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CEVA Logistics continues strategic transformation, grows core products by integrating Bollor Logistics

CEVA Logistics continues strategic transformation, grows core products by integrating Bollor Logistics

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1 Şubat 2024 Perşembe - 09:42

Mercedes-Benz's Brightest Star, Actros L Edition 3, is on Turkish Roads for the First Time!

Actros L Edition 3, which was produced in only 400 units by Daimler Truck with the motto "There is no more" and offered for sale in limited numbers in Turkey, was introduced at the event hosted by Mercedes-Benz Türk and also met with its owners to hit the road.

Mercedes-Benz s Brightest Star, Actros L Edition 3, is on Turkish Roads for the First Time!

Actros L Edition 3, a unique dimension of design and comfort, produced in limited numbers with the motto "There is no more", was introduced at the event held at Mercedes-Benz Türk on January 18. At the event, where the features of the product were explained in detail, Actros L Edition 3 also met with its owners.

Actros L Edition 3, which was produced in only 400 units worldwide and has more than 30 personalized interior and exterior design features, has become even more comfortable, stylish and powerful. Focusing on truck drivers, the heroes of the roads; and offering drivers an extraordinary driving experience, the Edition 3 model fascinates with its unique character. Introducing drivers to superior performance thanks to its 625 HP engine power and PowerShift Advanced transmission, Edition 3 draws attention with its metallic matte steel gray color and design with other color details. The model, which is a unique dimension of comfort, features an instrument panel covered in light almond-beige nappa leather with black decorative stitching, heated and cooled leather driver's seat, light almond-beige Solostar concept companion seat with leather upholstery and stitching details, 900 mm extra wide bunk bed. It maximizes comfort and convenience thanks to the bed. Edition 3, which has a maximum torque of 3000 Nm, is equipped with features such as Active Brake Assistant 5 (ABA5), Lane Tracking Assistant (LDWS), Stability Control Assistant (ESP), Fatigue Detection Assistant and Active Driving Assistant 2 and Active Side View Assistant in terms of safety.









Mercedes-Benz Turkey Truck Marketing and Sales Director Alper Kurt said that; “We are working hard to produce a new generation of trucks by taking advantage of the power of technology and to offer our customers an extraordinary driving experience by bringing them together with the latest technology vehicles. In line with the intense demands in addition to the 5 different Actros tractor models that we offer to the market in Turkey, we also offered our Edition 3 model, of which only 400 units were produced in the world, to a very limited number of customers in Turkey. We have full faith that this collection model will offer a unique experience to our customers in Turkey. We are determined to continue our leadership in technology, security and comfort. The Edition 3 model of the Actros L series is here as an expression of this commitment. The fact that we will be handing over this special vehicle to its owners today makes the day even more meaningful for us. I would like to thank our customers once again for choosing us to experience the unique dimension of design and comfort. I hope that our new vehicle will bring good luck to both our customers and our industry.”



Actros L Edition 3, Available in Limited Numbers in Turkey, Meets Its Owners

Edition 3; which can serve in a wide range of areas, offers impressive performance and driving pleasure for all drivers, thanks to its 625 HP engine power offered by the OM 473 engine developed with the latest technology, with a volume of 15.6 liters, and the gear shifting performance increased by PowerShift Advanced. At the event, Actros L 1863 LS Edition 3 vehicles were delivered to 12 different companies who wanted to have a unique driving experience and a limited edition collectible tractor.





At the ceremony, where everyone attended with great happiness and pride, the power and comfort of the vehicle as well as the luxury features it offered were dazzling. Nuray Pekcan, Editor-in-Chief of My Truck Magazine, received the opinions of the customers who received the vehicle and the dealer officials who delivered it, where all the features offered by the Mercedes-Benz brand in its portfolio are at the next level, gathered under a single star. At the same time, answering Pekcan's questions, Mercedes-Benz Turkish Truck Marketing and Sales Director Alper Kurt stated that they were happy to deliver the model that represents the highest level of the brand.









We Delivered the Edition 3 Model, Which Represents the Highest Level of the Mercedes-Benz Brand”


Giving his opinion to us about the delivery, Mercedes-Benz Türk Truck Marketing and Sales Director Alper Kurt said that; “Today is a very happy day for us. We delivered the Edition 3 model, which represents the highest level of the Mercedes-Benz brand in design, technology, equipment, comfort and engine power. Only 15 units were delivered in limited numbers and our vehicles met their valuable owners today. We are happy about this and I take this opportunity to wish good luck to all of our customers once again.”


