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Rusya Federasyonu'na Türkiye'den Yapılan Domates İthalatı Kotası 200 Bin Tona Çıkarıldı
Rusya Federasyonu'na Türkiye'den Yapılan Domates İthalatı Kotası 200 Bin Tona Çıkarıldı
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Şubat Ayı Üçüncü Döneme Ait Slovenya Transit Geçiş Belgeleri Tükendi
WABCO Expands Operations in Turkey with its First Manufacturing Facility

WABCO Expands Operations in Turkey with its First Manufacturing Facility

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22 Haziran 2018 Cuma - 13:59

Large Meeting Of The Construction And Concrete Sectors

Organized by the Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association (TRMCA) and Kalite Fuar Yapım AŞ, the Beton İzmir 2018 Fair has brought the ready-mixed concrete, concrete, aggregate and construction sectors together in İzmir.

Large Meeting Of The Construction And Concrete Sectors

Since 1988, Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association (TRMCA) has been operating to ensure that concrete production is up to standards and construction sites utilize correct concrete applications in Turkey. Accordingly, TRMCA organizes important meetings for the construction and concrete sectors to help develop the sectors, ensure exchange of information between the companies and determine the sector's vision and roadmap. Since 1995, TRMCA has organized 2 international congress and fairs, 5 national congresses and 9 national fairs; and in 2018, the Association has organized the 10th Beton Fair in İzmir.

At the fair, we've met Yavuz Işık, the Chairman of European Ready-Mixed Concrete Organization (ERMCO) and TRMCA, who has indicated that the increased number of local manufacturers in concrete and concrete equipment production has lead a national and domestic production initiative in Turkey. Işık said: "The technological developments in concrete, play a very major role in Turkey's modernization, growth as well as the solution of Turkey's infrastructure problems."

Beton Fair Organized In İzmir For the First Time

Işık has underlined that the fair has been organized in İzmir for the first time and said: "We had certain concern before; however, we've carried out a very significant operation on its promotion. After giving short messages on television and radio channels, Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association and especially its personnel have carried out significant e-mailing operations and as a result, we've sent a message to nearly 25 thousand sectoral stakeholders, about the fair. We've also sent out 1200 official invitations.  Invitations have been delivered to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Provincial Directorates of Environment and Urbanization, Turkish Chamber of Civil Engineers, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and district municipalities as well as Aydın, Manisa, Denizli, İzmir, Balıkesir and Bursa that are in close proximity. Sectoral fairs like ours don't usually receive hundreds of thousands of visitors. Our expectation is five to seven thousand visitors. These visitors are sales and purchase-centric sectoral players that want to be informed about new technologies. In that sense, we don't care about the number but quality. That's our expectation."

"Our Stakeholders Have Shown Enough Interest in The Fair"

Işık has stated that just as the previous year, Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association (TRMCA) has organized TRMCA seminars at the fair and said: "The seminars at the fair have hosted subjects like concrete use in mega projects, pervious concrete, concrete and sustainability, cylinder-pressed concrete roads as well as the seminars of participating companies on subjects that will help develop the sector. In addition, an economy seminar has also been organized as part of the TRMCA seminars. Prof. Dr. Emre Alkin has made a speech about the Turkish economy, construction and ready-mixed concrete sector as well as economy before and after the presidential elections. Over 200 participants have listened to the seminars and nearly 300 have attended our inauguration ceremony. With T.R. Minister of Environment and Urbanization Prof. Dr. Mustafa Öztürk in particular, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor, Aegean Region Chamber of Industry Vice Chairman as well as Provincial Directorates of Environment and Urbanization have attended our inauguration, which was highly pleasing. Both non-governmental organizations and our stakeholders have shown enough interest in the fair.

