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CEVA Logistics continues strategic transformation, grows core products by integrating Bollor Logistics

CEVA Logistics continues strategic transformation, grows core products by integrating Bollor Logistics

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24 Haziran 2024 Pazartesi - 15:21


Describing Denko Logistics for My Truck Magazine readers, Denko Logistics General Manager Oğuz Atak Erdoğan listed the services they provide, underlining that their biggest difference is customer satisfaction. Referring to the advantages offered by the company that offers special solutions for logistics needs, Erdoğan also evaluated the sector.


“We Opened Our European Logistics Base in Neu-Ulm, Germany”

“We Have A Young Fleet That Grows Every Day With 70 Self-Owned XL Coded Vehicles.”

Starting his speech by telling about the companies established in Denizli in 2000 to serve the international transportation sector, Erdoğan said that; “The headquarters of DENKO International Logistics is Denizli, and our office in Izmir has been operating since 2008. In addition, we opened our European logistics base in Neu-Ulm, Germany, last year. We offer special solutions for logistics needs in our 3,000 square meter bonded warehouse. We have a young fleet that grows day by day with 70 self-owned XL coded vehicles, and it consists entirely of Euro 6 engine vehicles with an environmentally friendly infrastructure. In addition to complete transportation, we provide partial project and express transportation services to all European countries. Our Ro-Ro, road and express services, programmed according to customer needs, are carried out regularly every day of the week. We make special deliveries from our warehouses to the points of our customers' choice on the days and hours determined by them. We use a digital infrastructure in the planning and monitoring of our services, which continue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”


“Our Sector Experienced Its Golden Age”

“Our Biggest Difference is Customer Satisfaction”

Touching on the main features that distinguish Denko International Logistics from other companies, Erdoğan continued his speech by saying that; “With the pandemic, the importance of logistics has been understood once again in the world and in our country. Turkish logistics companies have successfully passed this difficult test by taking responsibility. Our country has experienced a golden age in our industry. Our entrepreneurs and investors in the sector have made a significant increase in equipment and increased the competition to the next level. With its 30 years of experience since its first day, the feature that distinguishes DENKO International Logistics from other logistics companies is customer satisfaction. We have been working with many of our service providers for many years, and we are sustainable logistics partners. It would be fair to say that we have become a big family now. We keep them informed of the progress by providing a transparent flow of information. We never compromise on on-time delivery. With our structure that produces quick solutions even for instant changes and updates, we bring our business partners together with their customers in Europe at the same point in the most reliable way. The secret of our success today is that we never lose the excitement of the first day. We embrace our work with both hands. We protect our customers' trusts with the same sensitivity, and we do not carry out transportation without insurance.”


“We Provide Fast, Economical, Quality and Safe Service to Our Customers”

Explaining the service areas and sector groups, Erdoğan said that; “Among the countries we work in as a company are Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Greece and Montenegro. We are working with all our strength to further expand this network. Among the products we carry and the sectors in which we are solution partners are Textile, Marble, Glass, Copper, Iron, Food Products and all dry cargo. We provide fast, economical, quality and safe service to our customers.”


“We Provide Customs Clearance Services in Turkey and Europe”

“We Provide a Privileged Service in All Logistics Processes”

Explaining the other services, which they provide apart from transportation services, Erdoğan said that; “Apart from logistics, we provide customs clearance services in Turkey and Europe. We provide our customers with a privileged service in all processes of logistics by synchronizing our customs clearance, storage, cross transportation and tracking processes in line with new technologies. Our business partner, MERBAY Customs Clearance, which has been providing customs clearance solutions since the 1970s in order to add strategic value to the supply chain, fulfills its customers' legal obligations regarding customs clearance completely and completely on their behalf, and concludes import and export transactions in the fastest way with standardized processes and expert consultant staff. As MERBAY Customs Clearance, we have 3 customs consultants and 50 personnel working in our offices in Izmir and Denizli. Our organization carefully offers customs consultancy practices in a structure that makes it easy and understandable for its customers.”


“Visa Problem Continues to Deepen”

“Our Competitiveness is Declining; Market Share is Shrinking”

Referring to the visa problem affecting the sector, the driver shortage and the insufficiency of Dozvola Certificates, Erdoğan explained these by saying that; “The visa problem, which has negatively affected our international transportation industry for a long time, unfortunately continues to deepen. It is imperative and urgent to eliminate its negative impact on road transportation. In addition, one of the most important problems of road transportation on a global scale is our need for drivers. Added to this is the problem we have in obtaining visas for our personnel working on international routes. This situation causes serious damage to the sector. The problem with the Schengen visa reduces the competitiveness of Turkish transportation companies in the international arena and narrows their market share. For this reason, delays may occur in delivery times. One of the most important factors in this regard is the kilometer-long truck queues caused by waiting at border crossing gates. In addition, hundreds of trucks carrying the products they carry to European countries are faced with long waits and high penalties because the Dozvola Certificate required and needed for the vehicles to pass in quota agreements made between countries in bilateral road transportation transactions is not available or is insufficient.”







