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2 Haziran 2023 Cuma - 11:11

Brand News

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Brand News


Einride and DAF have signed a letter of intent for the supply of 50 all-electric Next Generation DAF trucks. These state-of-the-art vehicles will add to Einride's fleet of electric heavy-duty vehicles, one of the largest of its kind in Europe. The first vehicles in the 50-vehicle series have been ordered and are scheduled to be delivered this year.

The Einride order will consist of DAF XD electric trucks with a wide range of specifications, which the company will put at its disposal to various customers. The vehicles will be equipped with three to five battery packs to achieve a "zero emissions" range of 500 kilometers. All vehicles will be delivered with DAF Repair and Maintenance packages. Maintenance operations are planned to be carried out through the DAF dealer network of over 1100 dealers across Europe.

Robert Ziegler, Managing Director of Einride Europe, said: "Einride is committed to choosing leading truck manufacturers with the best technical performance in the industry. DAF has been the perfect partner for us as we continue to expand our global electric vehicle fleet. With our own freight mobility solutions, DAF' We look forward to setting a new standard in efficient and sustainable transportation while meeting the ever-increasing and changing needs of our customers by bringing together the technology of Turkey.”

Building a Healthier Future

Richard Zink, Director of Marketing and Sales and member of the DAF Board of Directors, said that, "We are proud to deliver our Next Generation Electric vehicles to Einride, a leader in the supply of innovative all-electric mobility packages. As the chosen partner, we offer a comprehensive solution to get the best performance from vehicles."



The New Generation DAF XF 450 has been awarded the "Green Truck 2023" award by leading German trade magazines VerkehrsRundschau and Trucker. Prestigious award recognizes industry-leading transport efficiency and fuel performance.

Every year VerkehrsRundschau and Trucker conduct a comprehensive comparison test with tractor units from all leading brands. The measurement mainly focuses on fuel consumption, which means direct CO2 emissions. In addition, while giving the "Green Truck 2023" award, AdBlue consumption and average speed obtained during the test are also taken into account.

Speaking on the subject, DAF Board Member and Chief Engineer Patrick Dean said that; “The 'Green Truck 2023' award of the Next Generation XF 450 is a great achievement and recognition of the hard work and hard work carried out by the entire team at DAF. Our Next Generation trucks not only set a new standard in fuel efficiency, but also market leading safety and driver comfort, making trucks the ultimate trucks for both drivers and owners. With the 'Green Truck Award', the series has proven that DAF is a true leader in environmental protection."



With 50,000 Next Generation trucks produced, DAF has reached an impressive milestone. The landmark vehicle, a white DAF XG with a 355 kW/ 480 hp PACCAR MX-13 engine, has been officially delivered to Dutch customer Kleijn Transport in Alblasserdam.

John Dekker, Kleijn Transport Finance Director, said that; "Based on our excellent experience with Next Generation vehicles, we are increasing their number to 50. We have chosen the large XG model to perfectly combine the highest fuel efficiency with best-in-class comfort. Comfort is paramount given the current driver shortage."

In his speech, DAF Trucks President Harald Seidel said that; "For the first time in our 95-year history, we have reached this milestone of 50,000 trucks so quickly after launch. This demonstrates the success of the Next Generation DAF trucks. This milestone both represents the great features of the vehicles and is a reflection of the industry-leading quality our committed employees deliver to our customers every day.”



Ford introduced the new, fully electric E-Tourneo Courier, developed by Ford Otosan engineers, within the scope of its vision of 'Live the Future Today', which leads the future of the automotive world.

Standing out with its distinctive SUV-inspired design and designed for adventure, the multi-purpose Tourneo Courier also offers passengers ample space with its style and five seats.

The newest member of Ford's versatile Tourneo family, available with extensive digital experiences and connected features to make electric vehicle ownership more attractive and accessible, is powered by a refined all-electric powertrain. Practical remote software updates (OTA) also allow to further enhance the vehicle's user experience with connectivity technologies.

Ford CEO Jim Farley said: "Exciting new vehicles like the E-Tourneo Courier are Ford's future in Europe. Electric is fueled by the need for fun and adventure. Our new all-electric multipurpose vehicle is about to deliver connected, indispensable vehicles for our customers. It's the latest indicator of our global investment."

The E-Tourneo Courier is one of ten all-electric models Ford has committed to offer in Europe by 2024. Targeting net zero emissions in all vehicle sales by 2035, Ford is investing $50 billion globally to bring more than 2 million fully electric vehicles to users by the end of 2026.

Designed for Adventure

Developed to create a spacious and functional vehicle, the E-Tourneo Courier has a dynamic and compact design. While the short nose and simple lines in the exterior design strengthen the sense of visual width and durability, Ford's signature chrome diamond grille and end-to-end headlights unique to electric vehicles complete the futuristic look of the vehicle.

The fully electric and versatile E-Tourneo Courier has been developed to comfortably carry five people and their luggage. A 60-40 split rear seat and a 44 percent larger trunk space than the current Tourneo Courier take practicality to the next level2. Users also benefit from improved shoulder and headroom, as well as a range of useful storage options, including a configurable center console, concealed luggage compartment and 44-litre trunk.

The in-car digital experiences are centered around the 'digiboard' instrument cluster, which includes the full digital instrument cluster and the SYNC 4 infotainment system controlled via a 12-inch wide touchscreen 3. The fully connected cabin offers wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration4, as well as a phone charging pad 5 to keep you connected on the go. Over-the-air software updates can be scheduled to increase functionality over time without the need for service.

The E-Tourneo Courier is available in a number of stylish range options, including a contrast roof color, fender arch trims and roof bars.

All-Electric New Driving Experience

The 100 kW (136 PS) e-motor of the E-Tourneo Courier promises a smooth and all-electric driving experience, while the selectable single-pedal drive mode enhances this experience6. The most comprehensive advanced driver assistance systems package7 in its class, makes daily driving and long road trips enjoyable. Drivers can also choose between Normal, Eco and Slick driving modes.

The E-Tourneo Courier is offered with two different charging options, 11kW in AC and 100kW in DC. The end-to-end home charging solution designed by Ford makes charging management easier for users with its convenient charging application and the timing feature developed to benefit from a more convenient electricity tariff at night. With the AC charging feature, 10-100 percent charge is provided in 5.7 hours8. With the DC fast charging feature of the E-Tourneo Courier, which includes public chargers, users can charge their vehicles in just 10 minutes and add 87 km of range, as well as provide 10-80 percent charge in less than 35 minutes when they need a fast charge away from home.