One of the Things that Made this Job Valuable was the Limited Quantity of this Model.”

We Will Continue Our Claim to Be the Number One in the Sector”


Stating that they have completed the sales of the Edition 3 model, Kurt continued his words as following; “No more of this model will be produced. One of the things that made the job a little more valuable was the limited quantity of this model. However, as a result, I think that we will be presenting ourselves again with a completely new collectible product tomorrow, as we will continue our claim to be the number one in the sector in terms of features such as safety, comfort, equipment and engine power.”


We Offer the Next Level of All the Features We Offer in Our Portfolio”

There is Nothing Like this in the Industry”


Referring to the features of the vehicle, Mercedes-Benz Turkish Truck Product Management Group Manager Çağdaş Özen said: “There is actually a reason why we say 'No More'. With this vehicle, we say; there is no power, comfort and luxury beyond this! The standout features of the vehicle are that it includes all the technological, comfort and luxury features in our portfolio, and in addition, it brings serious innovations in design. The color details you see when you look at the exterior, when you enter the cabin, everything from the seat to the cockpit, from the dashboard coverings to the bed, are actually the next level of all the features we offer in our portfolio. There is nothing like this in the industry. Therefore, 'there is no more'. We were able to get the first impressions of our customers who started using our vehicle here regarding fuel. When compared to the vehicles they have used so far, such as 1851 and 1853, they confirmed that they achieved better fuel data at the same levels of use in some cases. This made us very happy. We offer this vehicle with the most powerful engine and most powerful transmission in our portfolio. Of course, even under severe conditions, our running gear actually fulfills its duty properly.











“Truly An Extraordinary Vehicle”


Sharing his views about the vehicle he received, Karalog International Logistics Company Representative İlker Kara said the following; “The Actros L Edition 3 model is a truly extraordinary vehicle. We use our own vehicle. Fuel data and performance are quite successful. The comfort it provides is very different from other vehicles.”



“We Gathered All Features Under This Star”

Delivering the vehicle to Karalog International Logistics, Cevdet Güney, Mercedes-Benz Türk Bursa Odabaşı Automotive Truck Sales Manager, stated that they were proud of making such an important delivery and continued his words as follows; “We are proud to have made such a prestigious delivery in the year we opened. This is truly a rare vehicle that can be used for years and then become a collector's item. 400 units were offered for sale in the world and only 15 in Turkey. The most important thing we can say about the vehicle is that it offers a truly unique living space for the drivers living in it. There is always convenience, comfort and of course power. We gathered all the prominent features of our vehicles under this star and offered them to our customers in this vehicle.

“A Vehicle That Can Be Both Office and Home”

“It is Very Easy to Find a Driver for This Vehicle!”

Being one of the parties to the delivery and stating that they were happy to reach the vehicle of their dreams, Eren Yanardağ said that; “Mercedes surprised us again. There really is no more! There are so many features that Mercedes-Benz offers us that I don't know which one to tell. As you can see from the outside, it is an attractive and very beautiful vehicle. Mercedes is already an attractive brand in every way. With its safety and durability, we can call this vehicle both an office and a home. We feel safe. Mercedes is a brand that always considers both the driver and the customer, and consistently brings success. That's why we no longer have anything to say about a vehicle full of such technological equipment. This will be my 6th vehicle in my fleet and our drivers will use it. There are many details in the vehicle, none of which should be overlooked. At Mercedes-Benz, every detail is valuable. Hours are not enough to explain. It is very easy to find a driver for this vehicle. Especially Mercedes, yes, but it is much easier to find a driver for this vehicle!

“It's so Luxurious that it has Features that Won't Make One Miss their Home.”

Making the delivery to Eren Yanardağ, Sedat Karaer, Future Automotive Truck Sales Consultant, expressed his opinions about the delivery and said the following; “Some of the best features of this vehicle are the touches in its design, safety equipment and the fact that it comes with a new transmission. Our special customers had many requests for such a special vehicle, and Mr. Eren was one of them. When he learned that the Edition 3 model would not be produced again, we had a quick deal with him. We were very happy. This vehicle is friendly to both the driver and the boss. At the same time, it is so luxurious that it has features that won’t make one miss their home. It has an incredible engine power and burns really little compared to its power. It is a vehicle that we wish would be put into mass production.”

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Actros L Edition 3, Which Will Make a Name for Itself With Its Unique Features, Is Ready For The Stars of the Roads Who Want 'More'!
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