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Regenerative Braking Axle In Production Since Late 2022

Regenerative Braking Axle In Production Since Late 2022

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20 Ekim 2023 Cuma - 14:01

A Groundbreaking Brand In The Paint Industry With The Combination Of Experience and Power!

Nippon Paint- Filli Boya Industrial Group Director Bekir Okan Şınar answered the questions of My Truck Magazine. Introducing the brand and talking about its investments and work, Şınar also touched upon its sector-specific products, features and privileges they offer.

A Groundbreaking Brand In The Paint Industry With The Combination Of Experience and Power!

Stating that the common point of their vision and mission is the understanding of being a solution partner of their customers, Şınar said that; “We continue to walk together with our customers not only in the sales phase but also in the after-sales processes.”

“We are a Pioneering and Innovative Brand that Produces Quality Products”

“We Progress by Combining Nippon Paint's Global Experience with Betek Paint's Local Power”

Stating that Betek Paint and Chemistry Industry Inc., which was established in 1988, developed high-quality products in the fields of concrete additives, ready-made mortars and waterproofing materials needed by the construction materials market in the first years of its entry into the sector, Şınar started his speech by explaining the journey of the brand: " By using The most up-to-date production technologies, directing consumer demands, and groundbreaking products in the paint industry; it has gained the identity of "a leading and innovative brand that produces quality production" and is well-known with the Filli Boya brand. Nippon Paint, based in Japan and one of the important players in the industry, acquired Betek Paint and Chemistry Industry Inc. in 2019. This move has been one of the important steps in the history of Betek regarding the future plans of the brand and the development of the market. Since 2019, we have been developing by combining Nippon Paint's global experience with Betek Paint's local power in research and innovation. We ranked 121st in the ISO 500 list as of 2022. In this direction, we, as Nippon Paint- Filli Boya Industrial Paints, continue to add value to the sector.”

“In the First Half of the Year, We Focused on Closing the Wounds of the Earthquake Disaster in Our Country”

“We Are Taking Confident Steps to Grow by Entering New Sectors”

In the continuation of his speech, when we asked him how the last year of Filli Boya passed, Şınar said that; “As Filli Boya, especially in the first half of the year, we focused on healing the wounds of the earthquake disaster that occurred in our country in February. We tried to provide all the financial and moral support we could to people living in the earthquake area and affected by this situation. Since it took a long time for everyone who felt the effects of the earthquake to recover, we acted with an approach to manage the process in a commercial sense by continuing to produce, like every company in the country, for the redevelopment of the regions. In the following period, as Nippon Paint- Filli Boya Industrial Paints, we made the necessary preparations to continue our growth in all sectors and segments. Although earthquake zones affected us, we closed the 3rd Quarter by achieving a significant growth in sales volume compared to last year, thanks to our work in other regions. Another issue we focused on during this period was our product certification processes. We attach importance to certification processes received from accredited organizations as a guarantee of the quality of the service we offer to our customers and the reliability, transparency and sustainability of the products we design. As a result of the processes we carry out specifically for our customers in product certifications, we contributed to the increase in our sales volume by expanding our B2B customer portfolio. We are working with all our strength together with our expert R&D team and our growing technical support and sales teams to take firm steps towards our growth by entering new sectors.”

“We Lead the 4.0 Transformation in Every Area of ??the Industry with Our New Versions”

“We Provide Service with a Holistic Approach as a Business Partner in All Processes in the Heavy Industry Sector”

Providing information about industrial group products, Şınar said that; "Industrial Group serves in three main sectors. Furniture Paints, Industrial Adhesives and Industrial Paints. In the Furniture Paints group, healthy solution suggestions are offered with products developed in compliance with European Standards and internationally valid certificates such as EN 71-3, DIN EN 68861-1, DIN EN 12722. Thanks to the know-how agreement made with the German giant Hesse-Lignal in 2019, it continues to develop in the field of technology and expand its product range. In the Industrial Adhesives group, it continues to provide services in many areas such as paper, wood and construction, especially textiles, by maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction with quality and technological products. As Industrial Paints, we classify our services according to the sector they address. In this classification, we operate in the fields of General Industry (Industrial Coatings), Heavy Industry (Protective Coatings) and Floor Coatings. We entered the metal coating market in 2007 and started to serve the general industrial sector. Having become even stronger with the new facility investment made in 2016, we continue to lead the 4.0 transformation with our new versions in every field of the industry, from over- and under-vehicle equipment to machine equipment, from automotive sub-industry to agricultural and construction machinery, from heavy industry to floor covering. With environmentally friendly, high-quality protective coating systems that require expertise in the heavy industry sector, our R&D center offers special solutions to our customers for comprehensive industrial needs, and we serve with a holistic approach as a business partner in all processes such as product design, testing and technical support. In Floor Coverings, we offer solutions that protect concrete floor surfaces from damage such as chemical and oil spills, mechanical deterioration such as wear and tear in areas subject to heavy and medium live loads, and impacts resulting from typical industrial activities. We ensure long-lasting use of surfaces and reduce maintenance costs with our hygienic, dust-free and aesthetic products."

“We Serve Our Products for On-Vehicle Equipment and Our Specially Designed Products for Our Customers in the Trailer Sector.”