“The Support and Opportunities Provided by Our State Are Sufficient”

“We Should Explain and Promote Ourselves More”

Stating that the support and opportunities provided by the state to the sector are sufficient, Erdoğan said that; “Especially trade centers and logistics villages are taking steps to further strengthen the commercial bridge we have established with other countries. Our investments are also modernized and made more useful. Mr. Uğur Erdoğan, the chairman of the board of our company, is personally involved in these studies as a Board Member of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) Customs and Tourism Enterprises (GTİ) Trade Inc. The basis of our problems does not come from us, but rather from the other side, that is, other countries. We believe that this will be overcome through bilateral diplomatic negotiations. We must explain and introduce ourselves more, and destroy the prejudices that have existed abroad since the past. Mr. Uğur is also a Board Member of the International Forwarders Association (UND). We are making efforts in this direction within our means under the roof of our association.”

“We are in a One-Sided Struggle”

Stating that they are in constant communication with state authorities and non-governmental organizations related to the sector in order to overcome sectoral problems, Erdoğan said that; “Authorities offer solution suggestions through effective bilateral negotiations to solve the problems. However, unfortunately, the talks and meetings are not at the level of solving our problems at the moment. As a country, we are literally in a one-sided struggle. The Turkish logistics sector has been facing a spiral of problems that it has had difficulty coping with since the day the visa problem became apparent.”


“We Renewed and Updated Our Fleet”

“We Aim for Minimum Emission”

Sharing his work on green logistics with us, Erdoğan said that; “Europe is advancing the process quickly and confidently within the scope of green logistics. In this context, we renewed and updated our fleet and created it with Euro 6 vehicles in European standards. At the same time, we aim for minimum emissions by using Ro-Ro voyages and subsequently railway transportation. We also have other initiatives. We will share with you our company's new project in the field of intermodal transportation as soon as possible.”


“We Support YYS and Our Work in This Direction Continues”

Stating that the stamp and wet signature requirement in the ATR (Travel Document), which was terminated by the European Union due to the Covid-19 epidemic, was recently brought back and this situation negatively affected many logistics companies and customs consultancy firms and put them in trouble, Erdoğan said that; “Especially companies using PSS (Permitted Shipper System) have had difficulty in delivering ATR documents to their vehicles and are looking for a solution to this problem. We support PSS and our work in this direction continues.

The Permitted Shipper System is very common in Europe and it has been seen to increase recently in Turkey. If the system is used correctly, the congestion experienced at internal customs will disappear and logistics companies will continue to operate faster and more economically.”


“Our Country Has Made an Important Progress in Exports”

Evaluating Turkey's position in projects such as the One Belt One Road Project, Global Gateway, and Zangezur Pass, Erdoğan said that; “Even our country's efforts to put its signature under and develop these projects you have listed are admirable. Our country has made a significant progress in exports compared to the past. Now it has to expand its sphere of influence and service. In order to grow further, it must make rapid progress in this regard. After Europe and America, which are our biggest buyers, why shouldn't we be more prominent and stronger in Asia, Africa and the Far East? This should be our new goal and we must work together, both as the state and the sector, to achieve this.”

“Turkish Logistics Sector Gained a Very Important Experience”

Expressing his views on how the extraordinary situations and difficulties experienced on world logistics lines every day will affect Turkey's position, Erdoğan said that; “This is a little difficult to predict. However, the Turkish logistics sector gained very important experience both during the Ukraine-Russia War and during the global pandemic and even after the February 6 earthquake, which was the disaster of the century. It learned how to deal with restrictions. Providing quick solutions and doing its job uninterruptedly under all circumstances. He will evaluate and use this in the future. Despite everything, our greatest wish is that international trade will not stop or be disrupted.”


“Turkey is a Regional Power Accepted by Many Authorities for Being a Logistics Base”

“Our Company Continues on Its Way by Showing 50 Percent Growth in This Difficult Period”

Saying that “The logistics sector in our country is a young sector that has been developing rapidly in recent years but is just growing up.”, Erdoğan continued his words as follows; “Turkey, with its advantageous location as a transfer center between the Middle East, Turkish Republics and Europe, is a regional power accepted by many authorities with its claim or ideal of being a logistics base. Our logistics companies compete not only with domestic companies but also with companies abroad. Periods characterized by the variability or uncertainty of economic conditions, and especially crises, have affected companies in the sector from different angles. Among the predictions for the future of the sector, there is an expectation that logistics service providers will spend the next period with promotional and public relations activities, outsourcing will continue, and important developments such as foreign capital inflows and withdrawals from the sector may occur. Our company continues its path with 50% growth in this difficult period and moves forward with safe steps.”

“We Must Expand The Front By Taking Action With New Investments”

Lastly, stating “The progress of the Turkish logistics sector in recent years and the point it has reached also whets the appetite of foreign investors.”, Erdoğan evaluated the approach of foreign funds to Turkey; “In return, our government should continue to looking after us, and we should take action with new investments and expand the front. We need to reach more companies in a larger area. We always have to be one step ahead of our competitors with the latest technology equipment, vehicles, modern digital infrastructure and service approach. We must further expand our logistics network with new areas and new investments, and at least in the future, we must be able to meet the expectations and needs of our geography first-hand. We must also transform our potential customer portfolio into commercial collaborations.”



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