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Takograf Değişim Süresi Uzatıldı
Takograf Değişim Süresi Uzatıldı
Atatürk Orman Çiftliği Arazisinde Hasad Başladı
Atatürk Orman Çiftliği Arazisinde Hasad Başladı
What Is Happening In The Transportation Sector For Corona Virus Pandemic?

What Is Happening In The Transportation Sector For Corona Virus Pandemic?

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28 Mayıs 2020 Perşembe - 17:05

Nizamettin Karadağ, Highway Transportation Sector Was Already In Bad Situatıon Before The Pandemic

Chairman of S. S. 88 Dilovası Motor Carriers Cooperative, Nizamettin Karadağ answered the questions of MyTruck Magazine Editor-in-Chief Nuray Pekcan in a live broadcast on social media. How has the corona virus pandemic process affected the sector? What awaits the industry at the end of the process? What are the expectations from the state? The answers to all these questions and more are in our news.

Nizamettin Karadağ, Highway Transportation Sector Was Already In Bad Situatıon Before The Pandemic


“Our Authorities May Attach Importance to Road Transportation, They May Give Ear to Their Shout  and Transform This Pandemic into Opportunity”

Stating that the sector was in a troubled period before the pandemic, Karadağ said: “The road transport sector was already in bad condition before the pandemic. There are also additional traffic fines, road charges ... There are too many issues. When the pandemic was added to it, there was an economic recession and our sector was struggling more. But perhaps after that, our authorities may attach importance to road transportation, they may give ear to their shout and transform this pandemic into opportunity. Road transport also breathes a little. This is our hope.”

“Unfortunately, In Our Country, Road Transport Is Step-Child”

Speaking that road transport is a neglected profession, Karadağ said: “Unfortunately, in our country, road transport is a stepchild. There is a little more awareness in passenger transportation. For example, there are “Çiçek Taxi”, “Akasya Taxi”, these are perceptual TV Series and very important things that change their point of view, introducing taxis to the public. We cannot see similar things about truckers tradesmen. In fact, when you say truckers, it was called "traffic monster". At one time, trucks were not allowed to traffic. Then they saw that there were more traffic accidents when there were no trucks. Trucks were allowed to have a place in traffic again. Road transport is a strategic sector, it is a sine qua non of a country. We also carry out a public transaction. But in our country, unfortunately, there is a confusion about healthcare workers and about us. I think everyone should do their duty in our country. As road transporters, we try to do it in difficult conditions. Of course, I congratulate the healthcare professionals and laborers, they are having more difficulties now. But, we deserve something although to a lesser extend. ”

“The Disruption Of Production, Import And Export Caused Our Works To Decrease By 50 Percent On A Daily And Monthly Basis, While Also Reducing Our Collections On That Basis”

Expressing that their jobs have decreased by about 50 percent and that they are negatively affected by this situation, Karadağ said: “Already TURKSTAT reports have been announced. Our exports decreased by 40 percent. Therefore, since we also do import and export transportation from the ports; the disruption of production, import and export caused our works to decrease by 50 percent on a daily and monthly basis, while reducing our collections on that basis. It is now a digital medium, it has become difficult to find the official and to go to the city to collect money. We have been severely affected by this. ”

“Our Sector Was Already in Trouble, The Troubles Will Continue More After The Pandemic”

Making evaluations about post - corona virus pandemic process, Karadağ said: “Our sector was already in trouble; the troubles will continue to more after the pandemic. Probably production pollution will increase more. We are in the position of logistics base. Therefore, our transportation has also been positively affected, but we have an expectation from the state so that we can continue this positive influence successfully in our sector. Our expectation from the state is obviously not an unconditional aid. We do not think that our sector will make such a request. Our demand is to solve chronic problems. For example, we have hard access to financial resources. No carrier tradesmen have the opportunity to get credit from any bank and renew their vehicle. Let the operating cost aside, they do not even have to opportunity to replace the vehicle. These need to be corrected once. There are no vehicles not seized among truckers. When we go to the bank, when the term “seizure” is encountered, they put you out of the door without looking at your documents. There are no trucker tradesmen whose vehicle was not subjected to e-lien by the tax office. It can be understood in public as follows; “The trucker is not able to pay the tax.” If the truckers do not pay the tax regularly, the majority cannot pay the tax. This is caused by e-lien, HGS and OGS system. ”

