates below the market, thanks to our own loan company. We also provide second-hand vehicle service. Customers do not need to sell their vehicles and come to us. If our customer is going to buy a Sprinter or Vito, even if it is a rival brand vehicle, we, as Mercedes-Benz, purchase our customer's vehicle after evaluating factors such as the conditions under which the vehicle operates and who did the conversion.”



“We Achieved the Largest Sales in Company History in 2023”


“The First Quarter of 2024 Was the Best Sales Quarter in the History of the Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicles Group”


Also making a market assessment of the vehicles, Akdeniz said that; “In 2023, we achieved a growth of approximately 47 percent compared to the previous year, selling a total of 9 thousand 294 vehicles and reaching the largest sales in the company's history. 49 percent of these sales came from Sprinter and 51 percent from Vito models. According to ODMD data, Sprinter and the original minibus are the most preferred vehicles in terms of minibus numbers. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has a high premium perception. Therefore, when it comes to carrying passengers, it is preferred due to factors such as safety and comfort. The first quarter of 2024 increased by more than 26 percent compared to the same period last year, making it the best sales quarter in the history of the Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicles Group. We rank 1st in passenger transportation in our segment with Vito Tourer. With the EQV and V-Series MPVs, we appeal to a wide range of customers, from families and entertainment enthusiasts to VIPs and CEOs. Tourer, Panelvan and Mixto models are also included in Vito. These models are developed for all types of business lines, from tradesmen to fleet customers. All models always combine a high degree of functionality and comfort, as well as a unique design of high quality. In addition, each vehicle offers plenty of space for business, family or out-of-town travel.”


“We Plan to Meet Customers in Turkey with the All-Electric Mercedes-Benz eSprinter in the 3rd Quarter of the Year”


“We Plan to Introduce the All-Electric New EQV to Turkish Consumers in September”


Providing information about the features and target audience of the models that the brand will offer to the market within the scope of electric light commercial vehicles, Akdeniz said that; “We plan to introduce the fully electric Mercedes-Benz eSprinter to customers in Turkey in the 3rd quarter of the year. It will offer high flexibility in terms of range, body variants and carrying capacity, as well as transportation without CO2 emissions. Having rear-wheel drive for the first time means greater diversity can be represented. The new eSprinter will have two body styles and lengths, as well as a higher permitted gross weight of up to 4.25 tonnes. With its optional trailer output for the first time, it also offers a trailer load of up to two tons. There are two battery options: 81 kWh and 113 kWh. This allows customers to choose the configuration that suits specific application areas in terms of payload and range. With different battery capacities, Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicles meet many customer needs and total cost of ownership, from urban local transportation to regional food transportation. The battery with 81 kWh of usable energy provides a range of up to 329 kilometers, while the 113 kWh battery offers an electric WLTP1 driving range of up to 478 kilometers. In addition, thanks to the advanced Mercedes-Benz recuperation technology, it is possible to exceed these range values ??in urban use. We plan to introduce the new, fully electric EQV to Turkish consumers in September. EQV, whose customer range extends from families to entertainment enthusiasts and from VIP users to business people, stands out with its large interior volumes, high comfort and quality and unique designs. It also offers different customization options with numerous hardware series. It is offered for sale as standard with an electric motor that produces power up to 150 kW and a battery size of 90 kWh. EQV provides a driving range of 277-365 km, with the contribution of an efficient energy recovery system and optimized thermal management that further increases efficiency and range. The new mid-size MPV EQV for personal use reveals an even more advanced structure with its new exterior and interior design. In particular, smarter digital network solutions provide additional comfort and security.”




“Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Easily Adapts to Customer and Industry-Specific Needs”


“More than 75 Percent of Sprinters Are Being Converted into Industry-Specific Vehicles”


“Able to Reach 1,600 Variations, Sprinter is One of the Most Versatile Models in its Segment”


Stating that “Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, which defines the modern light commercial vehicle segment, accounts for more than 50 percent of the sales share of Light Commercial Vehicles.” Akdeniz continued his speech by saying that; “After the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter goes on sale in Europe in the first months of 2024, it is now being sold in accordance with the needs of customers and sectors in Turkey. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter easily adapts to customer and industry-specific needs, especially in the large light commercial segment. The panel van is offered in its basic form as a chassis and a minibus. In addition, it provides special solutions for all targeted sectors, with three body lengths, rear or four-wheel drive, classic driver's cabin or double cabin, variable tonnages and loading area heights, as well as being used as a power vehicle for special bodies such as caravans. More than 75 percent of commercial Sprinters sold are converted into industry-specific vehicles. Since the Sprinter is mainly used as a service vehicle, 85-90 percent of sales are made as minibuses. The new Sprinter is also converted into a minibus in Turkey with Turkish engineering and goes to market after being certified in Germany. Capable of reaching 1,600 variations, Sprinter is one of the most versatile models in its segment. It can be purchased ex-factory to be used in different application areas for every sector where it is needed. Recently, it has been growing rapidly on the caravan side. We think that once a certain order is established, there will be a serious market there as well.”


