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We Will Be Active In All Ports In Turkey And Have A Share In The European Line

We Will Be Active In All Ports In Turkey And Have A Share In The European Line

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2 Ocak 2024 Salı - 11:33

Man Truck and Bus Inc. Made Their Name Written In Gold Letters For The Year 2023!

MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc. has demonstrated its claim in the market by bringing the 'Market of the Year' award, which is given to the country with the best performance worldwide every year within MAN Truck & Bus, to Turkey for the 3rd time in a row.

Man Truck and Bus Inc. Made Their Name Written In Gold Letters For The Year 2023!


MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc. Truck Sales Director Serkan Sara made the following statement in his speech at the meeting: “The truck market of 2022 was the second highest market in the last 10 years. In 2023, factors such as the earthquake disaster, the uncertainty caused by the May elections, monetary tightening and credit limitation policies aimed at reducing high inflation were the factors that strained the truck market. However, despite all this, 2023 has almost caught up with 2022 even with its first 10 months of data. Truck sales in the first 10 months of 2023 grew by 25 percent compared to the same period last year.” Stating that they foresee that the process will become more stable and the supply and demand balance will be found by the end of the year; Sara said that; “In this context, as MAN, we aim to close the year 2023 by increasing our sales numbers with our stable production and sales planning.”

“We Expanded Our Sales and Service Network”

Stating that, as MAN, they have taken important steps to increase customer satisfaction by adding new points to their sales and service networks in 2022 and 2023, Sara made the following statement; “We added new sales and service points in Kocaeli, Kayseri and Antalya. For our valued customers, whom we see as our business partners, we once again made them feel that we are with them not only at the time of sale, but throughout the entire process, with the rich content and cost-effective Care Package campaign we have prepared during this period.”

“We Supported the Earthquake Victims During the Great Earthquake Disaster”

Stating that MAN has tried to support all those in need in the region since the first day after the major earthquake disasters in the second month of 2023, Sara said that they provided food, clothing and financial aid to the region. In addition, he stated that they donated 5 specially equipped fire trucks for fire extinguishing and search and rescue works to the municipalities of Kahramanmaraş, Adıyaman, Gaziantep, Hatay and Malatya, which are among the provinces most damaged by the earthquake; and that they donated 1 million Euros to be used for the purchase of tents, generators and other necessary equipment, including 5 specially equipped vehicles delivered as MAN Truck & Bus SE. Additionally, Sara indicated that; “As MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc., we provide 24/7 free and on-site maintenance and repair support for MAN brand trucks, tow trucks and buses, which take part in search and rescue efforts in the wrecks in the region, carry people to the region or take part in the evacuation of disaster victims, to continue their services uninterruptedly.”

“We Met with Super Structure - Manufacturers and Customers from All Over the World at the MAN Trucknology Festival”

Stating that the MAN Trucknology Festival, which was held at the MAN Truck Forum in Munich for 3 days between 6-8 July, MAN and super – structure manufacturers from all sectors exhibited their expertise with more than 200 vehicles, Sara said that more than 7,000 visitors from all over the world participated. He also stated that they participated in the MAN Trucknology Festival with authorized dealer sales teams and had the opportunity to experience this enthusiasm with their customers and business partners by receiving on-site information about vehicles and superstructures from experts.

“We Received the 'Market Of The Year' Award For The 3rd Time In A Row”

Stating that; “As MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc., we received the 'Market of the Year' award, which is given every year to the country that performs best worldwide, for the 3rd time in a row, and we tripled our champion jacket", Sara continued his speech by saying that; “We believe that in 2023, we will once again demonstrate our best performance, leaving all the difficulties behind for all our valued business partners and esteemed customers, and break another record and bring the 'Market of the Year' award to Turkey for the 4th time in a row.”

“MAN eTruck Experience Days: A Complete Success”

Emphasizing that the sales launch of MAN eTruck, which was developed with an R&D investment of 100 Million Euros and whose mass production will start in 2024, is a valuable opportunity and experience for them; Sara stated that the vehicle has a range of 600-800 km on a single charge and the ability to charge quickly.

“We Are Closing the Year 2023 with a New Award”

Stating that “As MAN, we won the 'Truck Innovation Award 2024' with our autonomous driving projects.”, Sara also announced that MAN Truck & Bus won the 'Truck Innovation Award 2024' with its research and development projects ANITA and ATLAS-L4 in the field of autonomous driving.

MAN's award-winning ANITA Project aims to provide an efficiency advantage of up to 40 percent with autonomous trucks when transferring loads from road to railway, and the ATLAS-L4 Project aims to reduce fatigue-related accidents and optimize transportation processes by driving driverless vehicles between logistics centers.

“2024 Looks Like It Will Be a Difficult Year”

Finally, Sara said that 2024 is a year in which an important election process will take place and concluded his words as follows: “Therefore, the effects of this uncertain process will be felt, especially in the first quarter. While 2023 will be a year in which the market grows compared to last year, we predict that growth will slow down in 2024 compared to this year. In addition, we expect the movement in the construction truck segment, which started in the last quarter of 2023, to continue increasingly in 2024.”