Officially confirmed driving range will be published closer to the sale date. The emitted range (intended target value according to WLTP) can be achieved with a fully charged battery depending on the current series and battery configuration. Actual range may vary depending on various factors such as weather conditions, driving behavior, route profile, vehicle condition, age and condition of the lithium-ion battery.

Officially confirmed fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions figures will be published as the sale date approaches. Declared fuel/energy consumptions, CO2 emissions and electric driving range are determined according to the technical requirements and specifications of the Council of Europe (EC) 715/2007 and (EU) 2017/1151 (last modified) regulations. The standard test procedures applied make it possible to make comparisons between different vehicle types and different manufacturers.

Cargo and payload capacity is limited by weight and weight distribution.

Do not drive while you are distracted or using handheld devices. Use voice-activated systems whenever possible. Some features may be locked while the vehicle is in gear. Not all features are compatible with all phones.

Requires phone with active data service and compatible software. SYNC 4 does not control third-party products while in use. Third parties are solely responsible for their respective functionality.

Current Qi wireless charging may not be compatible with all mobile phones.

Single Pedal Drive is an extra driving aid. It does not replace the driver's attention and judgment or the need to apply the brakes. See Owner's Manual for details and limitations.

Driver assistance features are complementary and do not replace the driver's attention, judgment and need to control the vehicle. It is not a substitute for safe driving. See user manual for details and limitations.

Charging time based on manufacturer computer engineering simulations. As the battery reaches full capacity, the charging speed decreases. Your results may vary depending on peak charging times and battery charge status.


Continuing its Country Expansion, Ford Trucks Reaches 48 Markets


Carrying out successive openings in important markets with the aim of spreading all over Europe, Ford Trucks continued its strategic growth with Denmark. Ford Trucks with the Danish move; After Central, Eastern and Western Europe, this time it stepped into the Scandinavian market and reached a total of 48 markets.

Ford Trucks, which has been successful in Europe with its wide product portfolio and innovative technologies, especially its tractor F-MAX, the winner of the 2019 International Truck of the Year (ITOY) award, will cooperate with FTD A/S in the Danish market, which has strategic importance in its expansion plans to northern countries.

Stating that they have taken important steps in terms of permanent and strong growth by opening successive openings in key markets in Europe, Emrah Duman, Ford Trucks Deputy General Manager said that; “We left the year behind. While we are breaking new ground, we also continue to write a success story in 2023. We believe that Denmark, one of the markets with the highest quality and service expectations in the heavy commercial sector, offers important opportunities for our brand, and we are very pleased to cooperate with FTD A/S, one of the leading and experienced organizations in the industry. Together with our partners, we aim to create value for our new customers with all our products and services, especially our internationally award-winning F-MAX.”

“We Will Be in 50 Countries By The End Of 2024”

Emphasizing that Europe is Ford Trucks' main export market and Denmark has a key role in its growth plans here, Emrah Duman said that; “Denmark is a very important country because it connects Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries to a market with more than a hundred million consumers. It is also one of the leading countries in Europe in the fields of technology and innovation. Operating in this country is a critical step in both our operations and our global growth plans. As Ford Trucks, we continue our growth plans in Europe without slowing down, the Netherlands and Switzerland will be next, our goal is to expand all over Europe. We aim to expand our global operations to 50 countries by the end of 2024.”



Ford Otosan, which has prepared more than 300 of its suppliers to be carbon neutral until 2035, in line with its long-term sustainability goals, which it has set forth with the vision of "The Future is Now", has announced the "Supplier Sustainability Manifesto".

Sustainability will now be a criterion in supplier selection for Ford Otosan, which continues its efforts with the aim of pioneering the transformation of the automotive industry.

Ford Otosan is taking strong, comprehensive and determined steps towards becoming the pioneer of transformation in the entire ecosystem by including its suppliers, dealer network and business partners in its work, in line with its long-term sustainability goals that it has set forth with its “Future is Now” vision.

Ford Otosan, which has one of the largest supply chains in Turkey and values the adoption of its sustainability strategy by all its stakeholders, took an important step and shared its "Supplier Sustainability Manifesto" at the Supplier Sustainability Conference it held.

Ford Otosan, which has prepared more than 300 of its suppliers to become carbon neutral by 2035 with the aim of "working with the leading supply chain in the field of sustainability", clarified its roadmap with this manifesto. The roadmap aims to convey Ford Otosan's understanding of sustainability to its business partners and to ensure that all suppliers in the value chain work in harmony with Ford Otosan's sustainability approach in environmental, social and governance areas.

Ford Otosan Purchasing Leader Murat Senir said that; “As Ford Otosan, we pioneer sustainability, accountability and transparency practices in the automotive industry in the countries where we operate. We launched the Supplier Sustainability Assessment and Development Program in 2022, so that our supply chain reaches the stage where its emission impact is zero. Now we are taking our vision to lead our industry one step further, we now define sustainability as a criterion for Ford Otosan in supplier selections. After this stage, we ask our suppliers to form teams that will work on sustainability, to fully participate in the trainings and audits we will carry out, to take action to increase their sustainability performance, to make annual reports and to adhere to our Stakeholder Sustainability Manifesto.”

What the Supply Chain Sustainability Manifesto Covers?

The commitments Ford Otosan expects from its suppliers in accordance with the "Supplier Sustainability Manifesto", working with the goal of being among the most valuable supply chain organizations in the world, are as follows:

To prioritize projects that will support the goal of being carbon neutral by 2050, to implement energy efficiency projects. To make designs, activities and reports that will increase the use of renewable energy and materials.

To reduce water consumption per product resulting from operational processes, to prioritize innovative and sustainable water management systems in new investments and projects, and to focus primarily on water management in campuses experiencing water stress.

To prevent waste generation, to reduce waste at its source, to use resources more efficiently within the scope of circular economy or to research their use as alternative raw materials, to develop projects and practices to reduce wastes going to landfill.

Opposing the use of language that reinforces stereotypes targeting gender, sexual orientation, race or physical characteristics. To promote open, fair, non-violent communication. Adopting an egalitarian, inclusive policy and cooperating with institutions that value human rights.

Supporting the community through community investment projects, donations and sponsorship activities.

