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Schmitz Cargobull presents its latest product and service highlights for the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024

Schmitz Cargobull presents its latest product and service highlights for the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024

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20 Ekim 2023 Cuma - 14:04

Logistics Is Getting Bigger, World Is Getting Smaller!

Ergun Bilen, Chairman of ABC Logistics, which was established in Kayseri in 1992 and always aims to provide the best service to its customers with 450 tractors, 600 trailers and YYS certificate, answered the questions of My Truck Magazine.

Logistics Is Getting Bigger, World Is Getting Smaller!

“We Have 450 Tractors and 600 Trailers”

“We Serve Our Customers with YYS Certificate”

Bilen, who started his speech by telling about their company established in Kayseri in 1992, said: “We started our service with EURO 1 vehicles, and today we provide service with our environmentally friendly EURO 6 vehicles. As ABC Logistics, we have 450 tractors and 600 trailers. Our company serves our customers with 140 white-collar and 400 blue-collar employees. We offer a more widespread service to our customers with our branches in Germany, Istanbul and Mersin. "Furthermore; in order to provide faster and safer service to our customers, we provide services with the Authorized Economic Operator Status (AEO) certificate to follow customs procedures, manage customs procedures and organize transportation transactions so that vehicles can pass directly without waiting at customs."

“We Have Adopted Sea Transportation Service Since 2009”

“We Offer More Competitive Freight and Faster Delivery”

“As ABC Logistics, we have adopted a faster, safer and less economically costly form of transportation by adopting maritime transportation service since 2009.” Bilen continued his speech as follows: “We prevent refugee and smuggling incidents that may occur by using the sea route. By providing intermodal transportation, we provide service to our customers by transporting their cargo in the fastest, most reliable and more economical and lower cost manner. Our most important features are the wide range of our vehicle fleet and our AEO certificate to serve our customers with fast passage at the doors. In the logistics sector, which continues to develop day by day, we distinguish ourselves with the security measures and fast transportation models we apply for the loads we carry, with more competitive freight and faster delivery compared to other companies operating in the sector."


“Reducing the Harm We Cause to the Environment is Among Our Important Goals”

“We Will Always Continue to Offer the Most Reliable and Efficient Logistics Solutions”

Bilen said that; “As ABC Logistics, we have been providing intermodal transportation services in minivans and large areas for many years. We use Ro-Ro and Ro-La transportation. By using these transportation routes, we aim to extend the distance traveled by our vehicles and reduce exhaust emissions to a minimum level with environmentally friendly approaches. As ABC Logistics, we are committed not only to optimizing transportation processes, but also to minimizing growth impacts. Therefore, happiness arises from seeing the positive effects of living with an intermodal approach. Reducing environmental damage is among our important goals. However, in Europe, ship and train services are disrupted due to events such as holiday periods, weather conditions, special days and first important events. We continue our operations 24/7 to avoid such situations. We eliminate any problems that may arise regarding delivery with our fast solution networks. As ABC Logistics, we always continue to provide reliable and efficient logistics solutions with our customer satisfaction-oriented working system and experience in the sector. We aim to provide more accessible, more effective and advanced services by closely following the developments in the sector in the future.”

“We Started Green Logistics Certificate Implementation Activities”

“We Will Have Completed Green Logistics Activities in Early 2024”

Stating that they have renewed our entire fleet with EURO 6 vehicles within the scope of green logistics, Bilen said that; “In addition to regular Ro-Ro transportation in the sector, we have also significantly reduced emissions by using Ro-La (train lines). By using these lines, we prevent traffic accidents and loss of life and property. Electric tow trucks and trucks are a new technology, and when they meet suitable conditions for the sector, we will add these tow trucks to our fleet. Since the formation of the earth, the world has been serving humanity and all living things on earth. The main duty of humankind is to protect the world that has served it for centuries and to take the necessary precautions to ensure its sustainability and to continue the life cycle of future generations. We started green logistics certificate application activities because of our respect for the environment and our desire to leave a cleaner tomorrow to future generations. Although the vehicles we use are environmentally friendly (EURO 6), our fuels are alternative fuels like this, in addition, we do combined transportation, we have applied for zero waste regulation, we deliver our waste oils to recycling companies for recycling, we send saplings to the General Directorate of Forestry in exchange for the CO2 we release into nature. We make donations. At the same time, our work continues to establish an environmental management system. "We will have completed green logistics activities and applied for the certificate in early 2024."