“Basel II Criteria Introduced in 2011 is a Bank Criteria that Predicts Cartelization”

Stating that they could not benefit from financial support due to seizures, Karadağ said: “The then Minister of Transport, Binali Yıldırım, said publicly; the system is unhealthy. In fact, if there is a hole in the license plates of the vehicles going to the inspection, they should be replaced immediately. Because HGS can read the hole as another letter. Unfortunately we have no chance to prove this. You have money in your account, you have not passed OGS. It is said, “It is taken after 15 days” and this time it starts to be collected with a penalty. Then your account is running out. Also, because the new toll road and bridges are multiplied by 4 times, the 75-month delay and the 4-fold cost is more than the price of the vehicle, considering extremely exorbitant prices. So how does this come about? The Ministry of Transportation reports this to the tax office. The tax office sees this as a tax collection and works on your account. If it is not paid, a lien is placed on your bank account as e-lien. Herewith, you are dismissed from finance. It is asked “How will the sector renew itself if it cannot use its financing opportunities? How will it develop?” The first dimension of this business is another issue that concerns not only the carriers but also our country. This is the Basel II criteria introduced in 2011. This criterion is a bank criterion that predicts cartelization. It has connected us to a completely digital card system. Let's say you have a delay. It is reflected on your score. If you have not paid your bill, this affects your score negatively. When you have any credit relationship with the bank, this time you are exposed to the highest interest rates. In other words, even if you find a loan, you can find a loan with twice as much interest as a normal business. ”

“Traffic Fines, HGS, OGS And Road Transport Fines Have Seriously Narrowed Our Industry”

Emphasizing that the sector is exposed to unfair competition, Karadağ said: “No matter where you look, our tradesmen are at a disadvantage. A sector is exposed to unfair competition. We do not complain much about our taxes now, of course we will pay, we live under a state. Traffic fines, HGS, OGS and road transport fines have seriously narrowed our industry. At least after this pandemic, we have an expectation in the context of the payment of the principal by discounting the interest only for one time, not folding to 4 for HGS, OGS penalties. Providing this will partially ease our sector. We believe that our sector will breathe, at least by the restructuring of our SSI and taxes that were not paid during this pandemic process. ”

“There are Chambers of Commerce, Motor Carrier Cooperatives, Drivers Federation in this Country; But Despite All These Institutions, If The Sector Cannot Be Restored And Chronic Problems Cannot Be Solved, It Means That These Problems Are Not Explained In Detail At The State ”

Indicating that despite therRelevant Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), the problems in the sector are not solved, Karadağ said: "In Turkey, approximately 20 thousand grocery stores were closed, changed hands. Today, someone in the chain of markets says that they have opened their 9 thousandth branch on TV. It is said that 9 thousand grocery stores have been closed and this chain has been opened, but unfortunately we have not seen an exit from the Confederation of Merchants and Craftsmen. In this country, there are Chambers of Commerce, Motor Carriers Cooperatives, Federation of Drivers, but despite all these institutions, if the sector cannot be improved and chronic problems cannot be solved, this means that these problems are not explained to the state in detail. Are there all NGOs? Yes, there are. Is the sector about to disappear? Yeah. Then there is a break in the chain. It is necessary to find that weak link. This is the problem between meeting the sector and the state. ” he says and continues as follows; “To whom the government asks? To those who represent us. Perhaps not 100 percent, but 80 percent set rules according to their opinions. If they are also indifferent to the industry, if they cannot answer, the results will be wrong because the rules set are wrong. The sector will also be negatively affected. Unfortunately, this is where we come from. So what needs to be done? Sane people who love their homeland need to bring the industry together in the right channels. There were no moves to solve our chronic problems already. This will be long-term, more rational and more civil organizations will take place in the next period. ”