In all business and transactions; To comply with the laws, international agreements to which the Republic of Turkey is a party, the United Nations Global Compact, and adopt accountability and openness as a principle.

To act in accordance with the Working Principles and Code of Ethics in all business, actions and transactions.

To follow a sustainable and transparent policy in the supply chain, to adopt the issues specified in the Ford Otosan Conflict Minerals Policy in this direction, and to ensure the supply of minerals in the supply chain from conflict-free areas. 

Ford Otosan Pioneers the Sector with its “The Future is Now” Vision

In 2022, Ford Otosan announced its goals that will transform the future of the automotive ecosystem in Turkey, in many areas from climate change to waste management and circular economy, from diversity and inclusion to volunteering projects that will contribute to social welfare, with the vision of “The Future is Now”.

In this context, Ford Otosan aims to be carbon neutral in 2030 at its production facilities and R&D center in Turkey. In addition to the supply chain, the company aims to make its logistics operations carbon neutral by 2035.

Among its commitments to the circular economy and zero waste, to advance with a zero-waste policy in landfills in its operations by 2030, to completely remove single-use plastics from personal use, to increase the rate of recycled and renewable plastics in the use of plastics in manufactured vehicles to 30 percent, to reduce the use of clean water per vehicle in its facilities by 40 percent by 2030

Ford Otosan, which provides the highest number of female employment in the automotive industry, aims to increase the rate of women in all management positions to 50 percent in 2030. In addition, it aims to support initiatives where at least half of the management staff is women, and to reach 100 thousand women by 2026 through awareness, education and financial support projects for the society. In addition to these targets, it commits to increase the rate of women working in the company in the field of technology and innovation to 30 percent and to double it in its entire dealer network.



Citivolt, the 100 percent electric, zero-emission bus developed by Anadolu Isuzu in its R&D center in line with current market trends and the demands and needs of its customers, and produced in accordance with European quality standards, has started its European demo tour.

Citivolt, the 100 percent electric vehicle of Anadolu Isuzu, Turkey's commercial vehicle brand, set off for a European demo tour in April. Isuzu Citivolt will meet with potential corporate customers in 14 countries between April and November as part of its European demo tour events.

As part of its European demo tour, Isuzu Citivolt will travel to: Romania, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Serbia, Greece in Eastern Europe, Spain, France, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy in Western Europe and it will carry out promotional activities in 20 cities.

Anadolu Isuzu Commercial Functions Group Director Hakan Kefoğlu said that; “As Anadolu Isuzu, we are among the actors of the comprehensive transformation that the entire automotive industry has been going through recently, including the commercial vehicles segment. We not only follow the trends that will shape the future of the industry, but also focus on sustainability as our main priority in all our activities, from research and development to delivery and after-sales services. We export our vehicles, which we have developed in accordance with today's and tomorrow's customer demands and expectations, to many countries of the world. Our R&D power and our ability to produce vehicles that best meet the expectations of our customers in our modern production facilities with the features of a 'smart factory' in Çayırova are among our greatest advantages. As Anadolu Isuzu, we continue to develop our product range with new vehicles we produce in line with our electric vehicle vision. We have a say in the production of environmentally friendly vehicles. In addition to our 100 percent electric Citivolt and NovoCiti Volt buses, we have developed our product segment with 100 percent biogas compatible, CNG fueled Kendo.”



Turkey's commercial vehicle brand Anadolu Isuzu continues its export successes with its developing electric vehicle portfolio. Within the scope of the tenders participated and won by Anadolu Isuzu, the delivery of more than 100 fully electric NovoCiti Volt and CitiVolt series buses will be completed by the end of the year.

In his assessment of the company's achievements with its fully electric buses, Anadolu Isuzu General Manager Tuğrul Arıkan said that; “Today, the automotive industry is undergoing a comprehensive transformation all over the world, and as Isuzu, we are among the active actors of the commercial vehicles industry in this process. We not only follow the trends that shape the future of the sector, but also direct these developments with our experience, R&D capabilities and superior production quality. We focus on sustainability as our main priority in all our activities, from the research and development stage to delivery and after-sales services, and we export our vehicles, which we have developed in accordance with the demands and expectations of our customers, to many countries of the world. As Anadolu Isuzu, our zero-emission, quiet, environment-friendly models, which we produce in line with our electric vehicle vision, also achieve significant success. Our fully electric vehicles, which we produce in our modern production facilities with the features of a 'smart factory' in Çayırova, meet the expectations of our customers in the best way, attracting great attention from all over the world. Our electric bus export, which started with our NovoCiti Volt model, which we first delivered to France in 2021, grows with each passing quarter with the addition of the CitiVolt series. We will continue to prioritize our sector in the country and around the world by increasing our strength with new models in the rapidly developing fully electric bus segment.”



Playing a leading role in the transformation of Europe's transportation infrastructure with its electric and autonomous vehicles, Karsan continues its growth in its main markets. In this context, Karsan, which won the tender for 23 electric vehicles held in Chitila, Romania, will be the first to export the 12-meter size of the e-ATA model, as well as the 8-meter e-ATAK.

Saying that they aim to deliver the vehicles by the end of this year, Karsan CEO Okan Baş said: “Within the scope of the tender, we will install a total of 28 fast and slow charging stations in Chitila, together with our electric buses. Thus, we will achieve the electrification of the public transport system of the city of Chitila. As Karsan, we are happy to provide the first electric vehicles of the city of Chitila with our leading role in electric mobility.”

Our Karsan Electric Park in Romania Will Reach 240 Vehicles!

Emphasizing that Romania is one of Karsan's main markets, Okan Baş said: “With our distributor Anadolu Automobil Rom, the Karsan brand is growing stronger in the Romanian market. As of today, 175 electric Karsan branded vehicles are in service in Romania. With the latest Chitila tender we won and the current orders we will deliver, our vehicle park in the country will reach 240 units by the end of the year. We will also establish charging stations within the scope of the tender. In this way, we will have realized the electric transformation of the public transportation system of the city of Chitila. As Karsan, we will continue to accelerate our development in new markets, while strengthening our presence in our target markets.”



Starting with the mission of being a company that its employees and all organizations with which it has commercial relations are happy to be with, Koçaslanlar Holding crowned this with its understanding of domestic and foreign customer satisfaction, and gave trailer product training to its heavy vehicle sales consultants, together with Tırsan. At the meeting, where all the products of Tırsan, one of the leading brands in the sector, were explained in detail, it was aimed to increase the service quality.

