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Macaristan Uluslararası Taşımalar İçin Elektronik Kayıt Sistemi Başlattı
Macaristan Uluslararası Taşımalar İçin Elektronik Kayıt Sistemi Başlattı
Ford Trucks Genel Müdür Yardımcısı Serhan Turfan, 'Ford Trucks Olarak 2021’de de Müşterilerimize En İleri Teknolojileri Sunmaya Devam Edeceğiz'
Ford Trucks Genel Müdür Yardımcısı Serhan Turfan, "Ford Trucks Olarak 2021’de de Müşterilerimize En İleri Teknolojileri Sunmaya Devam Edeceğiz'
Schaeffler Starts Mass Production Of Electric Motors

Schaeffler Starts Mass Production Of Electric Motors

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28 Kasım 2020 Cumartesi - 11:24

Engin Günaydin, Chairman Of S.S. Suluova Motor Carriers Cooperative: 'We Provide Service In Winter In Snow, In Day And Night'

As the team of My Truck Magazine, our path falls to Amasya within the scope of our cooperative visits. We had the opportunity to negotiate with the Chairman of S.S: Suluova Motor Carriers Cooperative, Engin Günaydın, Board Member Nevzat Özen, members Ertan Kalabalık and Hüseyin Dalgıç.

Engin Günaydin, Chairman Of S.S. Suluova Motor Carriers Cooperative:   We Provide Service In Winter In Snow, In Day And Night


Expressing the troubles of the co-operative and the expectations for the sector, Chairman Günaydın said, “Our state should take care of these problems and defend our rights. May our state protect us; we provide services in winter and snow, in day and night."

Chairman Günaydın speaks the following about the cooperative established in 1972; "Our cooperative carries beet, grain, pulp, corn in Amasya and does the work of flour factories. Currently we carry plum seeds, sunflower seeds and do the work of the organized industry. We have 216 active members, 110 trucks, besides we have vehicles such as ten wheels and centipedes. We are also doing the work of 3 mines in the region. At the same time, we are doing the work of Polat Mining and Yeni Anadolu Mining in our region. R1 certificate belongs to the cooperative, K1 certificate is for our members and they all have the certificate. We also have friends who received new certificates. We have 15-20 vehicles with C1, C2 certificates; they work abroad. We have C1 and L1 certificates like this. We do not know the exact details about TIO Certificate. We will follow what was given to us and move on to TIO. Since our capital is not sufficient at the moment, we will change R1 with TIO certificate by increasing the capital in the general assembly. We have 216 members; we will continue our cooperative under any circumstances. "



“We Load the Farmer's Beet from the Land and Bring it to the Factory; However, It Can Be Missing Or Too Much As It Is Not Weighed "

Expressing the problems they face in the region as a cooperative, Chairman Günaydın said, “We have problems from time to time in the region. We carry beets; we do not have a scale on the land. We load the farmer's beets from the field and bring them to the factory; however, it may be less or more because it is not weighed. When you go on the road and weigh in, vehicles are fined this time; There is no scale in any field, when you go to the factory, the weight is determined. For this reason, many of our vehicles were fined and still continue. Our roads are good, I went from here to Doğubeyazıt; there is not the slightest problem on our roads. I went to Urfa recently; we had very winding and ramped roads in that area; now all of them are fixed, there is no problem on our roads.”


"We Are Trying Not To Keep The Members In Our Cooperative"

Making evaluations about the pandemic period, Günaydın stated that they continued their work during this period and did not have any problems; "We used to give a job until the evening, now we say “dear colleagues, do not get together, keep the distance ". We take action; we say "we will notify the available works by phone". We try not to keep members in our cooperative; until now, there was a symptom of Covid in one person, that friend was in quarantine for 14 days. Apart from that, there was no disease in our cooperative. Our work continued during the pandemic period, and it still continues; I mean, we did not have a problem. We had existing tenders from Konya and Eskişehir; we did them all, we did not have any problems. "


“No Parking Space; Yet the Facilities Do Not Accept Truckers"

Emphasizing that the infrastructure should be established for the tachograph application, Günaydın said: “We ask our state to create an infrastructure for the tachograph system first. Of course these will be implemented; but now tons / kilometers should be increased and the infrastructure should be established. There is a parking lot in Europe for transporters; but there is no such infrastructure in our country at the moment. On my way to Rize, I looked at the roadside saying "where can our vehicles wait when their time is up"; but I could not see such a place. I went to Hopa and Sarp, there are no parking areas; yet the facilities do not accept truckers anyway. For this reason, tachograph application should not be introduced before the infrastructure is established.”


