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What Is Happening In The Transportation Sector For Corona Virus Pandemic?

What Is Happening In The Transportation Sector For Corona Virus Pandemic?

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28 Mayıs 2020 Perşembe - 17:51

Ayşem Ulusoy, If There Is No Driver And The Delivery Is Not Made Right, The Load Does Not Mean Anything

Ayşem Ulusoy, Member of the Board of Directors of the International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association (UTİKAD) and Chairman of the Highway Working Group, answered the questions of MyTruck Magazine Editor-in-Chief Nuray Pekcan in a live broadcast on social media. What are the effects of the corona virus pandemic process on road transport? Can new opportunities be created from the process?

Ayşem Ulusoy, If There Is No Driver And The Delivery Is Not Made Right, The Load Does Not Mean Anything


Sector-related problems, solution suggestions and the effects of the process on transportation modes… More and more details are in our news.

Starting with the information ahout UTİKAD, Ayşem Ulusoy said that; “Our association is the International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association. In this context, many players of the sector, for example the customs brokers, are among our members. There are companies that perform air, land, sea intermodal and rail transportation. At the same time, Turkey's largest supplier of airline, Turkish Airlines (THY) cargo is among our members. Software companies are also our members, if they produce a service in the logistics industry. We are a comprehensive reference association. Most importantly, it is an association that has been dealing with 'How do we support the structuring of logistics service' since the first day of its establishment and that is well represented in its international platforms. ” She continued as follows: “We have working groups, each group continues to work under the chairmanship of the working group on its behalf. Our relations with the public are very good. Regardless of who produces entirely logistic services especially in these difficult days in process management, we gather them internationally and non-internationally and continue to travel together. We try to be a reference and to be a guide. We have 452 members. We are trying to make the voice of Turkish logistics service producers in domestic and international platforms as wide as possible. We are the representatives of many associations such as FIATA and CLECAT. In other words, we try to make our voice heard not only domestically but also abroad. ”

“Our Only Purpose Was To Provide A Sustainable Management Without Interrupting In Logistics In This Process”

Ulusoy explained the observations and process of the corona virus epidemic period by saying that; “Pandemic was a unknown for all of us. Health was at the forefront in many meetings I attended in Ankara. This is right and I see it as the right strategy. Everyone's health would be taken under control. Logistics was on the second plan. Our only goal was to provide a sustainable management in this process without interrupting logistics. When you cut it, the country could face serious problems. Logistics is a streamlined process, when it gets stuck somewhere, it becomes a chain obsession and many things go down at the same time. We encounter serious effects of this from the material and moral aspects. The first week was a difficult time for all of us. We heard the footsteps of the process from Wuhan, from Italy. Yes, it was coming. As we were in contact with our agencies there, we were slowly taking our precautions. Before the noise of the pandemic came here, we had already decided what should be done at the UTIKAD board of directors, the measures to be taken at the borders of the highway, and what kind of process we would manage together with the Ministry, and drew the road map. ”


“We Have Always Declared Our Ideas With The Ministry Of Trade And The Ministry Of Customs”

Ulusoy mentioned about UTIKAD's contribution to the process experienced during this pandemic and the suggestions offered to the Ministries and said that; “You know, we have two main gates, the east and west gates. Our eastern gate from Iran was closed. Iraq, on the other hand, is progressing more slowly, temporarily, with the change of trucks and trailers. The western gate is our face opening to Europe and therefore the number of vehicles passing, our domination in there and our desire to be in the market are automatically direct us to take the control on the basis of border, process and operation. So what should be done? The state was right here, the borders had to be closed, but this time the supply had to flow. We immediately created a plan, we said our suggestions at the west gate. In other words, in quarantine, drivers are settled in another way, entering or leaving in a shorter time. But of course, we had a process where the Ministry of Health was at the forefront. We have always declared our ideas with the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Customs; for the measurements of the drivers, the delivery of the kits, the results of the test and the continuing of this smooth process. Unfortunately, we could not get our drivers in through our gates for a period of two and a half to three weeks. We suggested changing through the gates and ensured these changes through the gates. ”

“We Tried To Produce A Solution For Every Problem, Above All, NGOs Have Done Very Well In This Period”

Ulusoy continues the details of the process by saying that: “We tried to find a solution to every problem. Above all, NGOs have done very well in this period. They carried out the process together. The ideas we gave during that period were checked as whichever was more effective. But you know the last process, the quarantine has also ended. Our drivers enter as they wish through the west gate. Checks are done within 72 hours. Of course, everything is not the same but at least we have gained momentum. The control is still tight. I think it will go more smoothly. ”

“This Wasn't a Scenario We Know, Since Human Health Is Important In This, We Are Obviously Locked Away”

