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Petrol Ofisi’ne Muse Creative Awards’tan 13 Ödül
Petrol Ofisi’ne Muse Creative Awards’tan 13 Ödül
Brisa’nın Emisyon Azaltım Hedefleri, Bilim Temelli Hedefler Girişimi’nden Onay Aldı
Brisa’nın Emisyon Azaltım Hedefleri, Bilim Temelli Hedefler Girişimi’nden Onay Aldı
IRU And ETF Welcome New EU Funding For Safe And Secure Truck Parking Areas

IRU And ETF Welcome New EU Funding For Safe And Secure Truck Parking Areas

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3 Haziran 2021 Perşembe - 09:54

Pioneer Of Sustainable Transportation Iveco Leads The Development Of The Industry With S WAY LNG

Natural gas, which is an alternative fuel type, is preferred due to its environmental and economic nature. In order to reduce carbon emissions, drivers in European countries are encouraged to use natural gas and some applications have been initiated in Europe within this framework.

Pioneer Of Sustainable Transportation Iveco Leads The Development Of The Industry With S WAY LNG






As My Truck Magazine, we also consider the use of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), which is seen as an environmental and economical fuel option and considered as the fuel of the future, in detail. In this context, we convey the details and advantages of IVECO S WAY NP 460, which works with LNG and stands out in this regard, for the readers of My Truck Magazine.

IVECO, a pioneer and specialist in the production of natural gas vehicles, has so far sold more than 50,000 natural gas vehicles around the world. IVECO leads the support to develop LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) in the transportation sector in Turkey with S WAY NP 460, identified as the most environmentally friendly trucks so far. Tractors with IVECO LNG combine sustainability, performance, productivity and long range to tackle the toughest long-distance missions.

The S WAY NP 460 offers excellent power with 99 percent less particulate matter and 90 percent less NO2 emissions compared to Euro VI diesel trucks, and 95 percent lower CO2 emissions when using biomethane. In addition, it greatly reduces noise pollution with its extremely quiet operation of less than 71 dB, proven by the Silent Truck certification. With this feature, the brand offers the competitive advantage of sustainable logistics to transportation companies.

Offers Up to 35% Fuel Savings Compared to Diesel Trucks

IVECO says that the S WAY NP has 460 hp , single fuel, double LNG tank, a range of up to 1600 km, and IVECO's best fuel efficiency technologies and services, delivering up to 35 percent savings in fuel consumption compared to a diesel truck. Brand states that S WAY NP in Turkey so far offered only attractive feature of being the first to say that they are working with the LNG move. In addition, IVECO offers a wide fleet of natural gas-powered trucks specifically designed to handle all types of tasks, from domestic shipping to international, bulky transport to different superstructure applications and ADR and construction logistics.

"Pioneer of Sustainable Transport"

IVECO defines itself as the pioneer of sustainable transportation, stating that it has pioneered alternative traction technologies, especially natural gas, for more than 20 years. Brand says that,  “Turkey showed great interest in our CNG trucks we sold in the previous year and today, we follow this success with the introduction of a full fleet of one – fuel and natural gas-powered vehicles  gathered around the most effective point of long distance transport. The new S WAY NP 460 hp provides performance and efficiency in long-distance missions by achieving the near-zero emission target in bio-LNG use: Perfect Power! ”


Provides a Record Range of Up to 1600 Km

IVECO reports that the S WAY NP 460 offers the new IVECO Cursor 13 NP single-fuel engine that has been developed to produce the power required for the most demanding missions. It is also said to be one of the new features of the 12-speed Hi-Tronix automatic transmission, which adds new features such as GPS-based HI-CRUISE predictive driving, as well as further enhancing the excellent driving comfort and performance of the previous model. IVECO's modular approach offers a wide range of product options and endless flexibility in customization. The vehicle can only be operated with CNG or LNG or a combination of CNG and LNG. The double LNG tank provides a record range of up to 1600 km.