MAN, which reached a record market share in travel buses in 2023, has also achieved significant success in municipal and city bus sales.

MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc. Bus Sales Director Can Cansu stated that; “Lion's Coach continued to be the primary choice of distinguished companies in 2023 and broke its own record with the sale of more than 220 coaches, reaching a share of over 22 percent in the travel bus market. In addition, we had a market share of approximately 8 percent in the Municipal Bus market. Our electric city bus, MAN Lion's City E, accompanies the prestigious award collection that MAN buses have achieved with their superior qualities. With its zero emissions and impressive range, environmentally friendly engine, advanced technology and impressive effective design, MAN Lion's City E collected awards for this year and 2024, as in previous years. We aim to cooperate with leading metropolitan municipalities in Turkey in the future for Lion's City E, which quickly ranked second in the European market with a 13 percent share.”

“We Aim to Continue Our Success in 2024”

Indicating that “We aim to continue our success in the market so far in the coming year.” Cansu shared his predictions by saying; “Our expectation is this: In 2024, travel bus companies will continue their investments cautiously and with much more detailed calculations. We think that in 2024, as this year, not only price and quality but also the availability of buses in stock will continue to be important. Despite different production bottlenecks in the automotive industry, MAN completed the years 2022 and 2023 with the least production problems in the bus group with good planning in this global crisis. We aim to continue this success in 2024."


MAN Customer Services, which has taken it upon itself to serve its customers at the highest standards, expanded and strengthened its service network with the newly opened service points in 2023.

Stating that they have opened 3 additional service points in the last year, namely the Anatolian side of Istanbul, Kayseri and Antalya, MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc. Customer Services Director Aydın Yumrukçal said that; “While we are making additional service investments, we are also making our facilities at existing locations more modern. Thanks to the innovations we have made and the steps we have taken, today we offer better and more widespread service to the Turkish market.”

“We Are Expanding Our Service Network with More Modern Facilities and Additional Points”

Stating that they offered additional service points to their customers in the Anatolian Side of Istanbul at the end of 2022 and in Antalya and Kayseri at the beginning of 2023, Yumrukçal said that; “We will move our existing facilities to new locations in Çorlu, Erzurum and İzmir in 2023. In this context, our service construction continues on a closed area of ??7,500 m2 in Çorlu, 4,000 m2 in Erzurum and 2,500 m2 in Izmir. As of mid-year, our service activities in both regions will continue in new and more modern facilities.”

“We Offer the Highest Level of Service Quality with Digital Transformation Steps”

Stating that they are carrying out important works within the scope of digital transformation, Yumrukçal explained them as follows; “We provide service consultants, technicians and foremen in MAN branches with instant access to technical information about vehicles via iPad. Thanks to this innovative digitalization project, service teams can perform vehicle maintenance and repairs more efficiently. One of the most striking features of this project, which is carried out on a global scale, is that we have the opportunity to contact technical experts at MAN Germany live when a detailed research on vehicle repairs is required. In this way, the most complex problems are solved under the supervision of experts, resulting in a significant increase in repair speed. In addition, with a special device installed in the vehicle, all information is instantly transferred to the software system used by the employees. In this way, the workflow at service points becomes more orderly. This innovation not only increases efficiency, but also provides the opportunity to provide faster service to our customers.”

“We Protect Our Customers Against Variable Costs with Our Maintenance Packages”

Emphasizing that they are always there for their customers with care packages, Yumrukçal said that; “We generally offer our care packages in three different options: Comfort, ComfortPlus and ComfortSuper. In addition, we offer special service packages or on-site service options in different combinations to our customers, depending on their usage conditions and vehicle - park. We use these services extensively not only for new vehicles but also for second-hand vehicles sold through MAN TopUsed. In this context, we support our customers with different maintenance package options up to 1,100,000 km, regardless of age, for tow trucks and 2,000,000 km, regardless of age, for intercity buses, and we are always by their side.”

“We Increased Our Spare Parts Turnover by 38 Percent in Euro Basis in 2023”

Stating that they aim to expand the use of original spare parts in 2023 with the campaigns they organize for end customers on the one hand and their services on the other hand, Yumrukçal said the following; “With the campaigns we organized, we managed to increase our spare parts turnover by 38% in € in 2023 compared to the previous year. Original spare parts installed in our authorized services have a 2-year warranty. In this way, we ensure that our customers drive safely with high quality and more durable products. With the support we receive from the center, we will continue our advantageous campaigns for our customers in 2024.”


In 2023, MAN TopUsed became the address of second-hand corporate trust, transparency and customer satisfaction with its advantageous campaigns, customer-oriented solutions and service quality.