“Our Sector Must Unite Its Strenght, We Are One as All Motor Carrier Cooperatives, Logistics And Transport Companies”

Stating that the transportation companies should come together and seek solutions for the problems, Karadağ said: “Our sector should unite its strength, we are one as all Motor Carrier Cooperatives, Logistics and Transport Companies. Our industry needs to unite as a whole. As motor carriers, companies carrying in all modes of transport should come together; because our problems are common. A Carriers Cooperative member uses HGS, doesn't the company vehicle use this? Therefore, we need to provide this immediately. Unfortunately, we cannot see the sensitivity we see in truckers' tradesmen in the Chambers of Commerce. In other words, even though Carriers Cooperatives and transportation companies are organized under the Chambers of Commerce, we do not see a move. ”

"Until Today, I Did Not Hear That Turkey Union Of Chambers And Commodity Exchanges Develop A Project on Transportation Sector, I Didn’t Witness, Too"

Mentioning about the lack of any project for the resolution of problems in transportation sector; Karadağ said: " Until today, I did not hear that Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges develop a project on transportation sector, I didn’t witness, too. We had formed the Land Transport Group within Istanbul Chamber of Commerce for a while, we had an activity there. Other than that, this is not at TOBB. Well, is the Motor Carriers a member of Chamber of Commerce? Are the transportation and logistics companies members? Yes, they are. Does it pay dues? They do. However, we do not see the Chambers of Commerce for solutions regarding the problems. So what do we have to do? The Federation of Chauffeurs stands on one side, and unfortunately, we cannot see very crucial work on the federation. Then we need a more civil organization. We once formed the Road Transport Cooperatives working group. It solved serious problems. We have to do something like this. ”

"The First Place To Be Hit By The Cartelisation Of Transportation Sector Is Turkish Industry"

Emphasizing that the lack of precautionary measures will lead to cartelization, Karadağ said: "Turkey is the first place to be hit by the industry cartelisation of transport sectors. Today, you can easily take a truck from Tokat to Istanbul ports for 3 thousand TL and carry your cargo. After the cartelization has been taken over by 7-8 companies, you cannot take a truck from Tokat to Istanbul for 3 thousand Euros. So what will happen then? Who will pay this cost? This cost will be paid by the citizens of Republic of Turkey. You will not be able to transport tomatoes from Antalya to Istanbul for 750 liras. You will carry it for 2 thousand Euros. Where will this be reflected? It will be reflected on per kilo. This will be paid by our citizens. So I'm trying to say that the socio – economic structure of Turkey cannot do away with a transportation sector which goes cartelization outside individual organization. This means destroying the country, it's so important. That's why everyone has to put his hand under the stone. Currently, individually organizing transport sector is very advantageous in Turkey, it needs to be used well. But unfortunately, the developing events are rapidly destroying the individual shipping industry.”

“Unfortunately, When We Have Such Efforts, Someone From Our Sector Is Trying To Block Us Again”

Regarding the necessity of ensuring financial competence in the sector, Karadağ said: “What was said when the Law No. 4925 was enacted; it was called "financial capability". We will provide professional competence by providing financial competence in this sector. So, how will it be? How will the traffic fines, OGS, HGS be achieved with financial efficiency? Let the financial enterprises become proficient, the transportation's existing financing is disappearing. These should be explained to government officials in a tidy manner. Unfortunately, when we have such efforts, someone from our sector is trying to block us. Unfortunately, they are not aware that they shoot themselves in the foot. There is a share of those who lead us here. Especially those who govern the state have to check it very well. After all, if you attend the meetings of institutions that are not functioning and do not produce projects for this sector at a high level, if you appear there on behalf of the state, this is an incentive. So you get the wrong result. This has been the case until today but needs to be improved. The weak state does not have a strong individual, in other words; when you come together, something can be obtained. When the state and the sector are strong, the individuals within it become stronger. Let's not just act with Motor Carrier Cooperatives because we, as Motor Carrier Cooperatives, are part of the transporters of this country. It is necessary to evaluate this as a whole.”

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