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Türkiye ile Romanya Arası İhracat ve İthalat Nakliye Çalışmaları
Türkiye ile Romanya Arası İhracat ve İthalat Nakliye Çalışmaları
Türkiye Taşkömürü Kurumu Genel Müdürlüğü Maden Direği Nakil Hizmeti Alacak
Türkiye Taşkömürü Kurumu Genel Müdürlüğü Maden Direği Nakil Hizmeti Alacak
Isuzu to Collaborate With Drive Electro on EV

Isuzu to Collaborate With Drive Electro on EV

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20 Ekim 2020 Salı - 14:04

Cindilli Automotive Board Member Ali Erdem Cindilli: We Are One Step Ahead As A Ford Brand

As My Truck Magazine, we continue to conduct interviews with the dealers of the important brands of the sector. In this context, Nuray Pekcan, Editor-in-Chief of My Truck Magazine, had a live conversation with Ali Erdem Cindilli, Board Member of Ford Trucks Dealer Cindilli Automotive in Erzurum.

Cindilli Automotive Board Member Ali Erdem Cindilli:  We Are One Step Ahead As A Ford Brand


Making evaluations about the regional market as well as the sector and the Ford Truck brand, Cindilli said that; “With the new normalization, the automotive sector has become more active than we expected; however, there was not as much activity in heavy trade as in automobile and light trade.”

Cindilli Otomotiv Board Member Ali Erdem Cindilli said the following about Cindilli Automotive, a Ford dealer in Erzurum: “Since 1993, our family has been in the automotive business. Since 1993, we have been offering service for automobiles, light commercial vehicles and we have been the seller of the Ford brand. We have been the dealer of Ford Trucks since 2013 and the dealer of Volvo cars since 2017. We are the regional distributor of Castrol and Varta Batteries for automotive. I am also the second generation executive officer of the company. We are maintaining the company established by our boss, our father Mr. Muammer, as the second generation. We are trying to continue this business with my two brothers, Mustafa Onur Cindilli and Muhammet Şamil Cindilli, as the second generation.

Mentioning that they serve neighboring provinces as well as Erzurum, Cindilli said that; “Erzurum region is in a locomotive position. As Cindilli Automotive Ford Truck, we serve Erzurum, Erzincan, Kars, Ağrı, Ardahan, and Iğdır. Of course, these cities have their own variability, but our destinies are almost one. We have a harmony and our cities are similar. Erzurum is a cold city and Kars, Ağrı and Ardahan are such cities. We are like the sisters and brothers. This is especially the food gathering place. Our target is also the people and sectors here.

There was not as much movement in heavy trade as in automobile and light trade

Speaking about the reflections of the pandemic period on the sector, Cindilli said: Unfortunately, in our geography, if a problem begins in the country, it starts here at the earliest, but if there is an improvement, it is here at last. Like every industry stakeholder, we predicted 2020 better than 2019. Even in January and February, I thought we were going to trade trucks beyond our expectations; but pandemic intervened. After the pandemic, everyone had a rush and trouble. Most of the negotiations we expected ended negatively. Afterwards, with the new normalization, the automotive sector became more active than we expected, but there was no movement in heavy trade as much as in automobile and light trade. Erzurum and its surrounding is not a place that has an industry and produces it. We continued our heavy trade activities with animal husbandry, foreign trade and construction in border provinces, but with the new normalization, new construction sites were opened in the environment and in many places. New needs have arisen in both public institutions and private sector, but our region is still a small region for this market. It is a region that is suitable for development but needs a little more time. Because it eats such shocks, it cannot show a full development.

This year is better than last year. We cannot predict how the next year and the pandemic process will be. Therefore, we could not experience the expected increase in this region. Our company is close to the border and there is an Iğdır region as its field of activity. There are some border crossing problems due to the pandemic and the political environment around the world; therefore, when compared with western sides of Turkey, trade is still slow here.

There Were the Pending Demands

Stating that there are pending demands and new demands will be formed, Cindilli said that; “There were the pending demands from 2018 and 2019. These were mostly construction sites of residential areas or road. They were reinstated, but these were not new jobs; they were jobs we had already envisioned. New jobs actually exist and will be even more. However, the pandemic slowed these things down a little more. Only the accumulated jobs and demands turned into purchases. In this sense, we have a little more way to go.


