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Lojistik Sektörüne Yüzde 70'e Varan Yatırım Desteği Verilecek
Lojistik Sektörüne Yüzde 70'e Varan Yatırım Desteği Verilecek
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Transit Refakat Belgelerinde Önemli Gelişme!
Our R&D Works Continue For Electric Heavy Vehicles

Our R&D Works Continue For Electric Heavy Vehicles

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16 Mayıs 2022 Pazartesi - 16:26

Otokar Deputy General Manager Basri Akgül, ''We Continue to Invest in Atlas and We will''

As My Truck Magazine, we participate in the introductory meeting of Atlas 3D, Otokar's new 12-ton member. Nuray Pekcan, Editor-in-Chief of My Truck Magazine, talked to Otokar Deputy General Manager Basri Akgül about all the details of the 12-ton Atlas 3D at the meeting held at the Rahmi M. Koç Museum.

Otokar Deputy General Manager Basri Akgül,  We Continue to Invest in Atlas and We will


One of the Koç Group companies, Otokar is expanding its truck family. Bringing a breath of fresh air to the light truck segment with Atlas, which was launched in 2013, Otokar is increasing its claim in the sector with Atlas 3D, the new 12-ton member of the family.

Otokar introduced the new version of Atlas by taking its claim in the truck market to a different dimension. Otokar's new vehicle introduction meeting, which also took its place in the 12-ton segment with its new truck called Atlas 3D, was held at the Rahmi M. Koç Museum.

“Atlas 3D Will Bring a New Breath to the Sector”

Otokar Deputy General Manager Basri Akgül stated that Atlas 3D, the new member of the Otokar truck family, which is said to be named after the mighty hero Atlas, who carries the sky dome on his shoulders in mythology, will continue to be a powerful hero of trade with its superior features, and said that; “We moved it to the light truck segment with Atlas 10 years ago. Atlas has won great appreciation from businesses and public institutions in different business lines. We have prepared the new member of the Atlas family as a 12-ton and 3-axle version in order to meet the expectations and needs in the market. New Atlas 3D will bring a new breath to the light truck segment with its maximum load weight of 12 tons, reasonable investment cost, economical fuel consumption, low spare parts and maintenance costs.”

“We Will Continuing Our Strong Increase in Trucks with New Atlas”

Stating that they aim to maintain Otokar's increase in the field of trucks with Atlas 3D, Akgül said that; "Our truck family is growing with our new vehicle, Atlas 3D. In addition to being resistant to harsh conditions, Atlas is a priority of many institutions and companies with its high power and performance features. We want to carry our current success to a different tonnage with our new truck. We believe that the New Atlas will attract great attention in the market with its power and comfort, as well as the higher carrying capacity it offers to its users. Atlas 3D is a candidate to become a favorite vehicle especially in the logistics and transportation sector. "We increased our sales in the light truck segment, which grew by 50 percent last year, by 64 percent. We doubled our truck sales in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the same period of the previous year. With the New Atlas 3D, we want to continue our strong output in trucks with the same momentum."

Otokar Deputy General Manager Basri Akgül,




As My Truck Magazine, we participate in the introductory meeting of Atlas 3D, Otokar's new 12-ton member. Nuray Pekcan, Editor-in-Chief of My Truck Magazine, talked to Otokar Deputy General Manager Basri Akgül about all the details of the 12-ton Atlas 3D at the meeting held at the Rahmi M. Koç Museum.

Otokar Deputy General Manager Basri Akgül states that they entered the Euro 5 engine market when they launched the first 8.5-ton Atlas, and emphasizes that they are currently very successful in municipal services, garbage trucks, vacuum cleaners and tippers, especially in sectors with heavy cargo transportation. Akgül continued his words as follows: “Our vehicle was highly appreciated and the one who bought it once started to buy for the second time. We changed the cabin of our vehicle with the start of the Euro 6 engine and brought automobile comfort to our vehicle. We now have all the comforts we have in a car in Atlas. As a result of this, the sales figures of the 8.5-ton Atlas reached certain levels and started to push its competitors quite hard.”

“We Are In The Market With Two Different Products”

Pointing out that they have reached a good level in their market share, Akgül emphasizes that they want to make a breakthrough and grow even more, and that's why they introduced the 12-ton Atlas to the market. Akgül said that; “As a result of the work done months ago, a new brother came to Atlas. Therefore, we are in the market with two different products. With our new vehicle, we will also address the logistics, cargo, food and cold transportation segments. I am sure our users will like our vehicle very much. May our sector enjoy it.”

“We Are Trying To Reduce The Cost Of Users”

Emphasizing that the three-year warranty they provide for the 8.5-ton and 12-ton trucks in the Otokar Atlas truck product range is very important, Akgül said that; “Commercial vehicles carry loads and with that, they can wear out and cause some mechanical problems. When these mechanical problems are out of warranty, a cost is added to the user. We try to reduce the cost of users. We can do this especially with the fuel consumption, performance and power of our vehicle or with the extra services we provide to it. The three-year warranty is actually our confidence in ourselves and our vehicle. In fact, this is a first in Turkey in the 8.5-12 tons segment. We expect the trust and demand for our vehicle to increase even more due to the three-year warranty. It will also be in serious demand in the second-hand market. This demand will come back to our company as a profit after the warranty, with the growth of the second hand market and the acceptance of our vehicle there. Let's offer our vehicle to the service of users in an economical way and let them earn, as they win, we also win.”