Koçaslanlar Holding Chairman of the Board Mahmut Koçaslan, Board Member Lokman Koçaslan, Koçaslanlar Holding Tırsan Sales Director Mehmet Demir, Tırsan Regional Sales Coordinator Can Acar, Tırsan Turkey Sales Director Ertuğrul Erkoç, Tırsan Tanker-Silobaz Product Group Manager Osman Keleş and Koçaslanlar Holding Heavy Vehicle Sales Consultants joined the training.

Long-standing Association

Tırsan Turkey Sales Director Ertuğrul Erkoç, who underlined that the trainings are extremely productive, said that; “Tırsan is the fourth trailer manufacturer in Europe in terms of trailer production numbers and the first in terms of product diversity. Tırsan Gebze R&D facility will soon open Europe's largest R&D facility, where 400 engineers are employed and all kinds of trailer tests can be performed. Koçaslanlar Holding and Tırsan have a long-standing partnership. With this training we have given, we have shared your information about the basic information of Tırsan trailers and the correct positioning of the products they will offer to their customers in the field, with our new friends. In addition, we have reinforced the knowledge of our friends who have taken these trainings before.”

 “We Will Continue to Increase Our Knowledge”

Koçaslanlar Holding Tırsan Sales Director Mehmet Demir said that; “With the Tırsan training we have carried out, we aimed to refresh the knowledge of heavy vehicle sales consultants serving within Koçaslanlar Holding and to provide basic trailer training to our new recruits. Our sales consultants within the body of the holding offer all of TIRSAN's trailer products to our customers, as well as the heavy vehicle brands we have served. We aim to obtain all the information our customers may need about these products we offer and to provide a complete service to our customers. The training we have given for this purpose has been very productive. Our trainings will continue to be held at regular intervals. We will continue to increase our know-how exponentially every day in order to create total benefit.” 



Koçaslanlar Insurance, an organization that has brought a different perspective to the sector since 2000 and has become one of the leading agencies in Turkey with its professional staff and conscious approach, was awarded with the Anadolu Insurance Plaza Stars League Plaque by means of its premium production, regional ranking and profitability performance in 2022. Koçaslanlar Insurance General Manager Rasim Güngör, Anadolu Insurance Marmara Regional Manager Ömer Ceylan, Marmara Regional Director Eylem Kukul, Marmara Regional Manager Deputy Barbaros Göllü and Marmara Region Agency Representative Bora Bayındır were present at the presentation, which was attended by all Koçaslanlar Insurance employees.

Koçaslanlar Insurance General Manager Rasim Güngör said that; “As Koçaslanlar Insurance, we have been aiming to be an insurance agency that everyone will prefer with lifelong confidence, to be with our customers from the past to the future with the same understanding, and to be the strongest link in the chain between customers and insurance companies. We aim to maintain the position of our agencies and to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. In line with these goals, we have continuously diversified our service areas, expanded our staff and increased our service quality. As a result of all our hard work in 2022, we are proud to receive the Stars League Plaque from Anadolu Insurance, which was established on April 01, 1925 by the order of Atatürk, almost as old as the history of the Republic, and the giant plane tree of the insurance industry. I would like to express my gratitude to Anadolu Insurance, who deemed us worthy of this award, to our stakeholders, to all our customers who preferred us, and to our teammates who made the greatest contribution to our success. As Koçaslanlar Insurance, we will continue to serve and create value at full speed.”



Continuing its production in Tire since 2012 and opening its chassis factory in 2016, KRONE started to realize its investments in order to respond to the increasing sector demand. 

The expansion of the chassis factory, the foundation of which was laid in October 2022, has been completed and a new closed area of 4,800 m2 has been added to the factory. In addition to the new indoor area, the existing 5,000 m2 indoor area was revised. With the enlargement studies, it is aimed to produce 7,000 trailers in 2023.

KRONE Group CEO, Dr. David Frink, COO Dr. Stefan Binnewies, CTO Alfons B. Veer, KRONE Commercial Vehicles General Manager Kartal C. Erköy and KRONE Trailer International General Manager Semih Pala had the opening ceremony of the new facility, which was commissioned on May 8.

Alfons B. Veer said in his statement that; “We saw that the investment we made by opening the chassis factory in Turkey in 2016 was the right decision. Our trust in Turkey continues, we are increasing the capacity by enlarging the chassis factory with the new investment decision. I would like to thank the KRONE Türkiye management and team for their work.”



MAN Trucks Recognizes Pedestrians and Cyclists, Provides Safe Driving Support to the Driver with its Superior Technology

MAN trucks make a difference with their new technological features. MAN's new "FrontDetection" safety system detects pedestrians and cyclists and neutralizes situations that can be dangerous for even the most vulnerable road users. With its traffic sign recognition, tire pressure gauge and electronic semi-trailer lashing assist systems, MAN saves drivers from long-term stressful jobs. Together with its axles, it provides fuel savings of up to 6 percent. In addition, with the MAN PowerMatic transmission, MAN TGL and TGMs start the first movement without wear, making gear changes more efficient.

New generation assistance systems that can detect pedestrians and cyclists make MAN trucks even safer, especially for vulnerable road users.

MAN GPS-assisted Cruise Control- cruise control provides even more economical driving with PredictiveDrive.

The new MAN PowerMatic automatic transmission with torque converter makes gear changes more efficient in MAN TGL and TGM and does not allow any wear.

One of the most important problems experienced by truck drivers while driving is the lack of sufficient visibility in blind spots. Especially when delivering in the city, maneuvering in the transport area or in uncertain transition situations or when entering roundabouts; pedestrians or cyclists can cross the hard-to-see area directly in front of the vehicle. The driver may not immediately notice the pedestrian or cyclist crossing this area.

MAN's new "FrontDetection" safety system detects whether pedestrians or cyclists are in the hard-to-see area directly in front of the vehicle, and warns the driver visually and audibly during departure situations and at speeds as low as 10 km/h. This innovation effectively makes such risky situations in city traffic safe for the most vulnerable road users. The new safety function is included in MAN's third generation Emergency Brake Assistant - EBA - warning and braking strategy. This system detects other road users who are not in the lane directly in front of the truck but could potentially cross from a speed as low as 10 km/h, warns the driver of a possible collision and automatically applies the emergency brake if necessary.

