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Lojistik Sektörüne Yüzde 70'e Varan Yatırım Desteği Verilecek
Lojistik Sektörüne Yüzde 70'e Varan Yatırım Desteği Verilecek
Transit Refakat Belgelerinde Önemli Gelişme!
Transit Refakat Belgelerinde Önemli Gelişme!
Our R&D Works Continue For Electric Heavy Vehicles

Our R&D Works Continue For Electric Heavy Vehicles

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11 Haziran 2022 Cumartesi - 14:13

''Future of Electric Vehicles is Very Clear in Turkey''

We are visiting Anadolu Isuzu stand at Busworld this time. We listen to the details of the vehicles exhibited at the booth from Anadolu Isuzu Commercial Functions Group Director Hakan Kefoğlu and Anadolu Isuzu Sales Director Yusuf Teoman.

 Future of Electric Vehicles is Very Clear in Turkey

Anadolu Isuzu Commercial Functions Group Director Hakan Kefoğlu,


We are visiting Anadolu Isuzu stand at Busworld this time. We listen to the details of the vehicles exhibited at the booth from Anadolu Isuzu Commercial Functions Group Director Hakan Kefoğlu and Anadolu Isuzu Sales Director Yusuf Teoman. In our conversation about NovoCiti Volt and Grand Toro, Kefoğlu also gives information about Anadolu Isuzu's market details and new applications for the past year. 

Expressing 2021 as the recovery phase with the pandemic, Kefoğlu states that Anadolu Isuzu received a special award from OSD after this difficult period. Kefoğlu points out that with the award for the fastest growing automotive company from 2020 to 2021, it has been registered that they are the fastest growing company in the sector. Adding that 2021 was a very successful year for Anadolu Isuzu, Kefoğlu said that; “We have reached a market share of 40 percent in the middle class truck. We strengthened and increased our important position in pick-up. Likewise, we had a similar picture in our minibus product group. We also achieved a growth of over 100 percent in exports. Busworld is an important fair because it is the first major fair after the pandemic. We see a fair where international mobility is intense. We are slowly feeling the return to normal. This period was a period of ups and downs, not only in terms of the pandemic, but also with the chip crisis and various supply difficulties. However, I can say that as sector companies, we are quite resistant, resilient and agile in these matters. We also look at 2022 positively and our expectations are in this direction. We feel an increasing and delayed demand, especially on the bus side. We think that these demands will be realized on the basis of sectors over time. Everyone is slowly feeling that the tourism side is returning to normal with schools and public transportation. We do a job that directly touches people, so we are very impressed and impressed. But right now, I can say that that circle is out.”


“Now You See Everything Turned To Digital”

Indicating that digitalization processes are experienced in many areas of life, especially with Industry 4.0, Kefoğlu states that this also affects the sector. For this reason, Kefoğlu stated that digital transformation is taking place in many processes in Anadolu Isuzu facilities and said that; “For example, when we say smart factory process, we are talking about an electronic, digital and paperless process from A to Z. This process is actually automated and makes life easier for users. While there were papers at various production stations in our factory two years ago, now you see that everything has turned into digital. For example, by looking at our application from our smartphone or tablet, we can see which country's vehicle is at which station in our factory, together with its flag, and instantly look at its details and sell it. We have such an infrastructure… So this is one of the most colorful examples.”


“We Produce Ecological Vehicles”

Underlining that they are a brand that has internalized sustainability, Kefoğlu states that they have made a serious investment in solar energy. Also, emphasizing that they will obtain approximately 55 percent of energy from solar panels with this process, Kefoğlu said that; “It is not only for show, but also a process that we internalize, which is of course a very important contribution. Due to the work we do, we produce vehicles in the Euro VI-E series in electric, natural gas or diesel vehicles. Compared to the past, these vehicles are also ecological vehicles. We are experiencing this transformation in our entire product group and we have internalized it. It is very natural that we experience sustainability not only in our products, but also in various stages of our lives.”