He continues his evaluations regarding the tachograph application as follows; "For example, if the driver goes to Istanbul in 1 day today, he will go in 2 and a half days; if there will be two drivers, this does not bring any profit. Insurance, salary, per diem, food… Our state has to find a solution to this, at least it needs to bring tons / kilometers. With tons / kilometers, floor ceiling prices are set. When this covers the shipping, we are not against the implementation. There are no accidents; people go by resting. After these are done, the most important thing is to get tons / kilometers. We want our rights from the factory, and the factory does not give. If it were a tons / kilometers procedure, nobody would have anything to say to anyone; there are agreements based on the floor ceiling price determined by the state. In this way, nobody has trouble with anyone, and the citizen earns money. Then I will hire two drivers, and if I have two drivers, my vehicle will go to Istanbul and Kars easily. "


"It Would Be Wrong To Skip Training"

Stating that most of its members will have difficulty in entering data because they do not know how to use smart phones, Chairman Günaydın: Without providing infrastructure; it would be wrong to skip training. Of our 216 members, 80 of them cannot do this job, almost 50 of them do not have smartphones. I cannot issue an e-invoice either, we need training on how to do it. Recently, a member of mine billed 3 trillion liras instead of 3 thousand liras; there is no turning back. We created a return by issuing a return invoice. They cannot do without training for this. We do what factories should do. The factory has given me the load to carry it, let the employer do this process himself.”


"The Transporters Have No Safety In This Sector"

Commenting on the problems of the sector, Günaydın states that the fines and highway tolls are high with the following words: Roads and highways are at exorbitant prices, and the penalties have increased. We carry sugar and this load is valuable. The loads in our vehicles were stolen for 5 times; we paid this to the factory and the sugar-buying merchant. We are doing insurance now, it didn't exist before, but even if we have insurance, there is no payment for theft. Recently, one of our vehicles went to Sultanbeyli in Istanbul. The colleague is called "come early in the morning". Our colleague goes in front of the shop at 06.00 in the morning. Three people come by minibus, they say "We sold the sugar, we will distribute it to other shops" and they attack our friend and steal 30 bags of sugar. In this sector, the carrier does not have a life safety; he will flee for the safety of his life. Transporters are doing this job under very difficult conditions. "


"Our State Should Protect Us"

Referring to the high amounts of fines, Chairman Günaydın listed his expectations: I also received an exorbitant penalty. The money from my account has not been transferred to APS; I did not receive this information either. I paid 17 thousand liras, but we had friends who could not pay, whose vehicles were seized up, and who came for execution. If the information had come to me, I would instruct my bank or pay it by hand. Our state needs to deal with these problems and defend our rights. Our state should protect us. We provide services in winter and snow, in day and night.


"We Carry the Loads of Turkey, We Expect Too Much From Our State"

We continue with members of S.S. Suluova Motor Carriers Cooperative, Ertan Kalabalık and Hüseyin Dalgıç and Board Member Nevzat Özen. Referring to the cooperative's members and the industry's problems, Ertan Kalabalık stated that “we carry the load of Turkey, we expect too much from our state”.


Expressing that they have been carrying out the transportation business since 1989, Kalabalık expresses the troubles with the following words: “The parts we buy and the highways we pass are expensive. We carry the load of Turkey, we expect too much from our state. Today, our insurance prices are too expensive. We cannot keep up with automobile insurance and insurance fees. One round trip of the vehicle to Istanbul exceeds 600 lira, we cannot enter the Izmir highway at all. The freight costs more than the profit. When we pass the road scales, a penalty of 10-20 kilos is given; the maximum of these fines is 1,800 lira. We cannot get a K1 certificate because it is very expensive. I have been doing shipping for over 30 years, working with a rental document and this situation makes me sad. While the state should get its money, it directs us to other places, subcontractors. We do not have life safety in the facilities we stop. People are sprayed to sleep and their cell phones, money or cargo are stolen. We are doing a very difficult profession, I wish success to my colleagues who do this profession."


Stating that he has been doing this profession for 39 years, Nevzat Özen, Board Member of S.S. Suluova Motor Carriers Cooperative; “I complain about bridges and highways. Taxes and insurance are expensive; for this reason, we cannot have insurance. When we have an accident, we cannot get out of it.”


Working in the shipping industry for 23 years, S.S. Suluova Motor Carriers Cooperative member Hüseyin Dalgıç, on the other hand, states that they are doing the job fondly and that there are problems for the sector. Dalgıç said: “Today we are loading coal, we will go to Mersin. We are on the road, both we and our families got used to this situation; after all, this is our living. There are some financial and moral difficulties on the roads. We were carrying sugar in Istanbul, there was a theft and some of it was paid by ourselves and some by the cooperative. Our costs are high. The tachograph had to be installed, its current cost is 4 thousand liras. We do whatever is necessary because we have to.”

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