Along with new developments, MAN has also updated the MAN AttentionGuard attention warning system, which detects dangerous driving and warns the driver visually and audibly. Further developed compared to the previous version, MAN AttentionGuard continuously evaluates the driver's lane keeping stability and steering interventions. In addition, if the system detects a decrease in driver attention, it can warn the driver before violating the lane marking. Especially in low visibility situations and night driving, the distance warning system also contributes to safety on long journeys. If the driver falls below the legal minimum distance to the vehicle in front of him, the system immediately warns him. When the distance-controlled cruise control ACC, which independently maintains the correct distance, is not activated, the display of the actual distance to the vehicle ahead in meters also helps to re-determine and maintain the correct distance. Distance warning and ACC thus significantly reduce the risk of rear-end collisions as a preventative measure.

Quick central access to all these assistance functions developed by MAN is provided by a new button on the multifunction steering wheel or on the instrument panel, depending on the equipment. Thus, functions such as lane change and turn assistance, MAN long-distance traffic assistant CruiseAssist or pedestrian and cyclist detection FrontDetection can be activated easily without menu deviations. Another contribution of MAN to preventive road safety stands out as the breathalyzer connection front, which measures the alcohol content in the breath and allows the engine to be started only if the driver is able to drive. Thus, an important contribution is made to the prevention of tragic alcohol-related accidents.

More Support for Drivers Who Drive Every Day 

In addition to the numerous active warning or preventive safety systems, MAN Trucks also offers new systems that significantly relieve the driver in their daily work and thus indirectly contribute more to safety. One of them is the new traffic sign recognition system. Real-time display of the traffic and speed regulations in effect in the driving situation makes the driver's job easier and helps him to focus completely on the driving task and the traffic without worrying about missing the traffic restrictions that he or she must comply with.

Another innovation of MAN that makes driving easier is that trailers and semi-trailers equipped with sensors can display tire pressure and temperature data. Correct tire pressure; In addition to reducing consumption and wear, it also reduces the risk of possible tire bursts and fire due to overheating.

MAN also makes reversing safer with its innovations. This innovation is supported by an innovative technology called Reversing Motion System, which is offered as a standard option and via the rear-mounted camera. When reverse gear is engaged, the rear view is automatically displayed on the entertainment system screen, and the system can also be activated manually at any time with a button on the instrument panel. That way, the driver can always keep an eye on what's happening behind his vehicle.

Another important system developed for driver safety and comfort is the fifth wheel coupling equipped with sensors. A semi-trailer sensor on the fifth wheel plate, a king pin sensor on the coupling lock, and a locking sensor on the access guard monitor the coupling process and transmit information directly to the driver via the digital display. So the driver can see directly from the cockpit that the fifth wheel is locked correctly. This provides an important comfort and confidence, especially in night conditions.

MAN also simplifies the coupling of the semi-trailer to the tractor with the new air suspension control it has developed. This innovation is provided by the ergonomic, wired remote control positioned next to the driver's seat. This innovation, which makes it possible to control the trailer's air suspension, also allows the air suspension functions to be used via the multi-function steering wheel and the built-in menu. This reduces the lifting and lowering times of the trailer by up to 50 percent, providing significant time savings.

Another innovation of MAN is the new voice recognition system with the driver card. This innovation, which enables its drivers to easily change their settings according to different languages, allows 28 more languages to be downloaded free of charge with MAN Now on the RIO platform, in addition to the two standard languages, German and English. Besides the features such as Language Recognition, Language Pack, Idle Shutdown (the system that reduces unnecessary idling for long periods), driving efficiency systems, MAN EfficientCruise and MAN EfficientRoll, driving time control systems, MAN TimeInfo and MAN TimeControl; driving programs for the MAN TipMatic transmission are also offered as retrofits from 2022 models, with the remote software download function directly to the vehicle.

More Performance, Efficiency and Usage Optimization from MAN

In addition to safety updates to support drivers, MAN Truck & Bus takes the competition further with innovations that increase both performance and fuel economy. The new D26 engine consumes noticeably less fuel, while delivering an extra 10 HP and 50 Nm thanks to significant internal improvements since IAA 2022. In addition to the aerodynamic improvements made especially in cabin gap transitions, windshield, side and roof spoilers, the new low friction axle gear oil provides light drive axles and even more proactive MAN EfficientCruise fuel savings of up to 6 percent. With the newly integrated PredictiveDrive function, GPS cruise control is made even more efficient, while planning the optimum speed curve according to the topography ahead for predictive driving; and for this, it selects the most fuel-efficient engine operating point, taking into account the gear level. Moreover, it does this only after it accelerates to 30 km / h.

In MAN's TGL and TGM series, the new transmission stands out as the most important innovation in the powertrain area. The new MAN PowerMatic enables the MAN TGL and TGM to change gears much more efficiently. At the same time, it offers particularly wear-free starting and very high acceleration thanks to the torque converter in the automatic transmission. This makes the use of this technology even more ideal for applications belonging to institutions such as fire brigades as well as urban operations.

The innovation portfolio of innovations currently available for order for the TGX, TGS, TGL and TGM is complemented by a new battery management system that takes into account the increasing requirements of a large number of additional systems that consume electricity during idling and ensures the vehicle's starting ability by shutting down less important systems. Especially at IAA 2022, Meiller further expanded its TRIGENIUS tipper range with new products. Thus, the portfolio of ex-factory superstructure solutions for all four truck series of MAN has grown significantly and started to offer the most ideal new solutions to its customers.

Together with the MAN Mobile24 mobility guarantee, the scope of which has been expanded once again, MAN now provides drivers with many of the support they need with MAN ServiceCare, which also offers appointments abroad, roadside assistance support, tire service applications and online detailed status reports. In line with its "Simplifying Business" claim, MAN is making trucks with lions in the radiator grille more driver- and customer-oriented, more efficient and user-friendly, and above all safer, by presenting a special package containing new innovations to its customers.



Mercedes-Benz Turk, which has been providing training for many years for the efficient, safe and comfortable use of the latest technology vehicles it produces, has launched a new training program called "Instructor Captains". The "Instructor Captains" trainings, the first session of which was held in February by the Mercedes-Benz Turk Training Group, are organized for the chief drivers of the fleet customers.