 “We Continue and We Will Invest in Atlas”

Stating that the market will grow and that there has been a slowdown in many segments, especially during the pandemic period, the opposite increase has been observed in the transportation sector, Akgül indicated that supply channels have become more difficult, e-commerce has increased, and as a result, the importance of the transportation and logistics sector has increased. Akgül said that; “You need a vehicle to transport goods from one place to another. One of the vehicles that can be used most in distribution is the vehicles in the segment of Atlas. Therefore, we foresee that the market will grow, and we carry out all our plans and projects accordingly. For this reason, we continue to invest in Atlas and we will continue to do so. Turkey is becoming a center in logistics. Many countries have imposed bans and the only country they can circumvent those bans is currently Turkey. Therefore, if the transportation industry is to carry out both storage and transfer in Turkey and distribute it, it will also do the distribution with our vehicles. Therefore, we have a serious opportunity ahead of us. We are already ready for these opportunities. I believe Atlas' luck is very clear."

“Atlas 3D Will Provide Advantage in Urban Distributions”

 Emphasizing that Atlas 3D will provide an advantage especially in urban distributions, Akgül states that considering the width and dimensions of the vehicle, it is large enough to travel around the city comfortably. Stating that one of the biggest reasons for the small tire diameters is that they can be loaded comfortably, Akgül states that; “You can also do the same tonnage with vehicles with larger diameter tires, but the market's preference is to load goods more easily. They expect the vehicle to be as close to the ground as possible in order to load their products. We also paid attention to this; In urban distribution, it will be able to move around comfortably with its superior maneuverability and it will be much easier in loading and unloading by being closer to the ground.”

“Atlas 3D Is A Very Comfortable Vehicle For The User”

Continuing to talk about the details of the vehicle, Akgül states that they use ergonomic seats in European standards that can move freely and can be adjusted easily by the driver. Stating that they also pay attention to fabric preferences and choose fabrics that will not sweat as much as possible, Akgül emphasizes that Atlas 3D is a very comfortable vehicle for the user. Akgül said that; “For example, air conditioners are standard in all Atlas models. We are the first company to apply the standard air conditioner in Turkey. We attach great importance to the comfort of the driver. Atlas is a vehicle in the comfort of an automobile. We have added many options to our vehicle as standard, including steering wheel-controlled systems, cruise control, adaptive cruise control, accessory equipment and especially security measures. Shortcut keys on the steering wheel make it easier for the driver to control the vehicle. The driver can control all kinds of information about the vehicle from the on-board computer at the front.”

“This Vehicle Has Adaptive Cruise Control Feature”

Expressing that this vehicle also has Adaptive Cruise Control, Akgül states that Adaptive Cruise control automatically reduces the speed when approaching the vehicle traveling at a lower speed in front and reaching a certain distance. Akgül continues his words as follows: “With Adaptive Cruise, the distance is maintained until the speed of the vehicle in front increases and the same speed is resumed when the vehicle leaves. We made the mirrors controlled and heated from the inside like the ones in the car. Therefore, when you turn on the heating, there is no condensation on the mirrors. As before, the driver will no longer need to straighten the mirror or lie down from the inside.”

“We Consume Less Than Our Competitors”

Touching on the fuel issue, Akgül emphasized that Atlas 3D consumes less fuel than its competitors and said: “Fuel in trucks is very relative because it changes according to the road and its load. I can easily say that we burn less than our competitors under the same conditions.” Akgül concludes his words by stating that they have bank supports for their customers and that they offer loans from contracted banks at affordable interest rates.


“Three Years of Unlimited Mileage Warranty”

Otokar also shared an innovation on warranty at the ATLAS 3D presentation meeting. It was stated that the 8.5-ton and 12-ton trucks in the Otokar Atlas truck product range will be offered an unlimited mileage guarantee for three years.

"Always Brings Savings to Its Users"

It is stated that the 12-ton Atlas 3D, which has a high carrying capacity, enables the transportation of high tonnage loads quickly and easily with its high-torque powerful engine as well as its suitable dimensions that allow easy entry into narrow streets. It is stated that Atlas 3D stands out with its powerful, long-lasting and economical engine, as well as its full air brake system, solid chassis, superior safety features, and high pressure, and it is emphasized that it offers performance, comfort and safety at the highest level with its superior features. Atlas 3D always contributes to the economy of its user with its low fuel and maintenance costs and appropriate spare parts cost.

“Taking Comfort and Safety to the Next Level”

Atlas 3D offers a comfortable driving experience with its technologies. It is noted that Atlas 3D, which facilitates vehicle control and ensures safe driving with its shortcut keys on its steering wheel, promises its users a high level of comfort while doing their job with cruise control (Cruise control), 6-speed gear system, and a spacious and modern interior cabin offered as standard. Atlas 3D, which is stated to instantly transmit the setting, cruise and warning information about the vehicle to its user through its 3.2 inch digital display, creates a spacious environment with its large interior volume and large windows. Stylish and ergonomic seats with height-adjustable headrests, adjustable driver's seat according to driving preference, ergonomics and comfort are promised together even in long-term use. It is noted that the vehicle, which is reported to provide a safer and more comfortable driving opportunity with its heated and electrically controlled exterior mirrors, offers safe travel in all conditions with its automatic headlight system in the dark and auxiliary lighting activated by a signal.

“Adaptable to Every Service”

It is stated that Atlas 3D, which is stated to provide higher road holding and safer driving with its front track width, comes to the fore with features such as advanced lighting system, reinforced side doors as well as parking sensors. It is stated that Atlas 3D also includes full air brake system, EBS, exhaust brake, LDWS, AEBS, ESC and ACC features. Emphasizing that it is the primary choice in the sector with its flexible structure that can be adapted to every service, Atlas 3D, the new member of the Otokar Atlas family, draws attention with its suitability for use in the logistics, transportation and cargo sectors.

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