Indicating that the corona pandemic is an unpredictable event, Ulusoy said: “In this period, every country had to use its own initiative. We closed the gates. Until a few days ago, we were not letting foreign drivers in. Foreign license plate vehicles and drivers could not enter. Maybe we and members of the International Transporters Association (UND) or members of non-member companies have a crisis management plan. We work within these plans. For example, our country is a serious earthquake zone and very risky. We have small methods, scenarios that we take from our own perspective. Pandemic was not a scenario we know. Since human health is important in this, we are obviously locked away. Airplanes have completely stopped on the airline, only cargo planes are flying and went on a terrible price increase. As there is no container import, there is a problem in the import container. What did we do? We immediately turned to the intermodel. So based on the geographical location of Turkey, we have a lot of options. "

“In Bad Times, We Have to be United; We Experience This Problem Together”

Mentioning about the effect of the corona virus process on the modes of transport, Ulusoy said that “Unfortunately, the cargo planes in the airline are going only with a certain capacity. There is nothing that we can do too much in this. Because we know about the predictions and the dates they will open. We do the plan and schedule accordingly. There was already a closing process in factories in Europe, our business volume decreased by 35-40 percent. We experience this. Here we had a warehouse, demurrage problem at the ports. We are still working on their solution. Because we have to be in united at bad times. We experience this problem together. We are seriously dealing with the inability to receive the incoming goods, the demurrage that has occurred and with the warehouses; "How can we solve these demurrage?" This 14-day quarantine was really a big problem for the drivers to set off again. There is a problem in warehouses. Warehouse owners and employers are also our members. Currently, there is a problem of bank collateral increase in 25% of the warehouses. If we meet these too, we will have serious difficulties. ”

“If There Is No Driver And The Delivery Is Not Made Right, The Load Does Not Mean Anything”

Stating that the biggest problems are the visa problem, Ulusoy said: “Germany and France gradually started to work, but our main problem is our export goods. In 1996, the goods were opened for free movement with the Customs Union. But still almost trucks can't move freely. We have a quota between countries, we cannot exceed that quota. Trucks have free movement and there is no problem. The driver has to get a visa every 3 months. They have to stay at home for 20 days. The driver is also unable to obtain his visa at the same time. In fact, we try to support in many areas. I'm saying on behalf of my own company, the Whatsapp group was created for drivers. Because above all, their health is important. We do not know what will happen to them on the road. Imagine that one of our drivers could be harmed in any country, it is very valuable in terms of managing the process. If there is no driver and the delivery is not made right, the load does not mean anything. It is added value and very valuable to us. We experienced the process of this value in the first place. Drivers want to see their families, they want to come here, they are afraid, they do not want to go abroad, and they do not know what problem will happen to them when they go abroad. In this process, each country makes its own positioning for its own citizens. Of course, the first option is its citizens and their own countries, but our system is not clear in Europe at the moment. We try to increase their performance, ensure their life safety and make their voices heard as much as we can. This process is a very different process, so we do not know where it goes. It seems to get better right now but we do not know if the second wave will come. ”

"Turkey Is A Country Which Can Turn Crisis Into Opportunity In Difficult Days"

Indicating that the crisis experienced can be turned into an opportunity by providing the necessary supports, Ulusoy said: “Our geographical position can really overcome everything, our industrialists are very successful, we have very practical intelligence, we have a lot of maneuver; For example, if Kapıkule is closed, we make an intermodel, we make through railway. We have a very strong airline fleet, airline, seaway, like Turkish Airlines carrying our flag. Actually I am not looking too pessimistic. I think that our SME, our industrialists will support us here, if we can create a logistic master plan and a secure line that depends on the process, if we can listen and explain ourselves in this process, especially if we can relax free movement, quotas and visas a little more. Turkey is a country that can turn crisis into opportunity in difficult days. If the necessary government support is given and if we complete international relations in a very successful manner during this process; so, if we solve problems related to transitions, quotas, visas; which is the most important issue for me, these opportunities can be discussed. Accordingly, each country should think what have they did. How do I manage this process? According to what condition, I am closing the gates? To whom do I give visas, to whom do I not give? Who can be my second alternative supplier? ”

“We Can Gather Strength As A Country, We Are A Hardworking Country, Our Young Population Is High, We Produce”

Touching on the effect of the process on the economy, Ulusoy said: “I cannot predict this aspect of the economy. As far as I listen to from the economists, very bright scenarios are not drawn. But I don't think too negative. We can gather strength as a country, we are a hardworking country. First of all, we have a young population, we produce. Our industrialist is very good. There is a strong private sector. If the state supports and if we can explain our position in international relations a little, that is, we can show our stance, I think everything will be fine if our attitude changes. ”

“We Will Use The Advantage Of Our Geographical Position Very Well”