“We Achieved a 25 Percent Growth Compared to Last Year”

“We Will Strengthen Our Fleet with Electric Vehicles When Suitable Conditions Occur”

Stating that “We achieved a 25 percent growth compared to last year”; Bilen continued as follows: “The biggest problems for our sector are exchange rate fluctuations, inflation and contractions in other countries' economies, which pose risks. Despite all this, the logistics industry will continue to rise in the future due to the globalization of the world. "When suitable conditions are established for the logistics industry in our country, we will strengthen our fleet with electric vehicles and continue to provide services."

“We Conduct Our Business by Adopting the Concept of 4.0 Logistics”

“We Offer 24/7 Ease of Transportation”

Providing information about other services offered other than transportation, Bilen said that; “As a company, we carry out our business by adopting 4.0 logistics services. Thanks to 4.0 logistics, efficiency in operations is increased and services are provided in a more cost-effective and time-saving manner. Investment in R&D continues. Apart from transportation, we provide storage and customs clearance services in Kayseri and Europe. The ability to provide instant and up-to-date information can be examined with GPS images taken thanks to the tracking devices we install in our areas, tractors and trailers. By providing fast and reliable transportation services, it supplies vehicles and materials suitable for today's load demands and can respond to customer demands as quickly as possible. 24/7 transportation is also available.”

“Logistics Villages, Ports, Railways and Similar Working Places Are Not Enough”

“Our Country is Continuously Developing in Terms of Economy and Commercial Activities”

Evaluating the state's investments in his speech, Bilen said that; “We see that our state has made the necessary investments, but logistics villages, ports, railways and similar workplaces are not sufficient for the rapidly developing logistics sector. There is no train infrastructure for companies engaged in trailer transportation in our country. Since the services and physical space provided at the ports are not sufficient, delays and other problems occur within the port. Our country is constantly developing in terms of economy and commercial activities. Therefore, building more and larger port areas, more logistics villages and more railways will be beneficial for the country's economy.”

“Logistics Sector is Growing Every Day”

“Improvements in the Logistics Sector Will Contribute to the National Economy”

Referring to the responsibilities of the state in this regard, Bilen continued by saying that; “The logistics sector is growing day by day in the world and in Turkey in line with constantly developing technology and needs. Especially, our state should increase the convenience of customs and visa procedures, establish railway transportation relations between ports and logistics centers, improve relations with eastern and western countries in foreign policy, employ a sufficient number of personnel in customs, create logistics centers, establish railway connections in OIZs, etc. The actions to be taken to solve the problems will contribute more to the country's economy.”


“We Expect State Supports to Increase in the Transportation Sector”

“Our Preparations Continue for Pre-Approval Application for the Overseas Logistics Distribution Networks Support Program”

Pointing out that the share of the transportation sector in service exports will increase by 47.2 percent to 35 billion 348 million dollars in 2022, Bilen continued his speech by saying that; “The transportation sector has the highest share in service exports with 74.3 percent. The development of the e-commerce industry has also contributed to the development of the logistics sector. Therefore, we expect government supports to increase in the transportation sector. We think that incentives should be widespread, should be accessible to SMEs, and sector incentives should be expanded in areas such as employment creation, employment support and in-company training supports. Our preparations continue for the pre-approval application for the 'Overseas Logistics Distribution Networks Support Program' provided by the Ministry of Commerce for the Service Sector with the Decision No. 5449 regarding the incentives that can be received.”

