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Azerbaycan İhracat Çalışmaları Devam Ediyor
Azerbaycan İhracat Çalışmaları Devam Ediyor
Malatya Yeşilyurt Belediyesi İş Makinesi ve Kamyon Kiralayacak
Malatya Yeşilyurt Belediyesi İş Makinesi ve Kamyon Kiralayacak
Carrier Transicold Launches Lynx Fleet Solution in Europe, Enhancing Digital Capabilities for Transport Refrigeration

Carrier Transicold Launches Lynx Fleet Solution in Europe, Enhancing Digital Capabilities for Transport Refrigeration

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28 Aralık 2020 Pazartesi - 11:39

Ordu University Ünye Vocational High School Instructor Dr. Deniz Yildiz; "We Do Not Know The Value Of The Ore We Have"

We continue to listen to the evaluations and predictions of the competent names in the logistics sector. In this context, the Editor-in-Chief of My Truck Magazine, Nuray Pekcan asked questions to the Instructor of Ordu University Unye Vocational School Dr. Deniz Yıldız about the logistics industry.

Ordu University Ünye Vocational High School Instructor Dr. Deniz Yildiz;   We Do Not Know The Value Of The Ore We Have


Evaluating the logistics sector and foreign investment matters in Turkey, Yıldız: “When compared, there is higher investment logistics than education but they should be interrogated. A resource is allocated, but is this resource really going there? It is also very important to keep track of it. Frankly, I do not think that logistics is of sufficient importance in our country.”


Yıldız, who describes the logistics process and its importance by defining logistics in general terms, said that; “When I ask my students who come every year, "What is logistics?", they generally refer to it as transportation. In fact, simply saying transportation would be an incomplete definition for logistics. Because when we use the product in any way, when we buy a product that we have or need, we call “logistics” the entire time that passes until the end customers after it is brought to the production point. The logistics process includes demand forecasting, customer service, packaging, handling and transportation. But people always call it transportation when it comes to logistics.”


"The Importance of Logistics Increased Especially During the Pandemic Period"

 Pointing out that the importance of the logistics industry has increased even more during the pandemic period, Yıldız said that; “The importance of logistics has increased especially during the pandemic process today. In the past, we could only buy products from the stores where we live, but technology has improved and there is a reality called globalization. Even if we cannot all produce the things we want, we can have everything produced thanks to logistics. In other words, we can have any product produced anywhere in the world with a single button from where we sit; this is thanks to logistics. The sentences "Logistics are important, it contributes to the economy" remain incomplete. Because it would not be wrong to say that logistics is an important actor in the entire process until concrete products arrive at our home. During the pandemic, people did not leave their homes. Internet shopping, which we call e-commerce, is also carried out through logistics, and I can say that the importance of logistics has increased in this process. It is not only the transportation or the delivery or delivery of a product to us by cargo companies, but also the raw material that is required for the production of the product to be brought to that production point, and this is the responsibility of logistics.

"When We Make Railway and Sea Way Accessible, It Will Increase Efficiency In Terms of Functionality"

Stating that Turkey is a very important geopolitical, Yıldız indicated that intermodal transport is increasingly widespread and that it is one of the important elements in transportation. Regarding the issue, Yıldız said that; “The most used one among intermodal transportation is the shipment by sea and many companies in the world pass through the Bosphorus, but we do not have any income rights due to the Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits. At this point, the state can create other sanction areas. When compared, there is higher investment logistics than education but they should be interrogated. A resource is allocated; but is this resource really going here? It is also very important to keep track of it. Frankly, I do not think that logistics is of sufficient importance in our country. I am currently living in Ordu and the closest active port to us is Samsun Port. They planned to open a logistics village developed as a European project in Samsun Port, but it is still not completed. It will be completed in about 5 years and a good employment will be provided. Samsun is also a very important place strategically. It is even spoken as Ünye Port. There is talk of developments in the context of a direct road from Ünye to Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia. I can only make suggestions to the state on the following issue, the ideas are very good, but they also need to be put into action. As I said, we geopolitically connect two continents; our railroad, which was established in the past in transportation modes, is very advantageous. Railway and sea transportation is very affordable in terms of cost. The only disadvantage is that it is not accessible at almost every point. However, I think it will increase efficiency in terms of functionality when we make it accessible.

"We Do Not Know The Value Of The Ore We Have In Our Hands"

Yıldız, who also expressed the views on foreign investments in the logistics sector said that; “Frankly, we do not know the value of the ore we have in our hands. We use the Build-Operate-Transfer model in the construction of this 3rd airport and the construction of the highway between Istanbul and Izmir. I think like this: they always catch and give us fish, instead we should learn how to catch the fish. This will ensure both the development of our country, the employment and the money that goes out for years. The state allocates a budget, creates a project, but I think the traceability of these is very insufficient. Which other country is surrounded by seas on 3 sides? Why don't we use this! It is very advantageous in terms of activity and can offer great opportunities in terms of accessibility. However, the fact that our companies and our businesses are not aware of, maybe the state's inadequate follow-up brings us to this situation. Will this situation change in the future? Frankly, very different things will happen on behalf of our country, but there is usually foreign capital as capital as long as the investment is made regardless of whether it is foreign or Turkish. Of course, this is more supported when foreign. First of all, I think we should break this point of view. How successful is the state in this regard, how appropriate are the regulations in this regard? I think we take precautions before the balloon goes up. Just as it hurts after an earthquake, the Minister of Urbanization says "we will renew it, we will do it". I wish we could do this without hurting, the logistics industry will be just like that. Slowly, they will have our home even before we understand the value of our location uniting the two continents and the seas on three sides, then we will remain only the spectators of the event from outside.”


"Too Much Work in Logistics in This Regard"

Stating the thoughts on the transportation of the Covid vaccine, which is frequently mentioned during the pandemic process, Yıldız said that; “We cannot always produce everything, this is a fact, but we can have something produced anywhere in the world thanks to logistics. Even if this vaccine will be manufactured in Turkey or even all successful companies are elsewhere, of course, logistics is very important in delivery of vaccine to us. After all, we do not only live in Istanbul or Ankara. There is too much work in logistics in this regard.”

Uluslararası Nakliyeciler Derneği (Und) Strateji ve İş Geliştirme Başkanı Fatih Şener; ''Türk Taşımacısının Maliyeti Batılılardan Daha Farklı''
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