Talking about the situation in air and sea transportation, Ulusoy said that; “There has been a 15 percent increase in container freight today. 90 of 100 cargo planes are on the ground. It is also a terrible situation in the aviation industry for the world. Ships and trucks go on somehow. But on the aviation side, 90 percent do not fly on the field. Of course, this will develop a chain economic reaction, but we will not give up, we will go on our way. We will use the advantage of our geographical position very well. We will evaluate ports based on customs. We will take a look at the borders, our customs system, and complete our digital transformation. ”

“We Need to Switch to Contactless, Paperless System at Customs”

Indicating that the transportation sector is one of the sectors which are most open to digitalization, Ulusoy said: “We are the service sector. Many companies that have taken the major path have begun, transformed or completed their digital transformation. In other words, we were able to take our computer and retreat to our homes from the first moment of that pandemic. There are no major problems on the basis of companies. Because we worked with the world, we had to be in digital transformation. Firms that I know from the sector were back to their homes and switched to the guard system. Our main concern is customs. We need to switch to a contact-free, paperless system at the customs. When we can create that transparent environment, it will be better when we add our capacity and density with smart, digital contracts. Our industry is open to digital transformation as far as I can see from our members. Everyone was able to take this process very easily from their home. With our support, ideas and suggestions; NGOs, field, companies and the state form a trivet. Those from the industry are very valuable to us. If our officers in Ambarlı experience Covid-19 problems, this is very painful, we have to go digitalization. We have to switch to a paperless system, if we can manage this process very well, everything will be fine. Maybe we will have completed in smart contracts and transparency in a completely paperless and contact-free system. Of course, we have a while for this. Let's save this process first. ”

“In This Process We Have To Create Green Corridors; When We Do Not Create This, There Will Be Disruptions And Breakouts In The Supply Chain”

Mentioning that they have expectations from the state, Ulusoy said: “We also have economic demands. We are thinking more on these. If there is a truck waiting in its premises in front of its warehouse due to the visa today, if it is not possible to leave because of its driver, we pay the loans on the basis of both tractor and trailer. We are entering in a process that will make the things difficult for us all. Yes, there are improvements. We work interactively with all kinds of information, including the Presidency of the Republic and its assistants. We put our hands under each stone. In road transport activities, we must first create green corridors within our borders and in the EU. Then we can integrate it to other routes abroad. When you look in the long term after 2020, we can experience the pandemic process in different dimensions, we do not know. Nothing will be the same after that. In this process, we have to create green corridors. When we don't do this, there will be disruptions and breaks in the supply chain. ”

“A Corridor Must Be Opened To Avoid Logistics And Supply Affected By Vehicle Traffic In Such Periods”

Continuing her words with the necessity of green corridors to prevent logistics from interrupting, Ulusoy said: “Roughly, firms working in the country are experiencing the same problems. A commodity coming out of Istanbul goes to Ankara in 1 and a half days. In Istanbul, the vehicle often stops for control. There are some indispensables and those controls need to be done in this process, but we will explain them. In such periods, a corridor needs to be opened in order to prevent logistics and supply from vehicle traffic. These vehicles have to pass unlimited, uncontrolled. If logistics is being done, our provincial borders are already closed and we are having this problem at the borders.”

“It Is OK to Issue the Certificates But These Should be Inspected”

Ulusoy made the following statement regarding the TIO Documents: “Our attitude was very clear, we said it to be free. If you are going to give TIO, we have already received hundreds of certificates such as C2, R2 and K certificates. The price was much higher at the beginning. The cruel ceiling prices were reduced to a certain amount of prices. Maybe the sector can gather such a complicated certificate problem in one place. Yes, it has a positive side, but there were the certificates taken before. People with C2 went to invest in 10 vehicles, while those with R2 spent very serious money in that period. All true. But the sector also needs to be brought under control. It is OK to issue the certificate but these should be inspected. No certificate remains meaningful, unless it is inspected. TIO Certificate is the one that covers a more general and should be taken under the name of transportation organization. We have worked hard to make it free for people who will enter the new sector. But the state also had a stance here, "no, this is the number," they said. We have already halved it. At first it was thought over 300 thousand, we lowered it. But it should be inspected. We can get these certificates, we remove the complication of certificates. When you look at it otherwise, there is a confusion as why we paid all those money.”

“We Have Also Seen That We Are A Sector Giving Uninterrupted Service After The Health Sector”

Ulusoy finally said that: “I think we are gradually taking the process under control with all our working groups and our board of directors. We hold our meetings, work interactively and constantly receive information from the field. We try to apply them by filtering them; by getting the correct information. Since we are a reference association, we have to make our voices heard on international platforms. The platforms in Turkey point to the problems we face and the solutions may come from trying to produce. We have also seen that we are a service giving an uninterrupted service after the health sector in the process. ”

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