A total of 36 people attended the first training, which was held in three separate groups at the Mercedes-Benz Turk Training Center between 22-24 February. The chief drivers, who received information on economic driving in the theoretical stage of the training, achieved fuel savings of up to 15 percent by using the knowledge they learned in the practical stage.

"Instructor Captains" trainings are carried out theoretically and practically.

Aiming at the adoption of Mercedes-Benz's new driving philosophy by the chief drivers of the fleet customers, the "Instructor Captains" trainings consist of two phases, theoretical and practical. Gear changes, duration, average speed, average and total fuel consumption are also measured in the trainings, where test drives are made to the chief drivers according to their experience and the driving data is recorded.

Organizing the theoretical trainings in two parts within the scope of "Instructor Captains" trainings; Mercedes-Benz Turk delivers the technical description of current bus technologies, innovations, practical applications of modern engine and Powershift transmission technology, eco driving package explanations and warnings about the exhaust gas cleaning system and DPF to the participants in the first part of the theoretical training. In the second part of the theoretical training, forward-thinking driving philosophy, Euro 6 engine, Powershift technology, effective use of driving systems, Mercedes-Benz's driving philosophy and economic driving recommendations for drivers are delivered.

The final drive, which is held in the practical part of the training, enables the participants to demonstrate their newly acquired driving skills in an economical and energy-efficient manner as much as possible. During the ride, where the training experts guide, the details of the ride are recorded and the results are evaluated.



Contributed significantly to the Turkish economy for many years and is the pioneer of the Turkish heavy commercial vehicle industry, Mercedes-Benz Turk has started to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic with the "STRONG100 with the Republic" labels applied to the trucks and buses it produces.

Mercedes-Benz Turk, which has been one of the cornerstones of the heavy commercial vehicle industry in Turkey since 1967, had a historic success by unloading its 100,000th bus in 2022. Mercedes-Benz Turk Aksaray Truck Factory, which was opened on October 11, 1986, reached an important milestone by producing its 320 thousandth truck in the said period. The company aims to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic with its employees through various activities throughout the year.



In the centennial of the Republic, Mercedes-Benz Turk traveled from city to city and met with the girls whose education they supported, and finally met with Star Girls in Konya.

Mercedes-Benz Turk officials last met with Yıldız Girls on April 29 at the Konya branch of the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life. Within the scope of the visit, which was carried out with the aim of contributing to the personal development of the scholars, company officials shared their knowledge and experience with Star Girls.


The stars of the coach industry took the stage with their new equipment

Mercedes-Benz Turk, introduced the 2023 model year hardware changes in Travego and Tourismo

Always acting with the principle of improvement in its vehicles in the light of feedback from passengers, drivers and customers, Mercedes-Benz Turk made a strong impression with the innovations it made in its 2023 model vehicles.

Equipping the Travego and Tourismo model vehicles, the stars of the coach industry, with new features, the company continues to raise the standards in the sector.

The 2023 model year hardware changes presented in the Travego and Tourismo produced at Hoşdere Bus Factory were introduced to the public at the press conference held on 5 May.

Mercedes-Benz Turk, which always acts with the principle of improvement in its vehicles in the light of feedback from passengers, drivers and customers, introduced its innovations in 2023 model Travego and Tourismo coaches with a press conference held at Mercedes-Benz Turk Headquarters Bus Delivery Hall on 5 May.

Making a speech at the press conference, Mercedes-Benz Turk Bus Sales and Marketing Directorate Product Management Group Manager Cem Demirel said: This painting, which is our source of pride, also imposes important responsibilities on us. We listen to our stakeholders in the industry, and take swift action to meet their expectations at the highest level. We are constantly improving our vehicles in line with the developments in technology and our intense R&D studies. We started to offer the developments that are the product of these efforts to our customers in our 2023 model Travego and Tourismo coaches. I believe that the expectations of all our sector stakeholders, who are eagerly waiting for the innovations in our vehicles, will again be met at the highest level. We will continue to work non-stop to make our vehicles that come off the production lines of our Hoşdere Bus Factory safer, more comfortable and more economical.”

2023 model year hardware changes

The highlights of the 2023 model year changes offered by Mercedes-Benz Turk for Travego and Tourismo coaches are as follows:

Expanding the driver's rest area: In order to increase driver comfort, the volume of the driver rest area has been increased with the structural changes made in the driver rest area in all Travego and Tourismo models.

Change of kitchen type and location: In all Tourismo models, new types of kitchens (with and without water heater) were offered instead of the existing kitchen. At the same time, a relocation was made by moving the kitchens to the right part of the middle entrance. Thus, while entering and exiting the vehicle from the middle door and the driver's rest area from inside the vehicle were made more comfortable, wider seat intervals were obtained for the passengers.

Tourismo Black Edition: The Black Edition scope (black design parts on the front), previously offered in Travego models, has become standard equipment in Tourismo models in line with the positive feedback received from the industry.

Aluminum alloy wheels: Aluminum alloy wheels, offered as an option in the Tourismo 15 model, have become standard equipment. The stylish exterior appearance of aluminum alloy wheels and the advantage of a weight reduction of approximately 40 percent were valid for all coaches.

Air conditioning in the driver's rest area: The air conditioning feature in the driver's rest area, which was offered as an option in the Tourismo 15 model, started to be offered as standard equipment.

AGM batteries and other electrical changes: In all Travego and Tourismo coaches, new generation AGM batteries, which are maintenance-free, environmentally friendly and safer, have become standard equipment instead of the existing water-type batteries. IBS energy management system, which is standard equipment in Travego models, has become standard equipment in all Tourismo models in order to balance the energy consumption and production in the vehicle more efficiently. In addition, necessary electrical changes have been implemented to prevent the use of additional equipment when the vehicles are not running. With all these steps, it is aimed to offer longer-lasting batteries and more comfortable vehicle use in the winter months.

360° camera: With the 360° camera system, which is standard on Travego models and optionally on Tourismo models, it is aimed to provide all-round visibility and maximum safety while maneuvering or driving at low speeds. Using images from four exterior cameras located in the front, rear and sides of the vehicle, it is ensured that the driver can see passers-by and obstacles in areas that they cannot normally see. The driver can access the 360° top view of the vehicle and any of the four exterior cameras via the 10" screen in the cockpit.