“Visa Problem is One of the Problems That the Logistics Sector Experiences the Most Difficulty”

“Preparing Documents According to Needs in Transition Documents Will Accelerate the Transition Process”

Expressing his views on visas, especially in European transportation, and quotas and transit documents, which generally create problems, Bilen said that; “One of the problems that the logistics industry experiences the most is the visa problem. For example, when our drivers gain a 180-day visa, they are only granted a 90-day residence permit. Since our drivers have to stay there for longer periods due to the transportation methods we use, we constantly face visa problems as a result of exceeding their residence periods. This returns to us as a serious cost increase and operational disruption. We think that our Ministry of Foreign Affairs should meet with the Schengen countries and support them in increasing the number of residence days or removing them completely, especially for driver visas. In the constantly developing and technologically growing logistics sector, it is our greatest wish that visas will no longer be a problem in the future. In addition, removing the number limit on transition documents and preparing documents according to needs will accelerate the transition process.”

“A Faster and More Economical Way”

“We Cannot Get Sufficient Efficiency Due to Political Reasons”

Referring to the Middle Corridor and Turkey's position there, Bilen said that; "It is of strategic importance for the revival of the historical Silk Road and starts from Turkey, reaches the Caucasus, then crosses the Caspian Sea and reaches Central Asia and China, following Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. The importance of the Middle Corridor is increasing day by day. As a trade route between Europe and Asia, it is faster and more economical than the Northern Corridor, 2,000 kilometers shorter, more favorable in terms of climatic conditions, and shortens the transportation time by 1/3 (15 days) compared to the sea route. We know that our state is aware that the importance of the Central Corridor for Europe-Asia transportation is increasing day by day and that it is carrying out very important work between the route countries to make the corridor more effective. Infrastructure investments and logistics arrangements are planned with the awareness that we are in a key position for the intercontinental route. Although our state offers all kinds of support in this regard, we see that we cannot achieve sufficient efficiency due to political reasons determined by the outside world.”


“IMEC is both Economically Very Burdensome and a Serious Waste of Time”

“We Think this Decision was Taken Only for Political Reasons”

Expressing his views on Turkey's bypassing the India-Middle East-Europe Corridor, abbreviated as IMEC (India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor), which was brought up as a corridor connecting the east and west at the G20 summit held in India, Bilen said that; “This corridor, created to connect India to Europe, is both economically very burdensome and a serious waste of time. As a lower-cost and more efficient logistics route, the most appropriate, feasible and valid project in the region in question is the common corridor passing through Turkey. However, since it originates from China, the countries that support the Indian project are not interested. This project was actually developed by the European Union as an alternative to China's Belt and Road Project. But there is another detail that attracts attention on this route: Turkey is ignored on the route. Just like the Israel-Egypt-Greek Cypriot Administration-Greece gas pipeline project. Even though all these details about the middle corridor are known, we think that this decision was taken only for political reasons. We know that our state has initiated the necessary processes, especially with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Transport, and has initiated the necessary initiatives with all its efforts to ensure that this project passes through Turkey.”

“Vehicles with Foreign License Plates Pay Reasonable Fees Within Our Country Borders”

“Fees to be Charged for Vehicles with Foreign License Plates May Be Increased”

Expressing his comments about the transportation carried out by vehicles with foreign license plates in Turkey and the privileges and conveniences provided to these vehicles, Bilen said: “Foreign country vehicles pay appropriate highway, fuel and customs clearance fees within our country's borders. We think that we should be able to receive service under the same conditions abroad, or that the fees paid by vehicles with foreign license plates at our country's borders should be increased. In this way, our competitiveness will increase and it will be easier to choose our own vehicles for loading.”

“Technical and Infrastructure Problems Must Be Solved”

“Foreign Investors Will Invest More”

Bilen, who also shared his predictions about the approach of foreign capital to Turkey in terms of logistics services, considering the needs, technical and infrastructure problems in Turkey, used the following statements in concluding his words: “For the technical and infrastructure problems and prominent problems in Turkey, investments that will primarily support the logistics infrastructure should be made. Making infrastructure investments that will connect the railway network to logistics centers and OIZ areas will ensure the development of the logistics sector. When these conditions are met, we predict that foreign investors will invest more and transfer capital to the logistics field in Turkey.”



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