“The NovoCiti Volt is a Vehicle with Few Competitors in Europe”


Noting that they have a serious dynamism and strength coming from the R&D department, Kefoğlu emphasizes that they export to 45 countries in the world. Adding that new product processes continue as R&D, Kefoğlu said that; “Novociti Volt has three versions. Our vehicle, which you have seen in our booth area at the fair, has 211 kWhk and a range of approximately 300 km. It has a lower version and an upper version. In the upper version, we can reach a range of 350 km. Of course, as your battery capacity increases, your number of passengers decreases due to battery technologies. When we look at our model, which is a lower version, that is, with a battery capacity of 141 kWh, our passenger capacity increases. While our vehicle with 211 kW/h can carry a total of 52 passengers, in a lower version, the number of passengers can reach up to 58-59.  Likewise, we have two types of fast and slow AC and DC charging. With fast charging, our vehicle can be charged in 2-2.5 hours. Depending on the maximum power provided by the equipment you use, the charging time may vary. Especially in Europe, the category in which this vehicle is located is a very "niche" segment. Because when the normal city bus is mentioned, 12 meters is generally perceived, 12 meters are the main vehicles of the fleets in many places. But in Turkey, there is an old habit originating from traffic, city and street infrastructures, we do transportation with smaller vehicles. This, of course, gave birth to the 8-8.5 meter segment in the municipal bus business. This is a vehicle that has few rivals in Europe, and in this respect, I can say that it is a more special vehicle. We market this vehicle to various countries of the world. We sold it to France, we sell it to Lithuania and our processes continue in this way.”


“A Great Advantage for Our Electric Vehicle Fleets”

Indicating that municipalities or operators affiliated to municipalities need support in the electric vehicle process in Turkey, Kefoğlu states that in a calculation made over ticket prices with normal ticketing mechanisms, it will not be easy to switch to electric vehicles because the initial investment costs are slightly higher. Kefoğlu said that; “But when you look at the whole life cycle cost and compare it with a diesel vehicle, the diesel vehicle cost disappears. Therefore, there are great business advantages and we offer a serious guarantee at the point where you have the financial strength to meet the initial investment cost. Over long periods of time, the overheads are reduced and there is no cost other than electricity. This is a great advantage for our fleets. I believe that the future of electric vehicles is very clear in Turkey. Especially as these calculations start to be made more healthy, we will see that the sales are increasing more and more steadily. This is also the case in the European Union and sales have increased exponentially. We have also seen electric bus sales increase during the pandemic period, whereas diesel sales have slowed down a lot.”


Anadolu Isuzu Sales Director Yusuf Teoman,




We continue our conversation with Hakan Kefoğlu, Commercial Functions Group Director, at Anadolu Isuzu's stand, with Sales Director Yusuf Teoman. Giving details about the Grand Toro, Teoman points out that the vehicle was developed in line with the demands of the customers and that it is the vehicle with the best luggage volume in its class at the moment.


Stating that they introduced the new product of the passenger transportation family, Grand Toro, at Busworld, Teoman states that the vehicle attracted great interest and they also received pre-orders. Mentioning that they offer the bus with two options for 35 and 37 people, Teoman states that the features that the industry needs in terms of operating costs and even the features that customers want to be developed in some areas such as luggage volume are offered in this bus. Teoman said that; “We launched this product with automatic transmission. Because we want to make the automatic transmission preferable for daily use in buses of this class. We also had our vehicle tested beforehand by some of our customers. We got a good return as the features they liked in the manual transmission were more than offered in the automatic transmission in intense urban conditions. We have also offered this automatic transmission 35 and 37-seat Grand Toro to Turkey's use.”


“The Number of Passengers Moved Higher with 35 Persons”

Stating that buses with a capacity of 29 people are generally preferred for personnel and tourism transportation, Teoman states that with the Grand Toro, this number has increased slightly to 35 people, and that the demand for both continues depending on usage. Teoman continued his words as follows: “With our Grand Toro vehicle, which has 35 passengers, we have completed a wide spectrum in the segment where we are strong, such as personnel transportation and municipal transportation in the companies that won the tender, service providers and tourism.”


“Best Luggage Space in Its Class”

Mentioning that the baggage volume has an important place in the transportation of the companies that make tourism and provide municipal services out of the city, Teoman draws attention to the fact that they have reached a baggage volume that can easily meet the demands. Teoman said that; “The Grand Toro is currently the vehicle with the best luggage volume in its class. The doors are easy to open when on the pavement and we have flaps on both sides for easy access when loading suitcases or essential cargo. We offer a product that has been developed to meet the demands of customers completely.”



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