Mercedes-Benz Luxline passenger seats: Top class Luxline passenger seats, which have been offered for many years in Travego 15 vehicles with 2+2 seat arrangement, have also become standard in Tourismo 15 and Tourismo 16 2+2 models. With the adjustable headrest system, both more comfortable and more stylish passenger seats are offered as standard in all travel buses with 2+2 seat arrangement.

Change in USB units: USB units for passengers in all Travego and Tourismo coaches were changed from A+A to A+C in line with the feedback received from the industry. With the conversion of one of the dual outputs to type C, charging opportunity was also offered for new generation electronic devices.

Change in entrance areas: In all Travego and Tourismo coaches, PVC side surface coverings were used instead of fabric in order to match the side surfaces in the front and middle entrance areas with the aisle and podium coverings and for a more elegant appearance. Thus, cleaning was also facilitated.

Many innovations were introduced in the Travego and Tourismo coaches in 2022.

Equipping the Travego and Tourismo coaches with many innovations in 2022, some of the innovations offered by Mercedes-Benz Turk in the said period are as follows:

Manual folding exterior mirrors: In order to increase the maneuvering efficiency of coaches in tight spaces, manual folding exterior mirrors have become standard equipment in all Tourismo models.

Right exterior mirror with entrance lighting: The right exterior mirror with entrance lighting has been added to the standard equipment in all Travego and Tourismo models in order to increase the comfort of passengers getting in and out of the vehicle through the front door.

Boarding assistance (tilt) system: The boarding assistance (tilt) system has become standard equipment in all Travego and Tourismo models in order to increase the comfort of passengers getting in and out of the vehicle. With this system, the right part of the vehicle can automatically tilt about 5 cm during boarding and landing.

Protective foil under the windshield: In order to ensure safer driving by reducing the cracks and breakage of the windshield caused by stone collisions, especially on intercity roads, the application of a protective foil under the wiper under the windshield, where the most intense stone collisions occur, has become standard equipment in all Travego and Tourismo models. .

In the Travegos, which has been at the top of the travel buses for years, new equipment specific to the model in question was also introduced in 2022:

Additional wiper on the windshield upper: Additional wiper on the upper part of the windshield is standard on all Travego models in order to provide passengers with a clearer field of vision comfort in rainy weather.

Heated windshield: Heated windshield is standard equipment in all Travego models, which quickly removes freezing and fogging on the windshield in cold weather, increasing the comfort of the driver and passengers.

Electric folding exterior mirrors: To increase the maneuverability of coaches in tight spaces, power folding exterior mirrors are standard equipment on all Travego models. With this innovation, the right and left exterior mirrors can be folded electrically, simultaneously or separately, from the keys in the cockpit.

Breakthrough with three-point seat belts

Offering three-point seat belts in all passenger seats of Travego and Tourismo models since August 2022, Mercedes-Benz Turk has broken new ground in Turkey. Presenting the three-point seat belts, which are considered as one of the most important steps taken in terms of passenger safety in the automotive industry, in coaches, the company has thus taken its pioneering safety equipment one step further.



Realizing an unprecedented practice in Turkey with the Health Care Truck, Mercedes-Benz Turk continues its activity, which has attracted great attention and crowned its success with awards, in 2023 with innovations. The first stop of the Health Care Truck, which is planned to be realized at 14 points in 7 geographical regions of Turkey, in 2023 was Istanbul Bi Mola Reşadiye facilities.

The event, which is planned to be held at 14 points in total in 7 geographical regions of Turkey, including 2 different locations in Istanbul, Aksaray, Gaziantep and Düzce, will host its visitors in Manisa, Bursa, Amasya, Mersin, Erzincan and Adana as well as the mentioned provinces.

Serra Yeşilyurt, Mercedes-Benz Turk Truck & Bus Marketing Communications and Customer Management Group Manager, said that; “We have been working for a long time on what other issues we can provide besides the doctor, physiotherapist and barber service we offer for our drivers. The issue of psychologist service on our Health Care Truck has been on our agenda since the first day. We had the opportunity to ask our drivers about this thought at our events last year and get their opinions, and we saw that there is a very high demand for psychologists. That's why we decided to add an expert psychologist to our staff in the second year of our event by heeding the call of our drivers. We are very happy to organize our Health Care Truck event, with its enriched content this year, in 7 geographical regions of our country and in more locations."



Mercedes-Benz, the world's most valuable luxury automobile brand, announced its new customer-oriented Sales Model in Turkey.

In this sales model, which is also a part of Mercedes-Benz's luxury strategy, dealers turn into agencies and their roles in furthering the perfect customer experience are differentiated. Customers will be able to track their vehicle stocks in real-time and transparently through the Online Store or agencies, which will be put into operation as of May 15, and they will be able to access the vehicle model they want at a single price that will be valid throughout the country. With the loan options offered by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, customers will be able to choose the financing and Mercedes-Benz Motor Insurance offer they find appropriate. While invoices will be issued by Mercedes-Benz Automotive for customers who choose the Mercedes-Benz agency they want to receive their vehicles from, agencies will continue to carry out vehicle registration, license plate and delivery procedures.

Şükrü Bekdikhan, President of Mercedes-Benz Automotive Executive Board and Automobile Group: “With Our New Sales Model, We Carry On Our Promise of Delivering the Best Customer Experience”

Mercedes-Benz Automotive Executive Board and Automobile Group President Şükrü Bekdikhan introduced the new sales model and said: “In an increasingly digitalized world, customers' purchasing habits are changing and the new sales model we offer provides a consistent and transparent purchasing journey, whether online or physically. In addition, with our new model, the process of price comparison from different locations is eliminated, as pricing is presented in a transparent and uniform way, no matter where our customers choose to purchase a vehicle. With the new Sales Model, we will further strengthen our bond with our customers, thanks to innovation, transparency and a much faster communication opportunity. Our agencies, with whom we designed this exciting transformation together, will continue to make a difference with their long-standing expertise and experience to further the unique customer experience.

Mercedes-Benz agencies, which will continue to play a key role with the new business model, will reduce their risk of financial and market fluctuations as they no longer have to keep stocks, and they will have the opportunity to focus more on customer demands and needs with a single price policy throughout the country. Agencies will continue to provide services such as product consultancy, test drive, vehicle delivery, second-hand vehicle sales, after-sales services, accessory sales and technical service as before.