“Our Flexible System Product Group That Makes a Difference in the Trailer Industry is Reverse Impact Resistant”

Sharing his products for the heavy vehicles, superstructure and trailer groups, Şınar said that; “We serve our customers with our products for on-vehicle equipment in the heavy vehicles group, and with our specially designed products for our customers in the trailer sector. By producing systems that will provide color and gloss durability in vehicles for a long time and have high mechanical strength and corrosion resistance in harsh conditions, we reduce repair costs for vehicle manufacturers with both our primer and topcoat product groups and offer a reliable and efficient solution thanks to the longer warranty period. Our flexible system product group, which we think will make a difference especially in the trailer industry and designed for this purpose, is reverse impact resistant. There is a high-performance system recommendation that increases the performance of vehicles that may be exposed to impact effects in areas where the probability of collision is high, and when applied with an acrylic-based and suitable primer with high UV resistance and permanent gloss. We provide long-term protection by taking precautions against cracking and reverse impact with our primer and topcoat application specially designed for the flexible system.”

 “Brightness, Performance and Efficiency Come to the Fore”

“We Provide Service with a Wide Range of Products That Can Be Applied with Different Equipment”

Stating that “The trailer industry is an area where strength and wear resistance are required at very high levels”, Şınar continued as follows: “For this reason, as Nippon Paint- Filli Boya Industrial Paints, we design products that meet the priority needs of the sector. Some of the prominent demands of the sector are brightness, performance and efficiency.”

Explaining his own products in line with these demands, Şınar said that; “In our products designed for the trailer industry, we have reverse impact resistant systems that provide long-term color and brightness resistance, high aesthetic appearance and image clarity, lower repair costs, and wet-on-wet applications that accelerate production processes. We provide service with a wide range of products that can be applied to different surfaces with different equipment.”

Our Products Are Produced In Accordance With ADR And ATR Regulations”

We Become a Solution Partner by Meeting the Needs of the Industry and Make Moves That Direct the Industry”

Saying that; “As our primary goal as a brand is to stand behind the service we provide to our customers, we provide a service in line with quality standards with an innovative approach towards the future of the sector in every unit from R&D to sales, marketing and technical support.” Şınar continued his words as follows: “Our products are produced in accordance with ADR and ATR regulations. There are explanations regarding the regulations in the Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), and our products are revised in accordance with the standards according to the updates made. As Nippon Paint- Filli Boya Industrial Paints, we would like to state that we follow the updates in this context and that these are an issue we care about. One of the standards we attach most importance to in the projections we create for the present and the future is to design products that comply with these regulations, to be a solution partner by meeting the needs of the sector and to make moves that guide the sector.”

We Have a System That Develops Day by Day”

We Will Increase Our Production Capacity”

Stating that they are focused on currently ongoing product development and projects for the second half of 2023, Şınar said that; “We have managed to establish a system that develops day by day with our R&D and technical support team, which works meticulously and has many years of experience in the sector. In this regard, we continue to add value to the sector with an innovative approach that understands and meets customer needs. As for new products, our work on FILEPOX PR-7100 epoxy primer and FILACRYL TC-4125 in the acrylic topcoat group with its renewed formula has been completed and is ready to meet our customers. We will continue to be a solution partner with a system proposal that makes a difference, especially with FILEPOX PR-5100 primer and FILACRYL TC- 2155 acrylic topcoat, designed as a part of the flexible system we recommend to the heavy vehicle industry. For the next period, we will continue to serve and be your solution partner by growing with our development-oriented team in line with investments to increase our production capacity in order to meet the increasing demands.”

Coming Together Creates the First Steps to the Strong Ties We Will Establish in the Future”

The Reactions We Receive Support Us That We Are Doing the Right Thing”

Speaking about the recent visit of TREDER members to their factories, Şınar said that; “We hosted a very enjoyable and productive organization with the participation of valuable TREDER members. It was very valuable for us to hear the needs of the sector personally from the important stakeholders of this sector and to determine the common goals of Nippon Paint-Filli Boya Industrial Paints with their visions. In this context, we think that coming together to promote our services, strengthen our communication with our potential customers and share information is one of the first steps towards the strong ties we will establish in the future. The reactions we received regarding our event also supported us that we were doing the right thing. Although our cooperation processes have started with some of our participants, the feedback we received was extremely positive and constructive. Therefore, it is possible to say that we are starting to see the good results of the event we organized and that it has created a positive impact that will contribute to our development. In this regard, as Nippon Paint- Filli Boya Industrial Paints, we believe that it is a useful organization for our goal of being a reliable solution partner in the heavy vehicle and trailer industry.”

“The Bond We Establish is Maintained with Trust, Quality and Professionalism”

“We Become Our Customers' Solution Partner”

Concluding his words, Şınar said that; "We believe that the organic bond established with our business partners can be maintained with trust, quality and professionalism in order to have a permanent place in the sector. The common point of our vision and mission is our understanding of being a solution partner for our customers. In this direction, we continue to walk together with our customers, from R&D to sales, marketing and technical support, not only in the sales phase but also in the after-sales processes, with our experienced team. We would like to thank you for being instrumental in making the Nippon Paint- Filli Boya Industrial Paints vision visible and for including us in this issue. You can follow us on our Nippon Paint Industrial Group LinkedIn page to follow our events, new products and industry-related posts. We would like to state that we would be happy to have you among us, as the opinions and suggestions of our stakeholders and customers in the sector are very valuable to us.”




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