Reduces CO2 Emissions by Up to 95 Percent

It is stated that the S WAY NP 460 is the most environmentally friendly fuel for internal combustion engines and maximizes the environmental advantages of natural gas, the most mature solution today for sustainable transportation. It is also stated that the vehicle's proven technology helps to improve the air quality on roads and urban areas with a 99 percent reduction in PM emission and 90 percent reduction in NO2 emission (the most harmful of NOx gases) compared to Euro VI diesel trucks. By proving that it is less than 71 dB in the silent truck test, its extremely quiet operation contributes to the unlimited sustainability of this vehicle. Stralis NP 460 contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint of the transportation sector by reducing CO2 emissions by up to 95 percent through the use of compressed or liquefied natural gas.

In addition, biomethane, which can be produced from agricultural and urban wastes, sewage wastes or the wastes of the food sector, can be used as fuel instead of natural gas. Therefore, the use of biomethane not only has the advantage of reducing dependence on fossil fuels, but also helps the local economy.

Low Noise and Vibration Advantage

The brand states that the new IVECO Cursor 13 NP engine, produced by FPT Industrial, has been specially developed for long-distance international transport and provides the performance required for the most demanding missions as the most powerful flawless gas engine on the market. At the same time, it is stated that the improved combustion process of the 12.9-liter engine offers the best fuel efficiency in long-distance missions. High flow gas injectors, fuel line, pistons and turbocharger are designed to provide high power output and torque, and durability and maintenance intervals have been extended to ensure correct performance without compromising uptime.

This result is achieved by applying spark-ignited stoichiometric combustion to natural gas, and is the 'single fuel' solution that enables the IVECO Cursor 13 NP to operate on 100 percent natural gas. The exhaust emission process is based on a compact and lightweight 3-way catalyst that does not require regeneration or additives (add blue). The IVECO Cursor 13 NP also offers the advantage of low noise and vibration as it operates with a stoichiometric combustion ratio of 12: 1 compression (much lower than the diesel cycle ratio of 17: 1) and is therefore extremely quiet.

The brand said that the IVECO Cursor 13 NP engine is protected in two ways: First, it is the knock control that enables increased performance, provides the widest fuel compatibility, ensures quiet operation and protects the engine and 3-way catalyst from misfire. The second is the reactive air flow control management system. It is based on a new stoichiometric ratio control applied during gear changes. This ensures that the torque is constantly maintained during AMT shifting, thus ensuring the fastest gear changes with maximum performance. ”

The First Natural Gas Powered Truck

The S WAY NP 460 is stated to be the first natural gas-powered truck in its category with the latest generation automatic transmission, the new 12-speed HI-TRONIX automatic gearbox providing the most advanced technology. It is stated that the airflow control management system guarantees the perfect integration of the engine and gearbox in the S WAY NP 460.

Has Fuel-Saving Solutions

The S WAY NP 460 offers fuel economy in all missions from medium-distance domestic routes to long-distance international transport. In addition to the engine's superior fuel efficiency, it also has fuel-saving solutions such as driving style assessment to monitor and improve driving behavior. It offers the HI-CRUISE integrated driving system, which includes GPS-based systems such as predictive cruise control and gear shifting and further enhances the Eco-Roll function.

Fuel Consumption Up To 35 Percent Lower Than Diesel Equivalent

It is stated that the S WAY NP 460 is the ideal truck for long haul haulage business. Outstanding Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) provides comfort, payload, performance and versatility equivalent to or greater than a diesel truck. The new S WAY NP 460 offers a better dynamic performance and has up to 35 percent lower fuel costs than a diesel vehicle, and this economy can be further improved with Smart Reports with driving style evaluation score and IVECO's TCO2 driving economy-focused courses. While it was stated by the brand that long service intervals also contribute to the extremely low TCO, it was told that the service interval, which was already the longest in the sector in the previous model, was increased to 90,000 km, which is twice the competitors. In this way, it is stated that the vehicle spends more time on the road and maintenance costs are reduced. Complex after-treatment systems, particle filters, lack of active regeneration are listed as advantages that contribute to the Stralis NP 460 needing less maintenance.

Fuel Tank Combinations to Fit Any Task

Among the features of the S WAY NP 460, it is stated that it has a wide choice of tank combinations including short, long, right or left mounted, LNG and CNG to customize the vehicle according to the specific requirements of the customer's mission. It is also stated that the vehicle is extremely flexible and offers almost endless production options for customization.

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