"It Plays a Very Major Role in The Solution of Turkey's Infrastructure Problem"

Işık has indicated that they're in close cooperation with both truck and mounted equipment manufacturing companies in the Turkish concrete sector and said: "We've made significant activities in the development of machinery and equipment. The machinery used to pour the concrete at the mega projects of Turkey, have been fully manufactured in Turkey. It is possible to construct very high-rise buildings, tunnels, viaducts, modern hospitals etc. with special concrete technologies. The technological developments in concrete, play a very major role in Turkey's modernization, growth as well as the solution of Turkey's infrastructure problems. The pleasant side of things is that, all the equipment used in this sector are now manufactured in Turkey thanks to the innovations and technological developments of the Turkish industrialists along with the support of the Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association. Furthermore, sales of these equipment abroad, ensures a currency inflow into Turkey. This is a significant development and source of pride and honour for Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association as well as other companies of the sector."

"We've Once Again Broke Record by Manufacturing 115 Million Cubic Meters"

Yavuz Işık has emphasized that the construction sector has a very special place in the Turkish economy and continued: "Construction sector forms nearly 9 percent of the gross domestic product. In addition, thanks to its upper and lower relations; it has yet another dimension with the steels and other structural materials used for ready-mixed concrete, cement and concrete. So, we can say that its shares reach nearly 20 percent. This is a very significant amount. Considering that Turkey's GDP is 800 billion, construction and its upper and lower relations have a size of nearly 150 billion Dollars. Turkish construction sector's development directly effects the growth rate of the Turkish economy. In fact, Turkish economy grew by 7,4 percent in 2017. However, construction sector grew by 8,9 percent. This is an important figure. Construction sector is the driving force of the Turkish economy while the ready-mixed concrete is the driving force of the construction sector. Ready-mixed concrete has an important and special role in the construction sector. In fact, we've once again broke record by manufacturing 115 million cubic meters. 115 million cubic meters in 2017 indicates the leadership of Europe for the last 9 years. We manufacture half as much as all the concrete poured in all European Union countries. Our sector has 45 thousand employees and reached a turnover of 20 billion. Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association has a very special place in such effective use and prominence of concrete in especially the large projects of the construction sector."

"We Inspect 65 Percent of The Concrete Manufactured in Turkey"

"Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association is not just an association but a professional organization. Along with its economic institutions, it has a significant magnitude. We inspect 65 percent of the concrete manufactured in Turkey because 65 percent of the ready-mixed concrete in Turkey, is manufactured by Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association members. It is inspected by KGS as well. Everywhere we say that we manufacture concrete at European standards and we guarantee that. Our second most important organization is our laboratory. We conduct the chemical, mechanical and physical tests of the concrete, cement, aggregate, chemical additives and water. We also offer calibration services. Our laboratory has been accredited and it is the only active and authorized organization in Turkey for certain subjects, particularly durability. Our trainings are yet another one of our important organization. So far, we've carried out over 16 thousand certified training programs. Since 1995, we've been offering MEB-certified training programs to sector's concrete pump operators, mixer drivers, laboratory technicians and concrete plant operator through 40-hour weekly trainings. The goal is not just professional training but also offer vocational safety and first aid training to the participants. Another one of our important roles in education is our professional competence center. We have 1,5 million employees in the construction sector and 45 thousand in the ready-mixed concrete sector. It has been extended for a year but we've received our accreditation. Currently we carry out exams for the concrete workers and smiths. So far, we've successfully completed these examinations. Aside from the accreditation of our professional competence center, we will also receive accreditation for concrete pump operators and other areas to put them through tests and clear their way to operate in these fields."

"Turkey Will Breath More Comfortably"

Işık has stated that there is a relative stagnation in the construction sector and concluded by saying: "We don't think that it is a permanent stagnation because bank interest rates, especially mortgage rates have reached 15 percent in Turkey. We know that there is some excess stock. Other than that, there is also a significant rise in construction costs. Following the elections, Turkey will breath more comfortably and we will be able to foresee our future. I believe that companies that want to invest in the ready-mixed concrete sector or want to grow their construction sector businesses will be able to act more comfortably."


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