“The Product Diversity Offered is Not at a Level to Meet the Needs of All Consumers”


“Electric Vehicles Can Be Seen as a Very Profitable Investment in the Long Term”


Stating that they foresee that the electric vehicle market will continue to grow, as the demand for electric vehicles continues to increase in various sectors, including private use, public transportation and commercial fleets, and with the influence of factors such as government incentives, increasing environmental awareness and advances in technology, Akdeniz said that; “Although there may be fluctuations due to various regulations and changes in consumer demands, we do not foresee a major change in the general strategy in the automotive industry. Because electric vehicles are one of the most important motivations on the path to carbon neutrality. For this reason, all brands, including us, are making significant investments in this field and creating many new models from electric models. In Turkey, a higher purchasing cost is encountered when switching to electric vehicles compared to internal combustion vehicles. Although there is a certain tax advantage for electric vehicles, the product variety offered so far is not at a level that can meet the needs of all consumers. For this reason, we can move faster if the electric vehicle product range increases in Turkey. In addition to these advantages of electric vehicles, there are also some issues that cause concerns among consumers. First comes the inadequacy of charging infrastructure. Serious investments are being made in this regard and efforts continue to popularize fast charging stations. Especially when we look at the light commercial vehicle issue, we can say that charging and range are very important for efficient use of vehicles. Various studies on increasing battery capacities also enable light commercial vehicles to have much longer ranges. As Mercedes-Benz, we also carry out various research and development studies. Although it is thought that high purchasing costs will slow down the transition to electric vehicles, it can be seen that it is a very profitable investment in the long term.”



“Batteries That Offer Longer Range and Charge Faster Will Make the Use of Electric Light Commercial Vehicles More Attractive.”


“We Think New Business Models and Services Will Develop”


Continuing his speech by sharing his predictions and expectations about the future of electric vehicles and stating that they expect the demand to increase rapidly in the coming years, Akdeniz said that; “The increasing importance of urban transportation, rising environmental awareness and tightening of legal regulations stand out as the most important factors behind the increase in this demand. We predict that the low emissions and operating costs of electric vehicles will make them preferred especially in the logistics and distribution sector. Rapid developments in battery technologies gradually reduce concerns about range and charging times. We can say that batteries that offer longer range and charge faster will make the use of electric light commercial vehicles more attractive. Expanding charging infrastructure also plays a critical role in the adoption of electric vehicles. Electric light commercial vehicles also offer significant advantages in operating costs. Low fuel costs, reduced maintenance needs and long-term savings make these vehicles more economically efficient. This is a great advantage, especially for fleet management companies. We believe that as electric light commercial vehicles become more widespread, new business models and services will also develop. Innovative business models such as car sharing, subscription-based services and smart logistics solutions will increase efficiency in the commercial transportation sector.”


“Hybrid Technology Facilitates Adaptation to Fully Electric Vehicles”


“Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Needs Further Development”


Making evaluations about other technologies such as alternative, hybrid and hydrogen, Akdeniz said that;We believe that both hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell technologies have an important place in the future of the automotive industry. Both technologies offer solutions for different usage scenarios and customer needs. While hybrid technology offers an ideal solution for urban use and transition periods, it facilitates users' adaptation to fully electric vehicles. In order for hydrogen fuel cell technology to become widespread, the necessary infrastructure must be developed and hydrogen production must become economically sustainable. Since hydrogen has a high energy density, hydrogen fuel cells offer an ideal solution, especially for heavy commercial vehicles and long-distance transportation, while offering long range and high performance. However, technology needs to develop further in this regard. The most environmentally friendly way to produce hydrogen is electrolysis. That is, using electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen atoms. But this requires a lot of energy and its efficiency is very low. There are also losses while transporting the produced hydrogen to the filling station. In addition to the transportation cost, the storage cost is also quite high.”


“The Forecast in Tourism is for 2024 to be Better than Last Year”


“We Will Continue by Strengthening Our Leadership”


Lastly, sharing his market expectations for 2024 and the brand's expectations regarding its own vehicles, Akdeniz said that; “This year, we will put forward our electric claim in the light commercial sector. In the second half of the year, we will introduce new models of our light commercial vehicle family and the fully electric eSprinter and EQV to the Turkish market. After the pandemic, the tourism sector improved itself and began to rapidly achieve its pre-pandemic success. The prediction in tourism is that 2024 will be better than last year. As Mercedes-Benz, we do our part. In order to meet all the needs of our customers with whom we cooperate in the sector, we offer a wide range of services, including financing, second-hand and after-sales services, in addition to our comfortable, high-quality, safe and state-of-the-art vehicles. We believe that thanks to our collaborations, we understand the needs of our customers much better and help increase the quality of tourism with the tools and services we develop in this direction. We will continue to strengthen our leadership in the premium segment in the tourism and transportation sector with the vehicles we produce to meet the increasing demand for premium vehicles in this sector and the comfort search of customers visiting Turkey.”


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