Tufan Akdeniz, Member of the Executive Board of Mercedes-Benz Automotive Light Commercial Vehicles: “We are the first country to switch to the new sales model with automobiles in light commercial vehicle sales”

“Among the countries where Mercedes-Benz operates, Turkey became the first country to implement the New Sales Model with automobiles in light commercial vehicle sales. Thanks to our new model, we have included many new applications that will maximize the customer experience into our processes. Online configurator and test drive reservation application are new applications that our customers can use directly, as well as improvements that indirectly affect this experience. Even after the commissioning of the New Sales Model, we, as Mercedes-Benz, and our agencies will continue to provide all kinds of support in fleet sales, where the vehicles are configured much more specifically according to the demands of our customers.”


Mercedes-Benz Turk stands by the youth in the 100th anniversary of the Republic

Mercedes-Benz Turk, which started to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic with the "STORNG100 with the Republic" labels applied to the trucks and buses it produces, successfully continues its corporate social benefit programs for the education of young people.

Carrying out the "Our EML is the Future Star", "Every Girl is a Star", "Aksaray Mercedes-Benz Turk ÇYDD Training House" and "Stars of Engineering" programs simultaneously, the company acts in line with the principle of "Equal Opportunity".

In addition to education, Mercedes-Benz Turk, which supports Turkish youth with its support to sports and athletes, has been carrying out important studies in this field for many years.

Mercedes-Benz Turk, which has made valuable contributions to Turkey's social and economic future since it started its activities in 1967, has been successfully continuing various corporate social benefit programs for the education of young people for many years. The company, which started to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic with the "STRONG100 with the Republic" labels applied to the trucks and buses it produces, continues to carry out many corporate social benefit programs simultaneously in the fields of sports, culture-arts and sustainable environment, as well as education.

The company, which carries out long-term projects for young people in the field of education in line with the principle of "Equal Opportunity", started in 2014 with the "Our EML is the Star of the Future" program carried out in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Turk dealers and authorized services and the Ministry of National Education. Within the scope of the program, in which the electromechanical laboratories of Vocational and Technical Anatolian High Schools are renewed, it is aimed to train well-equipped personnel for the automotive sector, where there is a shortage of qualified personnel. Within the scope of the program, in which technical and vocational education students gain more experience at Mercedes-Benz Laboratories (MBL), a total of 32 schools' laboratories have been renovated so far. While more than 3,000 students received training at Mercedes-Benz Laboratories, more than 1,300 students got internships and 204 graduates started work at Mercedes-Benz Turk dealers.

The "Every Girl is a Star" program, implemented by Mercedes-Benz Turk in 2004 by supporting 200 girls in 17 provinces with the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life (ÇYDD), continues to grow stronger in 2023. In the program, which was started with the aim of enabling women in Turkey to work with men in every field under equal social and economic conditions, 1,000 female students, 250 of whom are university students, receive education scholarships from Mercedes-Benz Turk every year. In addition to educational scholarships, students also participate in various programs designed for their personal and professional development.

The company, which established the "Mercedes-Benz Turk ÇYDD Education House" in 2015 in order to support the education of the children of the region in Aksaray, where the truck factory is located, provides trainings with the voluntary support of its employees who graduated from different and distinguished universities in Turkey.

Mercedes-Benz Turk, which has been carrying out the "Stars of Engineering" program for the education of young people with the Boğaziçi University Foundation since 2018, contributes to the employment of female engineers by supporting successful female engineering students.

Standing next to the sports and athletes

Standing out with the support it gives to sports and athletes in addition to education, the company also carries out important studies in this field. Being the Main Sponsor of the Turkish Football National Team in 1996, Mercedes-Benz Turk has undertaken one of the longest and most consistent sponsorship efforts ever realized in Turkey.

Apart from the Turkish Football National Team, Mercedes-Benz Turk also carries out the official transportation sponsorship of the Turkish Handball Women's and Men's National Teams and the Amputee Football National Team.


New Export Agreement from Otokar

Otokar Automotive and Defense Industry Inc. announced that it signed an export contract worth 41 million dollars.

Otokar signed an armored vehicle export contract worth 41 million dollars.

According to the statement made by the company to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), the contract covers the sales of 4x4 tactical wheeled armored vehicles and their spare parts, maintenance and training services.

Deliveries will begin at the end of this year and will be completed within one year.



Thermo King, which has been working for a long time to achieve sustainability, has made its Galway factory, the oldest factory in Europe, completely carbon neutral. This means 230 million tons less waste per year in landfills. Everything in Galway is either recyclable or made to last. The switch from wooden pallets to steel pallets alone saves the plant over one million Euros per year.

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

Thermo King has set its motto as “Reduce, reuse, recycle”. This means that when a product reaches the end of its life, it is recycled and reused rather than thrown away.

In this new program, a product that is at the end of its life or has a malfunction is disassembled and its reusable components are recovered. From these components, new and fully functional materials are regenerated. These are rigorously tested to ensure the same quality as original, factory-made controllers. If a part reports a failure, data is collected and sent to Thermo King After Sales team to improve the process.

Not only does the program provide a significant reduction in waste, it also provides access to more cost-effective, genuine Thermo King chiller units for customers who don't want to invest a large amount of money on one of their older refrigeration units.

Thermo King aims to reduce the carbon footprint of its customers by one billion metric tons by 2030.



Toyota continues to reduce its carbon emissions by using new technologies. Toyota joins forces with Dutch VDL Groep in Europe and starts to use Toyota's heavy commercial vehicles with zero emission hydrogen technology in Europe. This collaboration aims to accelerate decarbonization in the road transport sector. It will also contribute significantly to Toyota Europe's goal of being completely carbon neutral by 2040.

VDL Groep's first fuel cell heavy commercial vehicle will be built in the summer of 2023 and the number will be increased gradually and will take its place on Toyota Europe's logistics routes from autumn. Fuel cell trucks have an important role in the growth of the European hydrogen ecosystem. It also supports the decarbonisation of the transport sector and the ecological energy transition. The stations to be used by fuel cell heavy commercial vehicles can be expanded to include other hydrogen vehicles. This new project draws attention as one of many projects that Toyota has implemented with many partners, including passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, boats, trains and buses, in order to accelerate the transition to the hydrogen economy.

2023 Türkiye Offroad Şampiyonası, Kızılcahamam Ayağıyla Başlayacak
Akkoç Logistics Continues Its Stable Growth
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