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Schmitz Cargobull presents its latest product and service highlights for the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024

Schmitz Cargobull presents its latest product and service highlights for the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024

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20 Ekim 2023 Cuma - 13:48

Continental Truck To Visit 35 Countries Is In Türkiye!

Premium tire manufacturer and technology company Continental's next stop in the European Roadshow, by which it will visit 35 countries, is Turkey. Continental exhibits its innovative solutions and products for the truck, bus and minibus industry at the European Roadshow truck. Continental Roadshow is introducing its truck to its customers and stakeholders in Turkey until October 27.

Continental Truck To Visit 35 Countries Is In Türkiye!

Continental Europe Roadshow truck is on the road for those who want to build their commercial vehicle fleet in a sustainable way, reduce costs and do business more efficiently. The next stop of the European Roadshow truck, which will travel to 35 countries, is Turkey. Continental's 5th Generation tires are on display for a more comfortable and reliable driving experience even on the most challenging routes and in winter conditions, in the European Roadshow truck that will tour Turkey until October 27. In addition to digital solutions with Conti360° for managers in the fleet, truck and bus sectors, solutions that offer greater efficiency such as ContiConnect 2.0 and ContiLifeCycle, the ContiPressureCheck™ system, which is used to achieve the lowest total driving cost for the transportation industry, is also included in the Roadshow truck.

Stating that Continental helps transportation companies and fleet operators prepare their vehicles for the future in order to make their fleets more sustainable, more efficient and more digital with the fleet solutions it has developed, Continental Turkey General Manager Ali Okan Tamer said that; “Tire selection, tire monitoring, carcass management and tread management.” We facilitate sustainable fleet management with coating solutions. While fuel costs of fleets are reduced with Conti360° fleet solutions, we reduce resource consumption by up to 70 percent by giving tires a second and third life thanks to the ContiLifeCycle tread concept. With ContiConnect, which includes different modules that can be selected according to the needs of each customer, we provide fleet managers with access to real-time tire data such as pressure and temperature of the entire fleet through digital tire monitoring. “We are bringing the European Roadshow truck together with customers and stakeholders in 35 countries to introduce our latest technologies and products and offer heavy vehicle solutions.”



Continental Turkey General Manager Ali Okan Tamer:




Continental Turkey General Manager Ali Okan Tamer, who met with MyTruck Magazine at the Turkey stop of the European Roadshow, by which Continental will tour 35 countries, answered the questions of MyTruck Magazine Editor-in-Chief Nuray Pekcan. Emphasizing that the brand, which introduced its fifth generation tires, is always there for its customers, Tamer also said that; “Continental tires are definitely not expensive when you evaluate them in terms of the service and quality you receive.”

“We Follow Consumer Needs Very Closely”

“We Treat Our Tires as a System”

Starting his speech by mentioning that the expectations from a tire are now changing very rapidly, Tamer said that; “In addition to the expectations of the automotive industry, the decisions, laws and regulations taken to protect the environment also enable us to constantly improve. We carry out our R&D studies in this direction. We follow the needs of consumers, fleets, and individual users very closely. We treat our tires as a system. We always support our customers not only with tires but also with our digital systems, coating solutions and fleet solutions. One of the most important things that concerns us is minimizing the costs. We also work to support our customers in reducing their driving costs.”

“Our New Generation Tires Provide More Fuel Savings to Our Customers”

“It Provides Great Benefits for Environmental Awareness and Minimizing Carbon Footprint”

Stating that tires have a significant contribution to fuel consumption, Tamer said: “The more you can reduce the rolling resistance, the more fuel consumption decreases. Fuel is one of our customers' most important costs. Therefore, it is very important. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize this expense. We can say that we have reduced our rolling resistance much more in our new generation tires compared to previous generations. This, of course, returns to fleets as fuel savings. At the same time, decreasing rolling resistance provides great benefits for environmental awareness and minimizing the carbon footprint.”



“Our Tires Develop with Vehicle Technologies”

“The Users Should Trust Their Vehicle and Tires”

Stating that their tires are designed according to the needs of original equipment and vehicle manufacturers and are also offered to the market, Tamer said that; “The vehicles are not the vehicles of 30 years ago. We are talking about much more technological machines. Our tires are also developed with this technology. We always advise users to trust the vehicle and the tire. Our most important advice is to use a vehicle that is compatible with the technology offered by the vehicle manufacturer, instead of old techniques, and to trust the tires. When combined with vehicle technology, our tires provide the safest stance and cornering. We demonstrated this with the test we conducted at our event.”

“Continental Tires Are Not Expensive!”

“We Provide Much More Benefits to Our Customers Compared to Cheaper Tires”

Saying that; “Continental tires are definitely not expensive when you consider the service and quality you receive”; Tamer concluded his words as follows: “We will be conveying this to our customers with our simulation at the Turkey stop. Of course, every tire has a cost, but it also has the services and benefits it offers in return. The total cost of driving Continental tires is certainly not high. We provide much more benefit to our customers than much cheaper tires. In addition to the mileage performance and fuel savings we offer in our tires, we ensure that they continue to serve by retreading them after their first life. We are talking about very serious savings. In addition, we offer digital solutions, allowing fleet managers to instantly monitor the air and temperature of the tires with the sensors we install on our tires, thus supporting safe driving. In addition, reinflating a tire whose air pressure has dropped instead of continuing to use it offers great savings, protects the tire, and saves you from the cost of being stranded on the road. In addition, it is sometimes possible to retread the tire once, sometimes twice or three times, depending on how worn the carcass is. So no, Continental tires are not expensive!”

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