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1 Adet Paletli Ekskavatör ve 4 Adet Damperli Kamyon Alınacak
1 Adet Paletli Ekskavatör ve 4 Adet Damperli Kamyon Alınacak
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What Is Happening In The Transportation Sector For Corona Virus Pandemic?

What Is Happening In The Transportation Sector For Corona Virus Pandemic?

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29 Ağustos 2019 Perşembe - 17:17

"Turkey Is In A Strategic Location For Trade"

In each issue of the magazine, I present the problems of logistics companies in the sector an their demands for these problems. In this issue, our guest is Sabri Yıldız, General Manager of Etis Logistics. Indicating that in the last two years, there have been various negativities experienced due to the exchange rate movements and the decline in profıt rates, Yıldız said that; “Despite everything, Turkey is in a strategic position for trade and logistics that connects to Europe.

 Turkey Is In A Strategic Location For Trade

I can say that the logistics companies in the right projects have been strengthened in the last two years process.

 “Etis Logistics Breaks National Records with Its Capacity to Carry About 3 Million Tons Per Year”

Could you introduce your company briefly since its establishment?

Etis Logistics was established in 2007 to produce effective logistics solutions and integrated transportation throughout the country. Today, Etis Logistics operates in 13 regions, with its headquarters in Istanbul. It is the carrier power of Turkey with the capability to reach 3 thousand points in 81 provinces by means of 1 head office, 7 logistics center , 5 liaison offices and 25 thousand contracted market suppliers.It breaks national records with its capacity to carry about 3 million tons per year .

Etis Logistics is continuing its efforts to become one of the more powerful and effective players of the sector, which has completed its corporate structuring in accordance with its strategic plans.

Etis Logistics continues to increase its success in the sector day by day with its wide opportunities in highway, maritime, railway transportation and port services.

Where you transport and what do you carry?

Etis Logistics is one of the leading logistics companies in Bulk Cargo and Agriculture Logistics and is growing rapidly in its sector. In short, I would like to share with you the points on which Etis Logistics is an expert. Our main business activities are Logistics Services, Bagging & Handling Services, Terminal Services.

Transportation Services;

Etis Logistics produces combined and intermodal transportation solutions in all operations on the land side. Transportation solutions according to the nature of the work are modeled by highway, maritime and railway options. It provides a wide range of transportation services, from the final product to raw materials, from bulk cargo to liquid products, from cold chain to ore product and delicate transport. Etis Logistics acts with the goal of always satisfying the defined supplier customers that it has incorporated into its own fleet and network.

Bagging and Handling Services;

In line with customer demands, the products are made ready for shipment to the final customer through bagging and handling. Costs are reduced by increasing efficiency, working conditions and logistic service level in the warehouse. Within the scope of handling; the operations such as relocating the products, transferring them to different containers or packages, screening, aeration and mixing are exeuted.

Terminal Services;

In the terminal services section of integrated logistics; there are the effective process planning, loading and unloading, interim transport with self-owned vehicles, cleaning services and stacking of products to the warehouse. Thanks to its technology investments, Etis Logistics provides tailor-made services to each customer and operation and offers result-oriented port solutions.

Our root regions; Kocaeli Korfez, Iskenderun, Izmir Aliaga, Samsun, Tekirdag, Bursa.

“Turkey is in a strategic location for trade”

How do you evaluate the situation of the sector in the last two years?

As in many other sectors, the growth of the logistics sector depends entirely on the growth of the industrial and commercial sectors, namely the economy. The transport and storage sector, in other words, the logistics sector, spent the year 2018 just by trying to stand, and unfortunately in 2019 we do not have a very active year. Especially the problems in the Middle East, the lack of foreign trade volume, cost increases due to efficiency and inefficiency, the fluctuating exchange rates being and the low profitability extremely affect the sector negatively.

Despite everything, Turkey is in a strategic position for trade and in logistics, it is the road that connects to Europe. I can say that the logistics companies that were busy with the right projects become strengthened after this process.

“We Will Take Our Part Secured in Domestic and International Ro-Ro Transportation for The Coming Years”

What are the problems you have experienced in the transportation you make abroad, on the road or in Ro-Ro transportation if you do?

As Etis logistics, we contributed to the sector by performing Ro-Ro transportation with the group companies in the past years. However, depending on our previous position, we are focusing on domestic bulk logistics and agricultural logistics, which we are more powerful at this stage. We will take our part secured in domestic and national Ro-Ro transportation for the coming years.

“Implementation of New Ports and Logistics Centers Will Pave the Way for the Development of Logistics Sector”

What are your opinions and thoughts on the future of the logistics industry in Turkey?

Due to its geopolitical position, our geography, which is the favorite not only for political aspects, but also for trade, still has the best conditions for the developed countries to make new investments. As a matter of fact, despite all the badges we have experienced in the last 5 years, new logistics projects are continuing. However, increasing costs and the decrease in the number of individual truckers unfortunately narrow the market and raise prices.

The leading trends in logistics are digitalization, e-commerce and start-up projects. However, it is important that the logistics legislation is revised in a way to protect both the logistics company and the customer. The implementation of new ports and logistics centers will lead the development of the logistics sector. The importance of storage centers in logistics is increasing day by day. Fast, cost-effective and reliable transport will be the reason of choice in the future as in the past.

“In Turkey, Logistics Is a Sector with Its Own Inner Factors and Distinctive Rules”

Are you worried that foreign hegemony in Ro-Ro transport will increase in other areas of logistics?

Frankly, no. Even the international companies make investments in establishing stronger logistics companies in Turkey or partnership, I do not foresee the monopolization in logistics / especially in road logistics Because in Turkey, logistics is a sector with its own inner factors and distinctive rules.

“Legislation Does Not Protect Logistics Companies Enough”

In terms of protecting and covering this sector; what tasks do NGOs and the state have on them?

First of all, the legislation needs to be regulated. Why is that? Because the legislation does not protect the logistics companies enough. On the other hand, it does not allow small companies, which make up a large percentage in the sector today, to receive the necessary documents for their work and also the costs are very high. This is an obstacle for companies with lack of documentation to serve customers in different ways at a more affordable price which hampers the work of corporate logistics companies. In short, obtaining document and qualification powers should be facilitated and audits should be increased.

The topics to be discussed in logistics do not end, but I think that these points are important for logistics and we should work on these ones;

• Keeping the trained manpower in the sector and acquiring the skills to serve in the logistics sector for many years,

• Strategic planning,

• Obtaining the authorization certificates in accordance with the legislation and the work performed & ensuring the audits accordingly,

• Operation excellence,

• Writing down the processes and ensuring corporate memory in every logistics company,

• Providing specialization on the logistics for the companies that say they do every job

• Encouraging logistics companies in the field of digitalization / establishing digital platforms,

• To review the permissible carrying capacity of vehicles used in road transport,

• Encouraging small-scale companies to become powerful firms in larger structures that create added value by merging,

• Solving the problems of Turkey with its neighbors rapidly and reviving the business with the neighbors which are the vital of sector.

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