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1 Adet Paletli Ekskavatör ve 4 Adet Damperli Kamyon Alınacak
1 Adet Paletli Ekskavatör ve 4 Adet Damperli Kamyon Alınacak
Shell Eco-Marathon Avrupa’da Türk Gençleri 3 Birincilik Aldı
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What Is Happening In The Transportation Sector For Corona Virus Pandemic?

What Is Happening In The Transportation Sector For Corona Virus Pandemic?

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26 Haziran 2020 Cuma - 13:17

Tirsan Delivered 165 Trailers To Eyüp Logistics

Leading the way in trailer industry in Turkey, Tırsan realized the delivery of 165 Tırsan Tilt Sided Maxima Plus trailer with a live video conference system. At the delivery ceremony held at Tırsan's Adapazarı factory; Çetin Nuhoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tırsan Treyler, Eyüp Bartık, Chairman of the Board of Eyüp Logistics and Ertuğrul Erkoç, Trailer Sales Coordinator, attended via the live video conference system.

Tirsan Delivered 165 Trailers To Eyüp Logistics


Tırsan broke new ground in the trailer industry. First time in Turkey, delivery of vehicle was done online. Tırsan delivered 165 Tilt Sided Maxima Plus trailer to Eyüp Logistics via live video conference system. Eyüp Logistics increased the number of Tırsan vehicles it added to its fleet to 765 with its last investment.

“We Delivered 765 Trailer Delivery To Eyüp Logistics Until Today”

Çetin Nuhoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tırsan Treyler, who made statements at the delivery ceremony, pointed out that there are strong collaborations with Eyüp Logistics for many years and said: “We have been in close cooperation with Eyüp Logistics Chairman Eyüp Bartık since 1994. Together with 165 vehicles delivered today, we delivered 765 trailers to Eyüp Logistics in total. This delivery, especially with a company based in Gaziantep and having a voice in the foreign trade of that region, has been a source of pride for the region. Having strong companies in the export and import of those regions will make us much more competitive. This is a success that not everyone can achieve. Especially in this region where Mersin and İskenderun ports and sea transportation are dominant, it is necessary to be very effective and efficient in order to compete on the road. By doing this very well, Mr. Eyüp continued to grow. The strength of the Turkish logistics industry emerges from the sum of the individual powers. Eyüp Logistics is a company that pioneers the sector in every period and conducts this business very well with different business models. I would like to thank Eyüp Logistics, which has also signed important warehouse investments in Istanbul, for both its added value to the sector and its long-standing cooperation with Tırsan. ”

“Customer Satisfaction Has Always Been Our Priority”

Expressing his satisfaction that Eyüp Logistics has always collaborated with Tırsan, Çetin Nuhoğlu said: “Customer satisfaction has always been our priority since the first day we started this business. We produce investment goods and while making these investments, we know that our customers will design the future with our products, increase their competitiveness and gain value. The quality of use of the products, operating cost and second-hand value of the vehicles stand out as the most important criteria in customer satisfaction. When you fail to meet these criteria, it is not possible to have customer satisfaction. Tırsan has always been a company that satisfies its customers in all processes from the purchase, use and sale of the vehicle. We also make a difference with our wide service network and solution-oriented approach to spare parts. As Tırsan, we care to sign long-term cooperation with our customers. In addition, we continue to do successful works in Europe in every field and in every sector with the aim of customer satisfaction. ”

“With the Right Planning and Right Strategy, We Can Be Stronger After the Corona Pandemic”

Nuhoğlu also evaluated the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on the industry and said: “The corona virus will have major effects in the world. We know that it will not live the days before 2019 again. Until vaccination is found, corona virus will cause great changes in our lives, from consumption habits to ways of doing business. In this sense, Turkey's changing in this new world order in the true sense and has a chance on new business models. As you know, China, where the virus originates, realizes one third of world production. So the whole world was affected by this situation. One of the most important issues in future studies will undoubtedly be to take the necessary steps to make the supply chain uninterrupted. At this point, new regional collaborations will develop in the future. Therefore, regional collaborations need to develop and business models should be questioned again. Turkey has made very significant progress in terms of production technology. This is a very important advantage for us. Production in Turkey will come forward with the right planning and the right strategy. "