Stating that they achieved both their goals and high customer satisfaction in 2023; MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc. Light Commercial Vehicles (HTA) and Second Hand Sales Director Cumhur Kutlubay said that; “As MAN TopUsed, we have successfully left behind a challenging year thanks to the advantageous campaigns we offered to our customers throughout the year. We have successfully completed a challenging year, especially with the personalized extended warranty and maintenance packages that we pioneer in the sector, as well as financing and technical modification solutions. In addition, we have achieved significant sales success in the intercity bus market with our customized financing support and after-sales services that we have implemented in line with the needs of our customers.”

 “We Increased Our Sales in the Intercity Bus Market”

Stating that 2023 will be a year of significant success in the second-hand intercity bus market, Kutlubay said that; “The contraction in the tourism and transportation sector experienced during the pandemic period showed a strong increase in 2023 with the demand from the past. As MAN TopUsed, we have achieved significant sales success in the intercity bus market with our customized financing support in line with customer needs, attractive campaigns, and after-sales services such as extended warranty and maintenance packages.”

“We Continue to Provide Service at 7 Points in Total”

Stating that “Today, as TopUsed, we continue to provide service at a total of 7 points with our Ankara headquarters, Ostim Branch, Izmir, Konya and Mersin branches, as well as the Asian and European Sides of Istanbul”; Kutlubay continued his speech as follows; “In addition, thanks to our connections with the German headquarters, we constantly keep global markets in our focus. In addition, in our new vehicle exchange purchases, we also offer our customers the opportunity to switch between segments in trucks / tractors, buses and light commercial vehicles, regardless of brand.”


MAN achieved significant success with its light commercial vehicle TGE in 2023. In the market, which showed a growth of nearly 60 percent in the first 3 quarters of the year, MAN TGE offered rapid solutions to the needs of its customers by adding new models to its portfolio that it could not offer to the market due to supply during the pandemic.

Stating that they had a good year in 2023 in general, MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc. Light Commercial Vehicles (HTA) and Second Hand Sales Director Cumhur Kutlubay said that; “During the year, we further strengthened our product portfolio with new products. We have made significant sales to our customers in active markets such as Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara and Antalya, especially in terms of fleet purchases. With these sales, we also proved that MAN TGE is an attractive and profitable investment vehicle for both individual use and fleets. In addition, the process of adding new partners to our sales and service network, which started last year, continued without losing momentum in 2023. We further expanded and strengthened our sales and service infrastructure with new dealers and services.”

“HTA Market Achieved a 60 Percent Increase in the First 3 Quarters”

Kutlubay stated that they have left behind a year that is very difficult to predict and plan when looking at 2023 on the basis of the Turkish light commercial vehicle sector and said as follows; “2023 started as a year with positive winds blowing. With the addition of low-interest loans and inflationary pressures to the vehicle demands, which have been postponed due to limited vehicle supply since 2022, the market has achieved a significant increase momentum. Accordingly, in the first 3 quarters of the year, the light commercial vehicle market showed a great development compared to the previous period and achieved an increase of approximately 60 percent.”

“Rising Interest Rates and Limited Credit Opportunity Led to the Decline”

Indicating that the positive atmosphere in the second-hand market in the first 9 months of the year gave way to a stable course or even a decline in the last quarter of the year; Kutlubay continued his words as follows; “The economic management's regular increase in interest rates throughout the year in order to control inflation, as well as the serious restriction of credit opportunities, brought about a decrease in demand that started at the end of the 3rd quarter and made itself felt clearly in the last quarter. The second-hand market completed the year with a decline due to these developments in the economy.”

“We Added Important Vehicle Types to Our Product Portfolio in 2023”

Stating that they added important vehicle types to their product portfolio in 2023, Kutlubay said that; “This year, we have started to offer the 4X4 traction system, which we offer in the panel van product group, to our product portfolio, also in chassis pickup trucks. In addition, front-wheel drive 177 hp minibus type vehicles with 9+1 to 15+1 seats have been added to our portfolio. We also offered to our customers our extra - long chassis, rear-wheel drive, super single wheel, 163hp, new type Euro6e engine type minibuses with 16+1 and 19+1 seats, the production of which was postponed during the pandemic period and we experienced disruptions due to supply.”

“TGE Became the Reason for Preference for Fleets”

Stating that 2023 will be very positive for TGE vehicles, Kutlubay said as follows; “In previous years, due to the limited number of vehicles we had and the relatively limited awareness of being a new player in the market, TGE was preferred in limited quantities in fleet purchases, although it was very popular. This year, we have taken MAN TGE to a new level with the volume sales we made to our customers in important markets such as Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara and Antalya, which are very important markets, especially when considered in terms of light commercial vehicles, as well as critical transit points for vehicle traffic. Especially with significant fleet sales, we have proven that MAN TGE is an attractive and profitable investment vehicle for both individual use and fleets. From now on, our biggest goal will be to introduce new customers to our products and to ensure that they experience the high quality service and sales service that our current customers receive.

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