We Are One Step Ahead As The Ford Brand

 Mentioned about what advantages they have as such Ford Truck dealer in Erzurum and surrounding provinces Cindilli said that; “Our biggest advantage is that we are working with a brand with Turkey's highest local content. We are faster than other brands in procurement, and the people we do business with are people who know these places. For this reason, we are one step ahead of other brands that produce outside, but the pandemic especially affects such companies closely. Because everyone produces with social distance. Another advantage of us is that we can respond quickly to the needs of the customer and have an extensive supply network. The pandemic, of course, slowed down our business. But not only these issues, but also slowed the issues in terms of price, quality and approach to our customers. However, we, as the Ford brand, are one step ahead. I see it as the brand of this region. The reason why a structure like Ford Truck, which is restructured and thought to be a new business, adapts to these places so quickly is due to its local and partnership with the Koç Group. Another brand could not have adapted so quickly, whether from Europe or domestically. As Ford Dealers, we already know this region and we are in many parts of Anatolia. "

"We Are Not On The Logistics Lines"

Emphasizing that they have some disadvantages in terms of the market, Cindilli said that; “First, we are not on the logistics lines; we are only on the Iran and Turkmenistan road. Second, we are not an industrial city, nor are we close to ports. In addition, we are not a producing region, we cannot produce something and send it somewhere. It is not at all, but it is not possible to compare it with Kayseri or Konya. There are mostly construction and public investments here. Public affairs sometimes slow down and sometimes become active, I can say that without the public here, there may be problems in our work here.

Our Medicine is to Create A Product Produced Here And Sell Out ... If This Product Is Sold, I Can Find A Truck Or Tow Truck Customer

Indicating that the heavy-duty market in Erzurum will be reflected positively in the area of ??livestock production and supporting the development, Cindilli said that; “There are differences here when compared to many of places around here. The first thing that the state, public and big investors should do here is to support production by establishing a production facility. Erzurum is a livestock city and should be strengthened in this way. Firms that produce and do business are needed here.

A city that was in the top 10 in exports 30-40 years ago. Livestock is actually feeding the people, soil and water of this place. In addition, food supply is made from Erzurum to our regions; that's why food and construction wholesalers are too many here. We can ensure that these people do not only wholesale but also production. Our medicine is to create a product that is manufactured and sold here. If this product is sold, I can find truck or tow truck customers. "

"Relevant Customer Portfolio Can Be Supported In Times Of Livestock Or Construction Sector."

Mentioning about the incentives that are provided and can be provided to customers, Cindilli said that; “In addition to being a local brand, an advantage is that: we know our people and our people's shopping habits. As soon as you provide financing and correct pricing for the customer's exchange according to market conditions, you will already provide the greatest support to your customer. Ford Truck has an organization such as the Truck Market to assist in second hand buying and selling. It is strong in finance with its participation with the banks it works with. Regional based supports can be considered. This can be done from time to time, but support can be provided to the relevant customer portfolio during periods when animal husbandry or the construction sector is active. Maybe, the Ford organization is the best both for trucks and for automotive and light trade among many brands in Turkey. It is one of the few brands that has a dealer council and listens to the voices of the dealers. "

"I Am Sure This Year Will Close Above Our Prediction"

Making evaluations about the situation of the market and the sector for the next year, Cindilli said that; “It is very difficult to predict this year; besides, I am a dealer manager. However, I am sure that this year will close above our prediction. When we looked at the world at the beginning of the year, at least in March, we saw a very different profile. This year seems to be above our expectations. I don't think next year will be worse than 2019 and better than this year. The pandemic seems to continue to affect us. How will our exchanges with Europe and Asia take shape? In fact, we are always a country with potential. We are a country that would be very good at trading if things were better with Syria and our other neighbors. We did not expect such customs in these troubles. We could not imagine doing business in March, April and May; but now we are more cautious. I think we will close this year with more than our predictions at the beginning of the year and next year will not be worse than 2019 at least. Maybe there may not be as surprising numbers as this year.

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