Çetin Nuhoğlu emphasized that even though the travels decrease due to the pandemic, the movement of goods will never decrease or even increase, while he do not expect a great decrease in vehicle sales. Nuhoğlu said, “As Tırsan, we will be less affected by this process since we are producing for every sector. We are preparing ourselves for every situation, and we are constantly developing our future strategies according to changing needs. ”

Reminding that they had 23 thousand production targets in 2023, Nuhoğlu said, “Before the pandemic, we had 11 thousand production targets for this year. After the epidemic, we foresee that we will close this year over 7 thousand due to the contraction in Europe. ”

“Tırsan Produces Vehicles Which Are Sold So Fast”

Eyüp Bartık, Chairman of the Board of Eyüp Logistics, emphasized that they preferred only Tırsan vehicles in their trailer investments and said that; “We always trust Tırsan. In our trailer fleet there are only Tırsan vehicles, because Tırsan produces really strong trailers. I thank the whole team for this. Tırsan vehicles have great features both in terms of use, operation and second-hand value. We buy and use at the right price, operate at very low costs, and in terms of second-hand value, they are sold so fast that even you throw the vehicle in the air, they are sold without falling. These are our main reasons for choosing Tırsan. Tırsan vehicles receive the same attention from our highway customers. We usually work with high model vehicles. We can also renew it by selling very old vehicles. This increases our customers' loyalty to us. Their satisfaction comes to the fore especially in food transportation ”

“This Year, We are Targeting A New Cooperation With 85 Vehicles With Tırsan”

Explaining that they made a new planning in January as Eyüp Logistics, Bartık said: “When we made these plans, the corona virus was not on the agenda yet. For this year, we planned to contribute to the progress of our country by investing in both trailers and tow trucks. Unfortunately, in February, the pandemic entered our agenda. But we still made our planned vehicle investments. We will continue to make new investments. We plan to sign a new cooperation with Tırsan for 85 vehicles by the end of the year, in addition to 165 vehicles we bought today. Thus, the number of vehicles we will purchase from Tırsan will reach 250 in 2020 ”. Bartık congratulated Tırsan signing a first in the sector by carrying the delivery ceremony to digital because of the corona virus pandemic and said; “I would like to thank all the family of Tırsan who work devotedly despite the pandemic and do not leave our demands unrequited. They helped us a lot in delivery ”.

Explaining that they were preparing for a new investment at the meeting, Bartık made the following statements regarding the issue: “We have a preliminary study on the subject of attracting international trailers and renting trailers. We are planning a new investment in this area, especially since we feel that there is a need in the tow truck and trailer rental industry. We will take an important step in this regard in the second half of the year. ” Bartık also stated that they have investment plans in the fields of business administration and storage in logistics and said, “We have a storage area of ??100 thousand m2 in Gaziantep and 70 thousand m2 in Istanbul. We also plan to invest in our land in Çatalca. Our goal is to further strengthen the logistics industry. ”

“We Are Realizing Another First As Tırsan”

At the meeting, Tırsan Trailer Sales Coordinator Ertuğrul Erkoç, who shared the video about the vehicle delivery made to Eyüp Logistics at the Tırsan Adapazarı plant, with the participants, emphasized that Tırsan has realized another first in the sector. Erkoç said: “We are delighted and honored to hold the first delivery ceremony of the trailer industry via live video conference with Eyüp Logistics”

Tırsan Tilt Sided Maxima Plus T.SCS X + Features

Tırsan Tilt Sided Maxima Plus, with its patented K-Fix system, provides the safest transportation of cargo. Thanks to a total of 236 load lashing points, each with a capacity of 2.5 tons, on Televre, the upper structure and curtains of Tirsan Tilt Sisded Maxima Plus, which offers more than 500 loading combinations, conforms to Code XL standards 100 percent.

Tilt Sided Maxima Plus, thanks to its level roof lifting system; offers maximum loading opportunity with its internal options of 2,800, 2,850, 2,900, 2,950 and 3,000 millimeters and provides an advantage of operational speed and efficiency with 500 millimeter extra roof lifting feature during loading. In addition, with its 7,200 kilogram forklift axle load base feature, Tilt Sided Maxima Plus provides 10 years of anti-corrosion warranty as the chassis and steel parts are covered with a cataphoresis (KTL) coating according to the zinc tri-electron method.

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